Gorgeous Saree Fashion Trends for 2022

Various sarees can be ideal for all kinds of events. We present the saree fashion trends that are going to rule in 2022.

Gorgeous Saree Fashion Trends for 2022 - F

A saree makes for a very interesting canvas

A saree is considered to be a timeless piece, however, the saree fashion trends are constantly evolving.

Sarees date back hundreds of years and are available in different fabrics such as cotton, chiffon and silk to name a few.

While the gorgeous garment remains a wardrobe staple for all Desi fashion enthusiasts, the styles and silhouettes of flaunting a saree keep changing.

For 2022, one can expect saree fashion trends including colour-blocking to semi-stitching.

Many individuals will be looking to purchase a saree or a collection as part of their new year resolution.

DESIblitz brings you a list of saree fashion trends that will emerge in 2022.

Pleated Saree

Gorgeous Saree Fashion Trends for 2022 - 1

Pleats are usually the folds of a saree’s fabric tucked in front of the navel.

However, this version of a saree has a self-running pattern of folds through the ‘pallu’, which makes the saree look modern and dynamic.

Pleated sarees also have the ability to kook formal and polished. This satin saree and its patterns resemble a beautiful dress or gown, thus giving it a fusion look.

The beautifully patterned pallu can be set around the waist with a belt or simply let loose to be flaunted.

Pleated sarees are the go-to for those of us who want to avoid the hassle of arranging the pleats and drapes.

With a modern silhouette, we expect to see a lot more of this pleated saree trend in 2022.

Indigo Saree

Gorgeous Saree Fashion Trends for 2022 - Indigo Saree 3

Indigo dyeing is an ancient art form that is gaining prominence in the Indian handloom sector.

The natural dyeing agent provides a bright blue colour to the fabric when applied. Indigo sarees are usually made out of cotton, a fabric that works perfectly during the summers.

Indigo printed and dyed cotton sarees are beautiful and comfortable.

They are going to make it to the formal Desi trends in 2022.

These sarees are perfect for someone who wishes to perhaps venture outside of their comfort zone and wear a saree at their workplace.

The indigo saree’s understated elegance gives an air of professionalism, making it presentable in any work setup.

Colour Block Saree

Gorgeous Saree Fashion Trends for 2022 - 3

Colour blocking is trending in the fashion world and it looks like sarees are going to embrace the colour blocking trend in 2022 as well.

The colour block trend is rising in popularity and not just in regards to traditional Indian attire.

Colour block has been spotted in Western outfits, footwear and bags too. The unusual, contrasting yet alluring colour combinations look even more beautiful in a saree.

A saree makes for a very interesting canvas for the colour blocking trend.

This also gives ladies a chance to mix and match the sarees and blouses that they already have in their wardrobe, making a unique colour block saree combination of their own.

The colour blocking trend could lead to fashion enthusiasts making more sustainable choices. Therefore, this trend is perfect for 2022.

Ajrak Saree

Gorgeous Saree Fashion Trends for 2022 - 4

Ajrak prints are striking, geometrical and floral handmade block prints made on modal silk, which is a soft, shiny, and lustrous fabric.

It is going to be a must-have in a saree wardrobe for 2022. Ajrak sarees are artistically printed, with Indian aesthetics in mind.

The rich prints are popular with celebrity fans of Shilpa Shetty and Deepika Padukone.

The artform of Ajrak printing is ancient, yet the prints are contemporary.

Wearing an Ajrak saree is like being styled in a handcrafted art piece.

This saree has become popular across parts of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh in India. Hence, this traditional outfit is going to be at the helm of saree fashion trends in 2022.

Experimental Blouse Saree

Gorgeous Saree Fashion Trends for 2022 - 5-2

Sarees have been around for a long time and are subject to a lot of changes and experimentation over the years.

In contemporary times, there has been a rise in the trend of styling t-shirts, crop tops, corsets, and even jackets as blouses with sarees.

From big-border sleeves to tie-back styles, the possibilities with experimental blouse sarees are endless. This trend is going to become popular as a saree trend in the year 2022.

The trend is already a favourite of Desi saree enthusiasts and social media influencers. The latter includes stars such as Malaika Arora and Kareena Kapoor Khan.

Experimental sarees are the perfect choice for those of us who like to break the fashion boundaries and step out of the box.

Tissue Saree

Gorgeous Saree Fashion Trends for 2022 - 6

The richness and elegance of tissue sarees are inimitable. Tissue sarees are unique as they have a sheen due to the use of gold or silver weft on the silk wrap.

These regal and exquisite sarees are going to be back trending in the year 2022.

Tissue sarees are incredibly beautiful and high in demand.

Metallic colours such as gold, silver, and bronze come out most beautifully on the tissue fabric. Thus, we can find the most beautiful metallic hues in tissue sarees.

They are perfect for festive occasions and special events, as they are set to trend heavily.

Cowl Neck Saree

Gorgeous Saree Fashion Trends for 2022 - 7

A cowl saree is a semi-stitched saree, with the bottom half resembling a cowl. Yet another modern twist to the garment, this one easily fits into the saree fashion trends of 2022.

A saree with a cowl neckline is sure to grab attention, with it being a trendy and fresh addition to the traditional aspect.

Easy to wear and carry around, this style also makes for a unique silhouette that stands out in a sea of traditionally draped sarees.

The cowl neckline looks sophisticated and glamorous, making it ideal for weddings and parties.

If you love to experiment with traditional fits then a cowl saree can be perfect for you to rock the saree trend in 2022.

Organza Saree

Gorgeous Saree Fashion Trends for 2022 - 8

Organza sarees are as romantic as one can imagine. The beautiful bounce in the organza fabric cannot be replicated by any other material in a saree.

Organza sarees blend sheer fabrics, with silk for a classy and polished look.

Organza sarees look best in pastel hues and floral prints. Abstract print and embroidery are also becoming very popular in organza sarees.

They can make any woman feel feminine, delicate, and glamorous.

Organza sarees look effortlessly luxurious and look great on every body type. They particularly highlight the waist and hips.

Without a doubt, organza sarees are going to be a must in the 2022 saree wardrobe.

A saree is more than just a garment. It is an emblem of Indian art, history, and culture. It is one of the most versatile six yards of attire ever made.

As you can appreciate by the aforementioned, there is plenty of choice for any kind of special occasion.

A printed saree looks great during the day, whilst an embellished one will be perfect for the evening.

The same saree can be adorned in myriad combinations and drapes and wrought anew every single time it is worn.

However, staying abreast with time and being up to date with saree fashion trends will help you carry your saree more confidently.

Whilst the saree fashion trends can change, the essence and love for them remain.

Hopefully, this saree fashion trends guide for 2022 will help many slay their sarees in style.

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