House of iKons September 2021: A Diverse Fashion Hit

The House of iKons put on its first LIVE show in over 18 months. Celebrating diversity and culture, we take a look at the two-day event.

House of iKons September 2021: A Diverse Fashion Hit

"When you see yourselves, you should always remember who you are"

The House of ikons completed its first fashion show in 18 months in September 2021. The event took place on September 18 and 19, 2021 as part of Fashion Week London.

Whilst the runway has been non-existent due to Covid-19, the House of ikons announced its return spectacularly.

The vibrant event was held at the Leonardo Royal St Pauls London Hotel. Spread across two days, the shows celebrated fashion from all over the world.

Designers from American and Europe, as well as those from different ethnic backgrounds, showcased their fantastic collections

This was an ode to the key theme of the two-day event – diversity. The designs on display ranged from extravagant womenswear to experimental menswear.

There was also a unique segment of the show, which dedicated itself to childrenswear.

Savita Kaye, the CEO of House of ikons was on hand to oversee the event which also showcased thrilling musical performances.

Savita who wore an elegant blue dress by Sigrun was also the host of the event.

DESIblitz as an ‘Offical Media Partner’ for this event looks at the memorable show and the amazing designs that were featured.


The House of iKons Fashion Show September 2021

With eager anticipation from the packed house, day one of the fashion show opened with a special presentation from Adrianna Ostrowska.

As the owner of the Polish brand Ostrowska Couture, her four pieces highlighted love, hope, faith and light.

The models appeared donning graceful ball-style gowns that left the audience in a state of trance. The princess-type dresses had organza style tulle detailing, varied in colours and prints.

One gown had a stunning sheer cape and gold sequin detailing whilst another had a dark green base colour with floral patterns.

Whilst the models twirled their dresses, onlookers noticed floral garlands in their hair, which emphasised the fairytale essence.

Savita Kaye then appeared on stage and exclaimed “we are back!.”

After briefly talking about overcoming the setbacks due to Covid-19, she went on to introduce the grand opening collection, N8 by Nathan VanDeVeld.

Celebrating Experimental Creativity

Nathan VanDeVelde

The House of iKons Fashion Show September 2021

Nathan VanDeVelde is the first fashion student ever to be sponsored by the House of ikons.

The collection was titled ‘Cosmic Memories’ and opened with a model who wore a brown blazer and trouser set with a hooded inspired veil.

She then ripped off this outfit in one go and revealed a flamboyant multi-coloured dress with flowing materials.

Colour, flair and headwear were the stars of the collection. From pinks and oranges to Spartan and horn-shaped helmets, the collection was mesmerising.

Also, a notable ensemble included a shimmery blazer and trousers set in gold with blue detailing all over.

As well as a black dress with a paint splatter effect, a mosaic blazer and trouser combo and a dynamic gown with colours of the sun, space and stars.

Athea Couture

The House of iKons Fashion Show September 2021

Athea Couture from Milan, Italy, was next on the runway. They opened the collection with a young model who wore a simmering purple ballgown with a sequin corset.

Another beautiful dress had a contrasting design with one side black and the other made up of a metallic tribal pattern. This gave a hypnotic effect to the outfit and astounded the audience.

However, most dresses in the collection focused on ivory and beige palettes, taking inspiration from bridalwear. Although, some outfits did have thigh-high cuts, which added a touch of sultriness.

Male models also featured in the collection, wearing stunning Asian inspired shirts.

They all had a block colour, ranging from metallic to blue and had fluorescent patterns spread across the front and collars.

PostCode Fashion

The House of iKons Fashion Show September 2021

Keeping in line with the theme of grace, the next brand, PostCode Fashion opened up with a performance from the designer’s daughter.

The circus-style flexibility and movement grasped the audience as the first model appeared donning a brown skirt and dress with a mosaic blue pattern.

Similarly to the previous brands, the collection celebrated diversity. The models were of all different shapes and sizes, along with being from different ethnic backgrounds.

However, what remained consistent were the gorgeous outfits.

Experimenting with different textures and materials, one model wore a black and yellow dress with a print of Big Ben on the front.

Another wore a pretty turquoise ensemble that had an immersive print reminiscent of the ocean. This was accompanied by a decadent feather-like necklace.

The designer’s daughter closed the show, wearing a grand blue gown with ruffle detailing.

Models Wardrobe

The House of iKons Fashion Show September 2021

The next brand in segment one of the House of iKons show was Models Wardrobe. A mother and daughter team make creations that specialise in young teen fashion.

The first model hit the catwalk in a strapless ballgown made up of a satin blue corset and tulle skirt. The middle of the dress was particularly compelling with its embroidered bright bouquet of flowers.

Embossed on many dresses, frills and florals were the spice of this collection. A glimmering maroon dress had floral trails on the side and tail of the gown.

Whereas one satin blue outfit had a cut that mimicked seashell shapes. The young models rocked the flowy dresses to perfection and oozed with uplifting energy.

A La Mode

The House of iKons Fashion Show September 2021

The high-octane energy continued with German designer, A La Mode. The collection had an east and west twist, which was made apparent with the first model.

Strutting down with a glistening gold jumpsuit, the model also showcased a lace cape with gorgeous blue accents.

Another piece on display was a midnight blue gown that had an elongated blazer in silver with hues of grey and black.

In addition, one model wore a white gown with oversized sleeves and a rippled orange shawl. The mesmerising outfit was evocative of South Asian saris.

The iconic theme within the collection was fusing east-west cuts and colours.

The mix of rich palettes, flared gowns and fitted undergarments were classy as well as appealing.

Bahar Yasin Studios

The House of iKons Fashion Show September 2021

Emphasising the diversity of the fashion show was the next brand, Bahar Yasin Studios from Sweden. Focusing on sustainability and the environment, the collection focused on neutral colours.

Interestingly, every outfit had an element of black. Whether it was an accessory, shoes or piece itself, the colour was an integral part.

A unique piece was a black dress, with a glossy black sequin waistcoat. The model also came out with long red gloves, which contrasted the dress well.

Although, the designer was perhaps referring to the ‘blood on our hands’ due to the damage we conflict on the climate.

Each outfit was consistent with one block colour. Whether it was an aquatic blue as a representation of the ocean or fiery red to symbolise the sun, the pieces were significant and outstanding.

Eye on Fashion

The House of iKons Fashion Show September 2021

Savita continued with her introductions by announcing the next brand, Eye on Fashion. On stage, she described it, saying:

“Infusing African culture with a modern twist and something extremely funky for everyone.”

Opening up with a maroon crop top and ruffled skirt that was cut shorter at the front, the range was off to a great start.

The next ensemble was black shorts and a top that had a transparent cloak-type garment with black trims.

Furthermore, a male model was also a part of the collection. A beautiful African-inspired maroon two-piece with tapered trousers and a longer top personified the saying ‘less is more.’

Interestingly, the collection had a dramatic ending.

A model wearing a giant ruffled gown disassembled the outfit to reveal a slender and fitted dress, perfect for any occasion.

Yade Couture

The House of iKons Fashion Show September 2021

Designer Yade Couture from Switzerland was next in the segment. They made an impact straight away with the first model wearing a sublime summery dress.

Dominated by a glistening red, the gown had gold tinges that would look impeccable at ethnic gatherings.

Vibrancy was the main theme running through the garments. This was emphasised by a white and silver evening dress that sparkled as the model walked.

Additionally, dresses in purple, blue and black also glistened in the light, whilst experimenting with lace and sequins for an extra hit of flavour.

The collection was topped off with a mesmerising multicoloured gown that had splashes of pink, green and orange.

The model flared out her arms to showcase the extra material and lightweight feel of the outfit.

Original Crackage

The House of iKons Fashion Show September 2021

The grand finale of the first segment on day one was done by New York City brand, Original Crackage.

Designed by Wes Woods, the pieces were contemporary, with a high fashion twist, catering towards both men and women.

One model wore a grey two-piece, with a textured white pattern across the top and trousers.

The cropped sleeves and flared trousers were an ode to the retro garments that made a comeback in 2021.

The collection also had a range of puffer jackets and cargo-inspired trousers. However, the embellished graphic prints made the pieces stand out.

This carried on with a stunning evening dress that had a spiral pattern consisting of oranges, blacks and blues.

The innovative nature of Original Crackage was exemplified by a unique black and white dress.

The ensemble had pieces missing, showing off the models torso, upper thigh and shins.

Subsequently, after such an enthralling first segment, the audience felt inspired and content.

Savita closed the show with a final thank you message and left the fans wanting more after teasing at the beauty of the upcoming collections.

Dynamic Colours and Rich Designs

Chavez Inc

The House of iKons Fashion Show September 2021

The grand opening of the second instalment of day one was done by Chavez Inc.

Based in Toronto, Canada, the brand was founded by international designer, Antonio Chavez. The company’s website elaborates on their ethos:

“Chavez pushes the boundaries of conventional fashion with daring designs that shimmer and shine with crystals, gems, and diamonds.”

The first dress achieved this seamlessly. The model donned a slim-fitting black dress, with a navy blue centre encrusted with sparkling jewels.

The next model transcended these colours by wearing a slender jumpsuit that was dominated by turquoise and black trims.

The colourful celebration carried on with satin pink shirts, crystal embossed caps and bright frilly dresses.

Impressively, Chavez showed his versatility by moving away from the gems and focusing on flowers.

One model wore a fitted white gown, with a thick red floral pattern down the front. Accompanied by a black hat with the same print, the outfit would be perfect for ‘Ladies Day’ at the races.

With such innovative styles, sparkling designs and unique colour palettes, Chavez truly outdone himself with the collection.

Atelier by Khoshkar Horre

The House of iKons Fashion Show September 2021

The next designer from London has been nicknamed “the master” due to this creative genius. The collection from Atelier by Khoshkar Horre was focusing on the power of women.

In her introduction, Savita revealed:

“His theme is the legend of women. Purely on the basis that how a woman holds great strength, great beauty and great love.”

The first two models kicked off with stylish blazers, with one pairing it with upscale black leggings and the other combining it with a jazzy white skirt.

The pantsuit combo was in abundance during the collection.

One model wore a graphic blue blazer with black striped trousers that had luminous hits of red and white.

However, Koshkar also presented numerous dresses during the show. A Latin inspired black dress with a maroon shawl across the body was gorgeous.

This reinforced the professionalism and class of women, whilst still looking sleek and modern.

Jugger Onate

The House of iKons Fashion Show September 2021

The third collection as part of segment two, titled ‘Jil and Jug’ was designed by Jugger Onate. Dedicating the garments to women and young girls, the runway kicked off with a young model.

Wearing a seashell pink coloured dress, the bottom half imitated a tutu.

The thick pink and beige flowerheads decorated the upper half of the dress and were innovative.

A standout piece was a transparent purple frock that had a black undergarment and flowing material on the shoulders.

Alternatively, another model wore a glimmering dress that portrayed all the shades of grey. Stitched to the back was a metallic train that glided against the air.

Playing with different materials and textures, the collection was artistic and mind-blowing.

Korn Taylor

The House of iKons Fashion Show September 2021

The House of iKons followed this up with Phillipino designer, Korn Taylor and his designs that are based in Milan, Italy.

The catwalk started with the models in luminescent white gowns, befitting a queen.

However, Korn graced the dresses with fluorescent patches of colours that ranged from lilac to turquoise. Some models even showcased decorative bows on their gowns.

Undoubtedly, the inclusion of some sparkling accessories transcended the outfits and provided a daring look.

The inclusion of a male model every so often provided a stark contrast to womenswear.

Wearing sequined shirts that came in both blue and red, the sparkling pieces allowed for a smooth transition into the next collection of outfits.

G  Seven feat. Yildiztoffe

The House of iKons Fashion Show September 2021

German-based brand, G Seven featuring Yildiztoffe took over the catwalk next with their designs.

Focusing on the evening and bridal wear, the gowns on display were mesmerising. Playing with fabrics, cuts and colours, some outfits boasted a South Asian influence.

One model wore a red wine coloured dress that was embellished with intricate patterns. The thick trail of material that followed mimicked a sari.

The following model had a carbon copy of the previous design but instead, she donned a blazer and skirt pairing. The sexy modesty was apparent and the other dresses followed suit.

Moreover, the closing outfits were more extravagant and personified Victorian fashion. One model wore a gold-coloured frock, whilst another was wearing a lilac infused gown.

Both had interesting cuts, with a stacked effect on the back and a more modern and shorter cut on the front.

Jiang Chipao

The House of iKons Fashion Show September 2021

Before segment two’s intermission, Chinese designer Xinyun Jiang showcased her brand Jiang Chipao.

The oriental designs were inspired by Xinyun’s fascination with the traditional Chinese dress, Qipao.

Her designs were extravagant, polished and modern. Focusing on a red and black colour palette, the dresses symbolised the rich history of China.

Patterened threadwork, splashes of gold and immersive music made the collection a cultural masterpiece.

One model wore a fitted black dress with a textured red torso and gold detailing. Another one wore a shorter cut Qipao with a graphic gold pattern.

However, layered underneath was a glorious black skirt, which gave the garment an updated look.

Jojo Braut & Abendmode

The House of iKons Fashion Show September 2021

German designer Nisreen Hassan resumed segment two with her brand Jojo Braut & Abendmode. The bridal collection showcased a range of stunning dresses for that special day.

Although the dresses followed the classic extravagant design, Nisreen put the focus on the details.

One model wore an elegant white frock, with enchanting designs on the corset.

The ensemble also included specks of purple gems scattered across the upper chest and sleeves.

Another model wore an off-white gown styled with a veil. However, it is the singular bits of material that spill from the corset to the bottom of the dress that are majestic.

Sharon E Clarke

The House of iKons Fashion Show September 2021

Jamaican designer Sharon E Clarke introduced her collection with a special LIVE performance where she rapped and sung.

The House of iKons audience were highly impressed and were met with a trappy style beat too, which the first model walked out.

The models showed an array of simple, yet sleek styles for everyday wear.

One model wore a mustard colour skirt and top, with blazer detailing. Hence, the perfect fit for summer office days or an energetic brunch.

Another interesting piece was a gold and black mismatched outfit. The black undergarment was cut slightly shorter, allowing the gold fabric to be styled across.

The upper half was similar to a kimono style, whereas the tight trousers mimicked a salwar kameez.

Male models were also apparent during the catwalk, however, their outfits focused more on fit. Tapered trousers contrasted with graphic tees presented dapper ideas for the onlookers.

Although, more daring pieces like printed bootcut trousers and dotted yellow t-shirts provided a welcomed contrast.

The Fashion Life Tour Fashion Show

Elegant Essentials

The House of iKons Fashion Show September 2021

Kicking off the last segment of day one was American designer, Shenika Walker, founder of Elegant Essentials.

Having only got into fashion in 2017, the collection highlighted how intuitive and creative Shenika is with her visionary designs.

One iconic piece was a light pink outfit where the model wore oversized trousers, a long-sleeve top with a front-facing frill design.

Pairing this up with a chic tail in the same shade gave a more formal essence to the look.

There was also a stunning short blue dress encrusted with gems and jewels. Again, Shenika used a tail but this time in a satin material that glided over the model’s left side.

More experimental designs like a black sequin dress, with a feather skirt, were innovative and followed the creativity of other ensembles.

Sita Couture

The House of iKons Fashion Show September 2021

LA-based brand, Sita Couture was the next billing on the list. Founder Sita Thompson divulges more about the brand, stating

“Sita Couture empowers women to look and feel their absolute best with styles that comfortably embrace the feminine figure.

“Without overwhelming or distracting from the natural beauty within.”

Her designs focused on comfortability without jeopardising style. One model wore an impeccable beige hooded dress, described on the brand’s website as the ‘mermaid hoodie.’

The plunging neckline, simple colours and soft texture make these garments perfect for lounging at a bar before going to a party.

Another model wore a black bikini set with a full sleeve top that had a contrasting tie-dye effect.

It shows the versatility of the range as the top easily pairs with jeans, whereas the underwear means women can look gracious in the sun.

Awarded with the ‘Rising Brand of the Year’ by the LA Business Journal in 2020 highlights how Sita Couture is here to take over.


The House of iKons Fashion Show September 2021

Icelandic designer, Sigrun Olafsdottir, was next with her striking designs. Heavily inspired by Nordic heritage and culture, her ensembles are fierce and powerful.

One model donned a glimmering black dress, with a fitted red overcoat that hugged her figure.

The shoulder seams and cuffs had frills, and the coat only joined at the stomach, exposing the rest of the dress underneath.

Although, the most outlandish design came from the final model.

Wearing a black and gold embellished dress, the woman also wore a dragon and horse inspired headpiece.

However, the beauty and culture lie within the detail.

On her Instagram, Sigrun pointed out that the outfit was inspired by Naglfari. Based on Norse mythology, Naglfari is a ship foretold to set sail during the events of Ragnarök:

“The corset is held together by bones and what appears to be nails but is in fact insect wings.”

This impressive creation stunned the iKon audience but in a way that allowed them to learn more about Icelandic culture.

Pashuk Brand

The House of iKons Fashion Show September 2021

Notably, American-based designer Mariia Pashuk was next in showcasing designs from her brand, Pashuk Brand.

The first model donned a lemon-coloured dress, with bright pink gloves and a belt that had a gleaming western-style buckle.

The outfit also had singular tails on each shoulder, which gave the dress a formal twist.

Moving away from the colourful formalwear that was on show, Mariia also showcased some simpler pieces with her iconic touch.

A blue jacket with hints of green was showcased by a model who also wore black leggings. However, the scenic print on the back gave a surprising element to the ensemble.

The vibrancy that Mariia prides herself on was also showcased in abundance. Deep purple gowns and oceanic frocks were graceful yet sensuous.


The House of iKons Fashion Show September 2021

Rounding off the final segment was the designer Imani Allen’s brand, Istyles.

There were many different styles and cuts that Imani showcased, including an ocean sea dress and a men’s aqua blue crocodile jacket.

Continuing the display of colour and positivity, one model wore a multicoloured sleeveless trench coat.

The garment can be worn with a long sleeve top or open, highlighting how versatile Imani has made this collection.

The glamour was also on show as a model strutted her stuff in an impeccable gold rhinestone dress.

The different directions of the stones give a special and stunning appearance.

The collection concluded with an innovative sheer black dress that was decked out with natural leaves and blooming orange flowers.

The amount of artistic modernisation that Imani and the other designers showed in the final segment of day one was astounding.

Playing with both artificial and real materials, the featured designs set the level for future shows.

Desi Designers

Simi Sandhu

The House of iKons Fashion Show September 2021

With such a star-studded lineup and the celebration of different cultures, South Asian designers were also on show on day one.

Canadian designer Simi Sandhu was the grand finale of segment two on day one and she hopes her designs empower more women:

“When you see yourselves, you should always remember who you are, what you are capable of and to always be confident within yourself.”

The collection kicked off with simple white dresses, with one model wearing a sleeveless top and a lengthy skirt.

Another wore a long sleeve top with a shorter skirt, accompanied by a red bindi for a splash of colour.

The simplistic canvas made way for a Desi face print along the bottom of the skirts.

The person was a South Asian female in traditional attire, as Simi admitted:

“The brand wanted to focus on its feminine roots and share pieces to the world that symbolises where our original fashion and creativity came from.”

The collection carried on with this cultural flair, as one model wore a stunning gold frock accompanied by embellished circular sequins.

Whereas, another model in the same colour palette wore fitted trousers and a blouse with flared sleeves and black detailing across the neckline.

The celebration of Desi cuts and stitching were clear for the audience to see. This was particularly the case, in the latter stages of the collection where lilac took over the show.

One model wore a long sleeve blouse and sheer skirt that was dotted with reflective material – something seen a lot in South Asian fashion.

Closing segment two with such artistry and insight will surely inspire upcoming Desi designers, especially when seeing the reaction of the audience.

Saima Chaudhry

The House of iKons Fashion Show September 2021

American designer, Saima Chaudhry also appeared on day one in The Fashion Life Tour Fashion Show.

The impressive collection was a celebration of heritage and history. From decorative flared dresses with a Middle Eastern influence to a Desi inspired burnt orange frock.

Keeping in line with the rich colours, one model wore an apricot-coloured salwar kameez. The salwar itself had beautiful gold stems with black flowers that paired nicely with the cropped trousers.

As a highly sought after designer and jeweller, there were plenty of stunning accessories to glam up the models.

One individual was clothed in a beautiful sari that fused browns, greys and golds. Although using a range of different materials, the model’s long embellished earrings completed the look.

Another model donned an impressive black and gold salwar.

Her necklace had hums of red and blue, looking like a chandelier glistening against the light.

The penultimate models appeared together, with the male carrying the female in his arms.

The male was topless and wore a simple gold skirt, with fine patterns. The look was completed with an impressive red and gold necklace.

The look was reminiscent of historical African and South Asian fashion.

The female completed the final act with a beautiful gold dress. The innovative design focuses on stitching without the material, therefore leaving the dress semi-transparent.

Undoubtedly, the collection was an insight into the vision of Saima and her pride in showcasing the cultures she has experienced.


A Gala of Culture

Be Unique Be You

The House of iKons Fashion Show September 2021

Keeping in line with diversity, the House of iKons dedicated day two to kids’ fashion. Opening up with the London-based brand, Be Unique Be You.

The stunning designs featured unique and custom designs that provided the audience with bursts of colour and style.

Diverse cuts and geometric prints stood out against the lively gold and turquoise designs.

One child wore a hypnotic dress with a fluorescent circular print that had a retro 60s influence.

With such an overwhelming reception from the audience, the show finished with a LIVE performance from Aldrin David.

He sang Whitney Houston’s ‘Greatest Love Of All’ and was joined by his daughter who modelled in the show, making for a captivating and intimate conclusion.


The House of iKons Fashion Show September 2021

The next starstudded collection featured Nigerian and Ghana-based brand, Ethnicroyals.

The brand that had a running theme of blue and yellow featured decadent cultural outfits, which the child models impressed in.

The show opened with a young male model who rocked traditional African attire. The outfit had a blue undergarment and a large blue cloak.

Wearing black trousers and a gold halo, the ensemble symbolised royalty.

One child wore a stunning ensemble that included a uniquely cut blue dress that was shorter at the front and longer on the sides and back.

Accompanied by slim trousers, which were cuffed, they revealed a blue and yellow pattern that complimented the dress’s floral print.

This naturalistic pattern was formidable in the collection. Notably, one model wore a high-waisted yellow skirt with a decorative blue blouse that moulded into a tail.

The collection was majestic and introduced numerous people to a culturally rich brand.

The show closed emphatically with model and singer, Vivienne Monique, who did a spectacular and energetic rendition of ‘Wings’ by Little Mix.

Dis Is Me Couture

The House of iKons Fashion Show September 2021

Closing the show was UK-based brand, Dis Is Me Couture. The brand’s message is consistent with the theme of the House of iKons show so it made a perfect fit:

“I work hand-in-hand with clients, not against. I believe that together we can bring the best of fashion out.”

Their focus is on reenvisioning the fashion space and this was portrayed through their designs.

One model wore an all-black design that had Egyptian style patterns spread from top to bottom. The silver detailing against the dark palette worked tremendously well.

In addition, a more colourful outfit was on display as a model donned an entirely maroon jumpsuit.

The paisley style embroidery, shimmery pants and experimental train also emphasised the daring nature of the collection.

With such a fascinating start to the second day of the fashion show, there were eager members of the audience who could wait to see the final brands of the event.

Pushing the Boundaries

Athea Couture

The House of iKons Fashion Show September 2021

The finale of the House of iKons fashion event started with the return of the Italian brand, Athea Couture. The collection mirrored the adult pieces, showcasing similar stunning garments.

Although, the collection seemed more fairytale motivated. One young model wore an incredible turquoise gown with the corset embellished with tonal gems.

Another model impressed similarly. Wearing a draped beige dress, the floral focused pattern drooped from the neckline to the naval.

The male models were also impressive on the catwalk.

Inspired by South Asian menswear, one wore an exceptional navy set that had a contrasting gold design plastered across the front and collars.

The vibrant colours worked just as well for the kid’s collection like it did for the adults.

Love Collection closed the show with a mesmerising dance performance. The enthralling movements and insane choreography was a fine ending to the show.

Adriana Ostrowska

The House of iKons Fashion Show September 2021

There was another return on the cards, but this time for Adriana Ostrowska. The inspiring designer continued her impeccable form by showcasing a range of splendid child dresses.

The celebration of unique designs consisted of a beige and gold frock, which had a carving pattern on the upper garment.

The skirt also had lined patterns that were lifted from the material. This was accentuated with a lightweight cape that completed a majestic look.

Also, another model wore a black Victorian themed dress that had a vibrant floral design. A nice touch were the roses that acted as a belt.

The look was finished off with a transparent stretch of material that graced over the child’s shoulders and arms.

These kinds of designs were the main focus of the kid’s collection. Summery, formal and naturalistic were all key elements of the pieces and Adriana delivered this collection impressively.

Completing this part of the show was dancer Austin who entertained onlookers with slick moves and an immersive routine.

Korn Taylor

The House of iKons Fashion Show September 2021

Korn Taylor made another appearance at the House of iKons, with his gorgeous youthful collection.

Leading the line was a young male model who wore a black t-shirt, with a differing rectangular pattern. These were paired up with leather joggers, giving a contemporary twist to a simplistic outfit.

In addition, the statement shirts shimmered across the runway. Although, the collection of ballroom-style gowns and princess-inspired dresses were amazing.

One model donned a light pink frock with a sequin hem. The ripples of material around the waist was a great addition as it contrasted well against the bright colour palette.

Another pink ensemble proved that kids can still wear ‘older’ clothes. The model wore a Tudor inspired dress, with sleeves and oversized shoulder pads.

An abundance of colour and patterns were on show. Each piece sparkled and the daring complicated designs gave an innovative look into the future of kids fashion.

Singer Aldrin David appeared once again to close out the show. His stunning vocals echoed across the stage and paired seamlessly with the beauty of Korn’s collection.

Love Collection

The House of iKons Fashion Show September 2021

The final collection showcased at the House of iKons event was the brand Love Collection. Founded by Emily Nguyen and Anna Hoang’s, the gorgeous pieces are rich in culture and colour.

Although the colour red was consistent throughout, it was the printed designs that grabbed the attention of the audience.

For example, one model wore a pristine red dress with large trousers, but the fluorescent peacock print took the limelight.

Showcased on the bottom of the dress and draping from the collar, the hums of blue, yellow and gold are especially appealing.

This continued with a similar print on a Desi-inspired ensemble. The outfit took inspiration from a salwar kameez, and the large print covered the whole salwar.

Moreover, the collection also featured amazing dresses, which highlighted amazing patchwork and seams.

Headwear was also prominent during the collection and gave a sophisticated look to already modest garments.

One model wore a spiked headpiece encrusted with red and clear marbles, which emphasised how ingenious the brand is.

It is clear to see why the House of iKons September 2021 fashion show was a huge success.

The extravagant designers, captivating live performances and celebration of diversity created a stunning two-day event.

Watch Highlights of House of ikons London Fashion Week London September 2021:


With such a strong message and different designers presenting their rich designs, Savita expressed that the House of iKons will continue to incite change:

“We will continue each season highlighting beauty and creativity not just in design and music but for ALL regardless of colour, ethnicity, size, shape and sexual orientation.

“We will continue to push boundaries and stereotypes.”

Furthermore, although the designers were at the forefront of the show, other ‘hidden’ elements completed the iconic event. This includes the hair and makeup which was done by the ‘Girl Meets Brush’ Team.

The brand did an invaluable job in beautifying the key palettes and themes of each designer.

Equally, the House of iKons also introduced its new partnership with Chengdu Fashion Week from China.

This cross-collaboration will also aid the designers with manufacturing, exposure and sales, opening up global markets for their pieces.

Therefore, it shows how the fashion house focuses on innovative designs but also innovating the fashion industry.

With production plans already underway for London Fashion Week 2022, there is no doubt the House of iKons will put on another fantastic event.

Balraj is a spirited Creative Writing MA graduate. He loves open discussions and his passions are fitness, music, fashion, and poetry. One of his favourite quotes is “One day or day one. You decide.”

Images courtesy of House of iKons Fashion Week LONDON September 2021 Photography @pardesiphoto, Instagram and Facebook.

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