20 Stunning Photos of Desi Brides Worth a Look

South Asian brides certainly look stunning in their magnificent ensembles. We have compiled 20 beautiful pictures worth a look.

20 Stunning Photos of Desi Brides f

The bride has added a touch of her personality to her big day

Desi brides take everyone’s breath away with their magnificent ensembles on their big day.

The attention to detail is certainly amazing from the makeup to the mehndi and lavish jewellery.

It is no wonder it is all eyes on the bride as soon as she makes her grand entrance.

To ensure the bride is captured in the best light, photographers successfully take stunning photos showcasing their photographic skills as well as the bride’s beauty.

We have complied 20 spectacular photos of Desi brides for everyone to take inspiration from.

Pretty in Pink

20 Stunning Photos of Desi Brides - pink

This beautiful bride is certainly a vision in pink. From a pretty pink ensemble complete with pink lips, eyes and nails, this bride surely turned heads.

In this perfectly captured shot, the bride’s dark mehndi stands out. If you look closely, the groom’s name, ‘Atik’ can be found in the design.

To intensify the look, the inclusion of traditional gold jewellery with pink stones adds to the regal ensemble.

Radiant in Red

20 Stunning Photos of Desi Brides - scarf

A traditional bridal look is always an ideal option. This Desi bride certainly does justice to this look.

The heavily embroidered border with a blue background enhances the beauty of the ensemble.

The inclusion of a sheer red dupatta for this shot makes for a breathtaking picture.


20 Stunning Photos of Desi Brides - mirror

Getting creative with photography always pays off and this picture is testimony to that.

Here this pastel bride looks absolutely gorgeous. The devil is in the detail with the immaculate dupatta.

For the look, this Pakistani bride has left her long tresses out to cascade down her one shoulder.

Not to forget the garland-like ties around her wrists enhance the gorgeous look.

The groom is seen admiring his wife’s reflection in a mirror. Undoubtedly, this shot will be a wedding favourite.

Regal Bride

20 Stunning Photos of Desi Brides - red and pink

Take a pause and admire this stunning Desi bride. Her red and pink wedding outfit is beautifully embellished with sequins and diamonds.

The embroidery in the outfit is mirrored in the jewellery which is equally as gorgeous.

To match the look, this bride has chosen to go for a cut crease glittery gold eye look paired with a bold red lip.

This lovely photo also draws attention to her deep brown henna.

From the Back

20 Stunning Photos of Desi Brides - back

One of the most popular photo shots adored by many Desi brides is capturing their lavish lehenga from the back.

Here the bride is seen walking up the stairs while flaunting her ensemble from behind.

The delicate gold embellishment on the bright red background is simply beautiful.

Sunglasses Chic

20 Stunning Photos of Desi Brides - sunglasses

This Desi bride has taken her look to another level. While for some the traditional look is perfect, this bride has taken a chic approach.

The addition of sunglasses with a red and gold outfit adds an edgy feel to the overall look.

There is no doubt that the bride has added a touch of her personality to her big day and we champion it.

Priyanka Chopra

20 Stunning Photos of Desi Brides - priyanka

Transcending down the stairs in this gorgeous photo is international actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas.

Priyanka and her husband Nick Jonas enjoyed a lavish wedding which lasted for multiple days.

One of her looks was this mesmerising all-red lehenga adorned with lavish gold jewellery.

The sheer dupatta draped over her hand and trailing down the back adds to the grandeur of her outfit.

Dancing In

20 Stunning Photos of Desi Brides - dance

Long gone are the days where the bride is expected to be quiet and timid on her big day.

Instead, brides rejoice and dance on their shaadi and this is evident with this stunning Desi bride.

Here, the bride has opted for a pastel lehenga breaking away from the traditional red ensemble.

She is seen smiling and dancing her way into her wedding with the help of her entourage, of course to lift that heavy lehenga.


20 Stunning Photos of Desi Brides - petals

Can you imagine a more perfect shot than petals falling from above? This photo is truly mesmerising.

Undoubtedly, it is hats off to the talented photographer. The bride looks amazing in her red and gold lehenga.

She is seen relishing at the moment with a large smile on her face as she takes in this picture-perfect moment.

Vibrant Bride

20 Stunning Photos of Desi Brides - colourful

Take a moment to appreciate this vibrant makeup look. It is clear that this Desi bride does not shy away from playing with colour.

The bright colours in the jewellery like green, pink and more are mirrored on her eye look.

The red and orange cut crease adds a unique touch to a bridal look while the glittery gold stroke on her brow bone completes the eye look perfectly.

Motorbike Bride

20 Stunning Photos of Desi Brides - motorbike

This Tamil Nadu bride made a grand and interesting entrance into her wedding by riding on a motorbike.

For her wedding outfit, this Desi bride wore a multi-coloured outfit. This includes pink, purple and green hues.

To complement her ensemble, she has adorned silver and gold extravagant jewellery. Yet, it is her smile which steals the look.

Trainers First

20 Stunning Photos of Desi Brides - trainers

Heels aside and trainers on. This Desi bride has seemingly followed tradition with a red and gold outfit.

However, when you look at her feet, the bride is seen sporting gold trainers to match.

Although some people may find this unusual, we think it adds a quirky touch to the ensemble.

Safety First

20 Stunning Photos of Desi Brides - mask

The worldwide Covid-19 pandemic has not stopped Desi brides from tying the knot. This bride has ensured it’s safety first by donning a face mask.

This South Indian bride has chosen to wear a beautiful red and gold saree. To match the saree, she has opted for antique gold jewellery.

Lights On

20 Stunning Photos of Desi Brides - lights

Another amazing photo to capture the stunning bride and groom. The couple is intertwined with delicate fairy lights.

Here, the groom is looking lovingly at his bride as he holds her close while she gazes into the distance.

She is seen wearing a yellow outfit with silver embroidery as her husband complements her with his matching blazer.

Stunning Nikkah Bride

20 Stunning Photos of Desi Brides Worth a Look - nikkah

This photo will surely be kept safe by the bride. Here, this Pakistani bride has been snapped while signing the nikkah contract.

Following tradition, this bride has covered her head with another dupatta while signing the most important contract in her life.

The inclusion of a diamond pen with a peacock feather adds a special touch.

She looks amazing in a red and gold lehenga complete with chunky gold wedding jewellery.


20 Stunning Photos of Desi Brides Worth a Look - dholi

Entering on a dholi, this Desi bride is all smiles on her special day. She holds back the pearl drape as she peers out.

This radiant bride looks amazing in a red and gold ensemble. To complement the look, she has matched it with gold and pearl jewellery.

For her makeup, she has opted for a natural glam look with voluminous lashes and a shimmery nude lip.

Extravagant Trail

20 Stunning Photos of Desi Brides Worth a Look - walking away

Walking away hand in hand to start the rest of their lives together – a priceless moment worth capturing.

This shot flaunts the bride’s extravagant trail and its stunning monochrome embellishment.

The inclusion of rose petals scattered on the trail adds to the beauty of this picture. There is no doubt the photographer has an aesthetic eye.


20 Stunning Photos of Desi Brides - sindoor

One drop of sindoor is all this Desi bride needs. There is no doubt her smile says it all like it is the happiest day of her life and this has been captured in a lovely picture.

This stunning bride has opted for a red, gold and white wedding outfit. She has teamed her ensemble with antique gold jewellery including a necklace, naath, earrings and tikka.

She has finished her look with warm gold eyeshadow with black winged eyeliner and a red lip.

Radiant Smile

20 Stunning Photos of Desi Brides - happy

Up next, we have another bride who appears to be waving to her guests as she makes her entrance.

She is seen walking under a floral garland complete with red roses. This goes perfectly with her red and gold wedding outfit.

Her matching gold jewellery heightens the beauty of her look. Desi brides are also known for their mehndi designs.

This bride’s henna design certainly completes her bridal image.

Telugu Bride

20 Stunning Photos of Desi Brides - telugu

This mesmerising photo has perfectly captured the talambralu ceremony popularly held as part of a Telugu wedding.

The ceremony involves the bride and groom showering each other with a mixture of pearls, rice, saffron and turmeric.

The talambralu ceremony is figurative to the couple’s life ahead be filled with happiness, understanding and prosperity.

Undoubtedly, weddings in South Asian culture are one of the most important and highly regarded events. It is no wonder Desi brides ensure spectacular pictures are taken.

As well as a gorgeous bride, it is the job of a talented photographer to capture the bride at the right moment.

Our list of 20 stunning photos of brides perfectly encapsulates the beauty of the South Asian culture and brides.

Ayesha is an English graduate with an aesthetic eye. Her fascination lies in sports, fashion and beauty. Also, she does not shy away from controversial subjects. Her motto is: “no two days are the same, that is what makes life worth living.”

Images courtesy of Instagram and Pinterest

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