Gorgeous Saree Fashion Trends for 2021

We bring you a curated list of exquisite saree trends for the coming year. We promise you that there is a style for everyone and every mood.

Gorgeous Saree Fashion Trends for 2021 f

Sarees are not just garments but timeless pieces of art

A saree or sari is a timeless and unmatchable form of art which is loved and celebrated for its unprecedented beauty.

Several things are going to change in a world that is gradually coming back to life after a grinding halt caused by the global coronavirus epidemic.

However, some things don’t change and sarees, their glamour and popularity are thankfully amongst those unchanging things.

The coming year is going to bring some hope and ultra-gorgeous saree trends to beautify and brighten our dull lives with.

We will witness an array of designs from elegant traditional sarees to modern sarees which reflect the changing times.

We bring you an elaborate guide into the saree trends in 2021 that are going to rule the Desi fashion world.

DESIblitz has compiled a list of saree trends that you can incorporate into your wardrobe for the year 2021.


Gorgeous Saree Fashion Trends for 2021 - handsfree

Mumbai-based saree stylist and drape artist, Dolly Jain was recently spotted wearing a naturally-dyed handsfree saree which has a hole in the pallu.

This rather unique take on the pallu of a saree is interesting and exquisite. It allows the wearer to slide their arm through the pallu keeping the drape in place.

This design is both fashionable and practical. It features a circular design in bandhani embroidery which adds dimension to the look.

We spotted this style saree on Bollywood beauties, Dia Mirza and Vidya Balan.

This seems like a trend that could easily go viral in the year to come. It makes handling the saree effortless while also making a modern saree style statement in the process.

Metallic Saree

Gorgeous Saree Fashion Trends for 2021 - metallic

Sarees with metallic shine and hues are also amongst the topmost saree trends for 2021.

The fabric of these sarees looks like latex and are available in a range of colours such as bronze, silver, copper and gold.

The metallic sarees are yet another rendition of a blend between tradition and modernity as a garment as traditional as a saree is created with aesthetics as modern as bold metallics.

This style saree can be draped in various ways to add glamour and make a statement.

Style with statement jewellery to coincide with the raw and edgy look. However, if you are not big on jewellery, metallic sarees look equally as beautiful with minimal or no accessories.

This trend is becoming the latest rage in South Indian fashion and it will leave the wearer feeling fierce, bold and sexy.

Winged Drape Saree

Gorgeous Saree Fashion Trends for 2021 - winged drape

Sarees with a winged drape are going to be all the rage in 2021. The pallu of the saree which is usually either left loose or pinned on the shoulder has been given a rather glamourous makeover.

The winged drape saree looks like a beautiful jewelled waterfall cascading from the shoulder of its wearer.

The structural and winged pallus are a sight to behold and also a must-have for a saree enthusiast in 2021.

This style can jazz up a rather plain and simple saree or add a little something extra to an already extravagant saree.

The winged drape can be added to a simple saree acting as an upcycle fashion hack for an old saree.

Blazer Saree

Gorgeous Saree Fashion Trends for 2021 - blazer

Androgyny is the future of fashion. Incorporating a blazer or a coat into a traditional saree is a small step of Desi fashion in that direction.

The mix of the feminine saree and blazer which falls towards the masculine end of the spectrum brings about an eclectic modern twist to the traditional saree.

You can opt for a classic monochrome blazer for a formal look. Alternatively, you can wear an embellished blazer with thread work or sequins.

This trend is an ode to the beauty of the east and versatility of the west, something many people resonate with.

The blazer saree has been widely popularized by social media fashion bloggers and is going to be at the centre of Desi saree trends of 2021.

Dhoti Style

Gorgeous Saree Fashion Trends for 2021 - dhoti

The next saree trend in line is yet another eclectic mix. Known as a Kasta saree, it is a combination of a dhoti and saree.

This draping style bears similarity to the way the Maharashtrian dhoti is worn. To master this drape style a lot of practice is required as it can be time-consuming.

However, the effort is certainly worth it to achieve this exquisite style. On the other hand, if you do not have the time, pre-stitched dhoti sarees are also available.

The dhoti pants amalgamated into a saree is yet another modern and fun play on the traditional silhouettes of a saree.

To enhance the saree further, a waist belt can also be incorporated into the look which will not only add grace but will keep the pallu secure.

Dhoti sarees are comfortable and experimental and will make it to saree trends of 2021 for sure.

Traditional Saree

Gorgeous Saree Fashion Trends for 2021 - traditional

There is a call by the prime minister of India to be more “atmanirbhar” or self-dependent in the hard times to come.

This has led to a sudden spike in support of local and small businesses. This is bound to bring local sarees such as bandhani sarees, silk sarees and meghla chador sarees in trend.

There is nothing more beautiful than these sarees steeped in tradition and crafted by local artisans.

Conventional sarees are wardrobe-essentials which transcend the bounds of fashion trends. It is no wonder they are a favourite amongst South Asian women.

Traditional sarees are perfect for formal occasions like weddings or casual occasions such as family gatherings. This shows the versatility of this trend.

One must have one a traditional saree in their 2021 wardrobe to complete the year.

Cocktail Trend

Gorgeous Saree Fashion Trends for 2021 - cocktail

The cocktail sarees which are as glamorous as sarees could possibly be are going to rule the 2021 saree fashion trends.

The trailing pallus, sensuous blouses and flattering cuts, pleats and frills ooze romance and magic.

Giving the ballroom gowns a tough competition these cocktail sarees are a must-have for any fashion-forward Desi woman.

Cocktail sarees are the ideal option for lavish occasions as they will surely make heads turn.

To enhance the attractiveness of this trend, pair it with statement jewellery or accessories to complement the saree. This can be in the form of a necklace, earrings to even a kamarband.

This saree trend has got the seal of approval from Bollywood stars like Diana Penty. Take inspiration and invest in a cocktail saree.

Touch of Glitter

Gorgeous Saree Fashion Trends for 2021 - shimmer

The shiny and sparkling glitter sarees are going to make it to sought-after 2021 saree trends.

Accessorised with equally glittery jewels and halter blouses the glitter sarees make the best combination of sanskari as well as sultry vibes.

Anyone would love to shine like a diamond with one of these glitter sarees in the year to come.

In particular, this style is perfect for a party which will hopefully be enjoyed in 2021. Teaming it with gorgeous accessories, makeup and hair will further amplify your ensemble.

Therefore, be sure to get your hands a saree of this style to spruce up your party wardrobe.

Ombre Saree

Gorgeous Saree Fashion Trends for 2021 - ombre

From hair colour to interior décor the ombre colour palettes are the latest trend. Pastel colours or bright hues fading into each other make the most stunning of designs.

Pastel colours evoke a sense of summer and will look amazing during the warmer months. While darker colours will be perfect to sport in the cooler months.

Ombre has taken over the world of arts and aesthetics and is now going to reign over the saree world.

Sarees in the right shades of ombre are gorgeous pieces of art and are going to have a rightful place in your saree collection.

Foreseeable Future

2020 saw a vast range of saree trends and styles which made women feel like ethnic beauties. Likewise, 2021 will captivate us with exquisite designs.

Sarees are not just garments but timeless pieces of art which can never go out of trend. However, styles and drapes of sarees (or saris) do change with passing seasons.

Our curation of saree trends will help you update your saree wardrobe in time for 2021. Mark the beginning of the next decade is the best of saree styles.

Here is hoping for a year of beautiful sarees.

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