20 Amazing Photos of Desi Grooms Worth a Look

Desi grooms are setting major outfit inspiration goals with their amazing sherwanis, kurtas and dhotis. We explore 20 pictures worth a look.

20 Amazing Desi Grooms Photos f

Sporting sunglasses adds an edgy touch

Although it is always eyes on the bride, Desi grooms certainly deserve our attention too. Their charisma and charm excel on their wedding day.

From sherwanis to kurtas with waistcoats, a groom can showcase his personality and style through his chosen ensemble.

Traditionally, a groom wears red and gold on his shaadi and while some like to opt for traditional wear, others choose unconventional colours which are gaining popularity.

These include pastels hues, navy blue, green and more.

As well as the ensemble, grooms wish to add to their wedding day looks with floral garlands, necklaces and even mehndi designs.

We select twenty amazing photos of Desi grooms which are worth a look to take inspiration from.

Emotional Desi Groom

20 Amazing Photos of Desi Grooms - crying

While the wedding day is celebrated with great zest, it can also be an emotional time typically for the bride.

However, this is not to say that the groom is void of this sentiment on his wedding day. In fact, this Desi groom was captured wiping away his tears.

Seeing your bride in tears is certainly not easy for her partner and this groom is testimony to that.

In terms of his attire, the groom has opted for pastel hues as opposed to the traditional sherwani colours of red and gold.

He has paired the look with a beaded necklace and green turban completed with a jewel and peacock feather.


20 Amazing Photos of Desi Grooms - pinching nose

A Desi wedding is full of mischief. Here, the groom is seen laughing as his mother-in-law pinches his nose.

This could be a playful way of ensuring he protects her daughter. There is no doubt, the photographer perfectly captured this priceless moment which will be continued to be remembered by the groom.

Here, the Desi groom has stayed true to traditions with a deep red and white sherwani.

Riding in Style

20 Amazing Photos of Desi Grooms - elephant

What better way to enter your shaadi than on a decorated elephant? This groom certainly looks ecstatic about the same.

He is seen sporting an ivory and red sherwani. The elaborate detail enhances his groom status.

The intricate detail is mirrored in the groom’s turban, footwear and jewellery.

Not only that, but this Desi groom adorned his hands with a beautiful mehndi design.


20 Amazing Photos of Desi Grooms - same sex

In this instance, we have not one but two handsome grooms. With same-sex marriage legalised in India, many couples are overjoyed as they can tie the knot with their love.

The grooms are sporting pastel ensembles complete with delicate petal detailing.

They are also wearing matching garlands adding to the beauty of their overall look.

This amazing picture was certainly captured by a photographer who has an aesthetic eye.

The stunning touch of red petals falling from above makes the moment all the more special.


20 Amazing Photos of Desi Grooms - sehra

Seeing this picture may recall a famous song’s lyric: ‘Dulhe ka Sehra suhana lagta hai.’

This Desi groom looks calm and collected as his sehra is being tied around his turban.

The sehra entails beautiful white and gold pearls complete with colourful tassels at the ends.


20 Amazing Photos of Desi Grooms - mend

Up next, we have another groom who has chosen to adorn his hands with an amazing henna design.

The devil is in the detail here. If you look closely, the mehndi design features a bride and groom as well as the name of the happy couple.

This amazing picture was taken from a groom’s mehndi ceremony as he is seen wearing a green kurta paired with a pearl necklace.

Sporting Sunglasses

20 Amazing Photos of Desi Grooms - sunglasses

Following suit we have selected this Desi grooms picture which oozes a ‘cool’ vibe. He has chosen to wear a gorgeous ivory sherwani with pink churidar trousers and an orange turban.

It is safe to assume this groom does not shy away from experimenting with colour. The lovely petal design scattered across the sherwani adds a touch of elegance to the look.

While the addition of sporting sunglasses adds an edgy touch to this groom’s ensemble.

The Look of Love 20 Amazing Photos of Desi Grooms - rose petals

The picture-perfect moment was a must-have in our list of twenty amazing grooms photos.

The groom is wearing an elegant white sherwani which is complemented by his wife’s red, pink and white ensemble.

This happy couple is also wearing matching ivory and light green rose garlands.

Yet, it is the way the groom is looking at his wife that brings a smile to our face.


20 Amazing Photos of Desi Grooms - lights

Submerged in lights, we have another handsome groom. Here, the groom has opted for a navy blue sherwani featuring antique gold embroidery.

This amazing colour combination is fast becoming a groom’s favourite and we can certainly see why.

To complete the look, the groom has paired his sherwani with a shimmery light gold turban with a head jewel, pearl chains and a feather.

Haldi Groom

20 Amazing Photos of Desi Grooms - haldi

This picture appears to be captured from the Haldi celebration. It appears the bride and groom have opted for a joint Haldi ceremony, breaking away from the traditional norm.

The bride is applying haldi to her groom who seems elated. This Desi groom has been picked up to tease his wife as she applies turmeric.

He is seen wearing a bright yellow dhoti matching the colour of the haldi.

Helping Hands

20 Amazing Photos of Desi Grooms - hands on

This groom is getting a helping hand from his family to ensure the headpiece is attached to his turban properly.

The stunning diamond-encrusted jewel with pearls elevates his baby pink turban.

This is watches with his off-white sherwani which features thread work embroidery.


20 Amazing Desi Grooms Photos - bird

Taking Coachella to his wedding, this groom certainly captivated everyone’s attention with his peacock inspired embellished blazer.

The light pink hue perfectly complements the vibrancy of the embroidery. The amazing blue and green design complete with the golden detailing adds dimension to the look.

Sometimes Desi grooms like to change things up by not wearing a sherwani and instead opting for a suit.


20 Amazing Desi Grooms Photos - quirky

Take note from this funky Desi groom. He has paired a floral printed kurta featuring red, yellow and blue flowers.

He has sported this with simple white trousers. Yet, it is the single-buttoned blazer that heightens the look.

This ensemble would look perfect for a groom’s mehndi ceremony.


20 Amazing Desi Grooms Photos - green

Does this groom remind you of a Sabyasachi model? The emerald green hue is a step away from traditional colours, however, this grooms pulls it off effortlessly.

If you look closely at the buttons, you will notice lion detailing on each button. It’s the little details which make all the difference.

The gold chains and leafy garland adds an extra touch to the overall look.

Cool, Calm & Collected

20 Amazing Desi Grooms Photos - sheesha

This groom looks like he is in his element on his big day with a glad of champagne in one hand and a sheesha pipe in another.

His eye-catching blazer features lovely, delicate floral detailing. He has paired it with a vibrant pink kurta and beige coloured slim trousers.

To complete the look, this groom as opted for brown leather kuseh.


20 Amazing Desi Grooms Photos - flowers

This groom looks like a perfect gentleman as he carries his wife’s flower bouquet.

His amazing sherwani features simple yet beautiful thread work embroidery on deep maroon background.

His shaadi look also includes a scarf to match the sherwani. The border is kept at the forefront to show off the lovely gold design.

Statement Piece

20 Amazing Desi Grooms Photos - jewellery

This South Indian groom has made  a statement with his extravagant jewellery. A South Asian groom is usually identified by his simple yet elegant ensemble.

However, this Desi groom has taken it up a notch with his choice of jewellery. The intricate design of the large antique golden ornament amps up his look.

Also, the inclusion of the headpiece matches his statement necklace.

South Indian Groom

20 Amazing Desi Grooms Photos - south indian-2

Once again, we have another South Indian groom. Here, he is seen tying the wedding necklace around his bride.

The simple golden buttoned shirt and dhoti makes the groom look radiant on his big day.

The simple thread headband completes his outfit.


20 Amazing Desi Grooms Photos - bicycle

Some grooms like to ride in on a horse, others on an elephant, however, this Desi groom rode into his wedding day on a bicycle. And we are loving it!

He is seen donning an all-white sherwani and kuseh. To add to a splash of colour, he is seen sporting a bright pink and white intertwined turban.

The multi-layered necklace complements the turban. It appears the groom and groomsmen have complemented each other as they are all seen wearing a pink turban.

Taking it back to the 40s

20 Amazing Desi Grooms Photos - car

This groom has taken it back to the 40s with his choice of transportation. He is seen smiling from ear to ear as he poses for the camera with his entourage.

This Desi groom has opted for a salmon-coloured sherwani with subtle gold detailing.

The gold is brought to attention in his turban which brings out the colours in his sherwani.

There is no doubt that Desi grooms are setting up their game to ensure they are not lagged behind their brides.

These twenty amazing photos of grooms will certainly be an inspiration to countless grooms who are planning their big day.

Ayesha is an English graduate with an aesthetic eye. Her fascination lies in sports, fashion and beauty. Also, she does not shy away from controversial subjects. Her motto is: “no two days are the same, that is what makes life worth living.”

Images courtesy of Tomas Ramos Photography, www.silkphotos.com, My Modern Met, Insider, Carriages Weddings & Events, 1Plus1Studio, Epic Stories, Shaadi Saga, Pinterest

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