Money Launderer jailed after £850,000 found in his Van

A money launderer from Batley has received a prison sentence after police officers discovered £850,000 in cash inside his van.

Money Launderer jailed after £850,000 found in his Van f

"This was a significant seizure of cash"

Money launderer Faisal Khan, aged 27, of Batley, was sentenced to six years in prison after he was found with £850,000 in cash.

Canterbury Crown Court heard he had been trying to smuggle the money out of the country through the Channel Tunnel in Folkestone.

On January 23, 2019, police officers stopped Khan at the Folkestone terminal and searched his blue Ford Transit van.

Officers discovered wads of banknotes stuffed in secret compartments. The cash totalled £850,000 and had been illegally earned.

Khan initially told police that he had no knowledge of the cash. However, he later pleaded guilty to money laundering.

The Telegraph and Argus reported that on Monday, September 30, 2019, Khan was jailed for six years.

After the sentencing hearing, Detective Inspector Shaun Creed of Kent Police said:

“Faisal Khan originally denied any knowledge of the huge amount of banknotes found hidden within his van.

“But it was clear that this was a failed attempt to conceal his criminal activity.”

“The money seized from his van will now be subject to a forfeiture application under the Proceeds of Crime Act, which if successful will mean the money is re-invested into policing.

“This was a significant seizure of cash that demonstrates our determination and commitment to ensure crime does not pay, and to disrupt the ability of organised groups to profit from illegal activity.”

Money Launderer jailed after £850,000 found in his Van

There has been an increasing number of money launderers attempting to smuggle their ill-gotten gains out of the country but it tends to be unsuccessful.

In one case, Sathar Khan had attempted to board a flight to Dubai with £1.5 million in cash stuffed in four suitcases.

When Border Patrol officers asked him about the money, he denied all knowledge of it.

He claimed to be visiting friends but the National Crime Agency found he had made several trips on the same route before.

Khan was jailed for three years and nine months for money laundering in September 2018.

On April 24, 2019, the NCA announced that a forfeiture order calling on Khan to hand over the ill-gotten cash had been approved.

The order was signed off by a judge at Canterbury Crown Court.

The forfeiture order related to the money NCA officers already seized at the airport. It meant that the money would now be given back to the “public purse.”

Matt Rivers, of the NCA, said:

“The forfeiture order demonstrates our determination to remove the proceeds of crime from organised criminals.”

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