House of iKons February 2021: A Fashion Film Hit

House of iKons’ fashion film ‘Uniting the World of Creativity’ brings together a world that COVID-19 pulled apart. We bring you the details.

House of iKons February 2021: A Fashion Film Hit - F1

"they opened the film in a mysterious, mythological way"

The House of iKons February 2021 fashion film was a digital success, celebrating the new generation of global fashion talent.

House of iKons gave fashion fans a slightly different show for 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Clearly, the House of iKons team was not deterred by the lack of a LIVE show.

The 2021 fashion film ‘Uniting the World of Creativity’ was shot at London’s Millennium Gloucester Hotel.

It premiered on House of iKons‘ official YouTube channel on Saturday, February 27, 2021.

The film is also available on several social media platforms, as well as Amazon Prime, ROKU and Apple TV.

Sponsored by the likes of Girl Meets Brush, Zarya Azadi and The Fashion Life Tour, House of iKons’ new film has proved that, despite an ever-changing world, fashion cannot and will not stop.

However, the fashion film would not have been possible without the dedication of the House of iKons’ founder, Savita Kaye.

Savita Kaye

House of iKons February 2021 A Cinematic Success - Savita Kaye -

Savita Kaye, also known as Lady K, and her team have previously worked with various household names such as Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton and Tyra Banks.

According to Savita, everyone has the right to both look and feel good. Therefore, she constantly strives for House of iKons to reflect that.

House of iKons pushed the boundaries for 2021 to enforce the idea that beauty is universal.

Speaking of her aim for her brand, Savita said:

“We will continue each season highlighting beauty and creativity not just in design but for ALL regardless of colour, ethnicity, size, shape and sexual orientation; as everyone has the right to feel and look good, feel confident about who they are in the here and now!

“Everyone has that right and we will continue to push boundaries and stereotypes.

“We are a small drop in this big ocean…But we will continue to create a storm and bring beauty and creativity to whoever you are, wherever you are, from around the world.”

It is quite clear that besides being innovative, Savita has far-reaching goals.

House of iKons February 2021

House of iKons February 2021 A Cinematic Success - PPE -

It is evident that Covid-19 has made no exception for the fashion industry.

However, in true Lady K fashion, Savita put her audience at the forefront by moving to digital platforms for her hard work to be viewed worldwide.

Despite the pandemic, Savita Kaye’s vision for her brand remains the same. ‘Uniting the World of Creativity’ embodies her goal to “shake the pillars of the fashion industry.”

Speaking of how Covid-19 inspired the 2021 film, Savita said:

“The idea of the name and theme was so that the beauty and creativity of our designers reached the global audience, regardless of pandemic – fashion never stops. Fashion cannot be stopped!

“With so much negativity and division in the world we live in now, the one way to unite and bring people together is through beauty and what better way than our genius and talented iKons.

“The film highlighted not just the beauty of creativity of our global designers, but also friendship, beauty, love, laughter and passion for life.”

With the idea that fashion is timeless, inclusive and unstoppable, ‘Uniting the World of Creativity’ truly reflects House of iKons‘ focus.

Despite the pressure of coexisting with Covid-19, House of iKons’ talented founder and her team have made the 2021 fashion film a global success. Lady K says:

“Each one of our designers deserves praise, and we will continue to push boundaries regardless of what obstacles are in the world at present.”

In line with Lady K’s ethos, the slogan focuses on diversity and highlights that beauty comes in multiple colours, ethnicities, sizes, shapes and sexual orientations.

The film also features a unique line-up of designers from around the globe.

They showcased a range of men and womenswear, as well as designs for children and pre-teens.

House of iKons February 2021 A Cinematic Success - stairs -

House of iKons stands at the forefront of diversity, and each of Lady K’s designers brought something different to the table for 2021.

Hailing from Germany to the Philippines, House of iKons’ 2021 designers include Kurdish creatives Yade Couture, G. Seven Feat Tildizstoffe, Inci Hakbilen, Atelier by Khosh and a la Mode.

Models Wardrobe, N8 by Nathan Vandevelde and Love Collection by Emily & Anna also showcased their designs for the 2021 fashion film.

As a House of iKons sponsor, Girl Meets Brush got the models ready. Photographers Ram Eagle and Mariana MA also helped to bring Lady K’s vision to life.

Speaking of February 2021’s modified show, Lead Photographer Ram Eagle said:

House of iKons’ fashion film offers a fresh and colourful look this season amid the challenge of the pandemic.

“It did not stop our fashion creatives to produce a masterclass film that highlights the work of our iKonic designers and gave them the chance to recalibrate fashion trends to adapt to the new normal.”

Model Tiger Brown showcased the House of iKons’s menswear designs. The womenswear was modelled by:

  • Maurisa S. Coleman
  • Ina Sveatoslav
  • Kacey Coleen
  • India Taylor
  • Ameisha Clarke
  • Alessia Casiere
  • Xochitl Husbands

Savita Kaye’s little iKons for 2021 were Vivienne Monique, Holly Lemin, Emily Nguyen and Bianca Nicole Suiu.

Savita and her iKons have brought people from all areas of the globe together, in a world that is temporarily apart.

As a key media partner, DESIblitz brings you all the details of House of iKons‘ February 2021 fashion film ‘Uniting the World of Creativity.’

Sigrun Viking Art

House of iKons February 2021 A Cinematic Success - Sigrun -

Opening the February 2021 film was Icelandic designer Sigrun Viking Art.

Speaking of their delight to feature in the House of iKons film, Sigrun said:

“It was such a great honour when Savita approached me and asked if I could provide 3 dramatic outfits for the fashion film that the House of iKons were producing this February.

“Being a big fan of the House of iKons family and Savita herself, I immediately offered three dramatic pieces that I had been working on in collaboration with a silkscreen artist, Vilborg Astraosdottir here in Iceland.”

True to the brand’s focus on embracing the warrior within, Sigrun and Hialin’s designs take inspiration from Icelandic culture, nature and history.

Sigrun’s designs are influenced by Iceland’s most central animals, such as the Icelandic horse, sheep and raven.

Atelier by Khosh

House of iKons February 2021 A Cinematic Success - Atelier by Khosh -

Next up on the film was Kurdish designer Atelier by Khosh. They brought four Italian silk designs to the table. This includes the likes of Versace.

Atelier by Khosh certainly took no prisoners with these designs, showcasing the power of a woman, bringing beauty and creativity to any industry she chooses.

Eye on Fashion UG

House of iKons February 2021 A Cinematic Success - Eye on Fashion -

London-based brand Eye on Fashion UG is a returning House of iKons designer. Their designs focus on custom-made African clothing.

Eye on Fashion UG has worked to bring traditional African and urban fabrics together. This is to create three enviable pieces that are bold yet elegant.

It is easy to see why House of iKons brought Eye on Fashion UG back for 2021.

Postcode Fashion

House of iKons February 2021 A Cinematic Success - Postcode Fashion -

Postcode Fashion was next in the film’s line-up. They brought four stunning designs to the House of iKons table.

The designer has taken bold colours and patterns to a whole new level for the 2021 film.

Speaking of her delight to feature in the fashion film, Postcode Fashion’s Iryna Gavryliv said:

“Being the part of House of iKons film was a combination of emotion, pleasure, love and experience on a remote island.

“None of these could take place without lovely Savita and her team.”

Postcode Fashion is certainly one to watch out for in the fashion film.

Jugger Onate for Jil & Jug

House of iKons February 2021 A Cinematic Success - Jugger Onate -

Filipino designer Jugger Onate for Jil & Jug Dallas excelled herself for the House of iKons 2021 show with six gorgeous designs.

The pieces compile everything from crystals to lace. They showcase just how wide Jugger Onate’s creativity and talent stretches.

G. Seven Feat Yildizstoffe

House of iKons February 2021 A Cinematic Success - G.Seven -

Up next is House of iKons’s second Kurdish designer for the 2021 film, G. Seven Feat Yildizstoffe.

This German brand stole the show with three pieces from their newest collection. This includes a jaw-dropping exclusive couture dress with stone-studded fabric, modelled by Ina Sveatoslav.

Korn Taylor

House of iKons February 2021 A Cinematic Success - Korn Taylor -

Milan-based Filipino designer Korn Taylor showcased the first Little iKon for the 2021 film, Vivienne Monique.

Monique modelled Korn Taylor’s exclusive Vulcan dress, complete with an ear cuff from creative and 2018’s Miss Universe, Catriona Gray.

Models Wardrobe

House of iKons February 2021 A Cinematic Success - Models Wardobe -

UK-based designer Models Wardrobe makes the most elegant and detailed dresses fit for royalty.

Models Wardrobe graced the House of iKons film with two floor-length ballgowns. These are both in different shades of blue.

Complete with floral details and embellishments, these two gowns were a staple of the House of iKons 2021 film.

Love Collection by Emily & Anna

House of iKons February 2021 A Cinematic Success - Love Collection -

Next, to appear in the fashion film line-up is Love Collection by Emily and Anna.

Developed by Vietnamese teenage designers, Emily and Anna brought some fiery pieces from their collection to the House of iKons film.

Each piece was also complete with accessories,  giving a nod to the designers’ Vietnamese heritage.


House of iKons February 2021 A Cinematic Success - Ethnicroyals -

Ethnicroyals brought a hint of African culture to House of iKons’s 2021 film through children’s clothing.

The designs are modelled by little iKons Holly Lemin and Bianca Nicole Suiu.

The brand believes in “helping children build self-confidence and have high self-esteem.” This fits perfectly within the principles of Savita Kaye and her House of iKons brand.

Be Unique Be You

House of iKons February 2021 A Cinematic Success - Be Unique Be You -

After showcasing some stunning pieces in House of iKons’s 2020 show, UK children’s designer Be Unique Be You came back with four designs modelled to perfection by Savita’s little iKons.

These one-of-a-kind pieces feature a range of diverse materials and bold colours.

The amazing pieces also reflect why Be Unique Be You deserved a place in the 2021 line-up.

Simi Sandhu

House of iKons February 2021 A Cinematic Success - Simi Sandhu -

Making its House of iKons debut, Simi Sandhu certainly made an impact with a surprise Punjabi-Canadian package. This blended both historical and upcoming fashion.

For their House of iKons exclusive launch, Simi Sandhu created a casual, everyday look that represents culture and modern-day attire.

Simi Sandhu also based their looks on both simplicity and self-beauty, fitting with the film’s title ‘Uniting the World of  Creativity.’

Inci Hakbilen

House of iKons February 2021 A Cinematic Success - Inci Hakbilen -

Another brand bringing Kurdish style to the House of iKons line-up was Inci Hakbilen.

The German brand took elegance and class to a whole new level. This is with three bespoke gowns tailored to perfection.

Modelled by Ameisha Clarke, Maurisa S. Coleman and India Taylor, the level of diversity among Inci Hakbilen’s designs knows no bounds.

Joan’s Bridal Couture

House of iKons February 2021 A Cinematic Success - Joan's -

A bridal, prom, pageant and evening dress designer, US-based Joan’s Bridal Couture brought a show-stopping gown to the House of iKons 2021 fashion film.

After appearing in House of iKons‘ 2020 show, Joan has crossed the pond yet again to share her design aesthetic with an international audience.

For the 2021 fashion film, Joan’s Bridal Couture certainly brought a unique edge to the line-up.

Bahar Yasin Studios

House of iKons February 2021 A Cinematic Success - Bahar Yasin -

Sweden-based designer Bahar Yasin Studios embraces the hidden beauty of Kurdistan with her designs.

Her pieces for the House of iKons 2021 film were no exception.

Bahar Yasin Studios brought designs for both men and women. The mixture of elegance and class within each outfit gave the fashion film an unmatched level of intimacy.

A la Mode

House of iKons February 2021 A Cinematic Success - a la Mode -

Following Bahar Yasin Studios was a Kurdish designer A la Mode. She presented a daring dress modelled by Ina Sveatoslav.

This stunningly sheer floor-length gown left little to the imagination. The floral detailing also showcased a la Mode’s impeccable talent and creativity.

Yade Couture

House of iKons February 2021: A Fashion Film Hit - Yade Couture

Swiss brand Yade Couture also brought a Kurdish element to the House of iKons line-up for 2021.

Starting her first collection in 2020, Yade Couture’s founder Sadiye Demir made her House of iKons debut in February 2021.

If Yade Couture’s new collection is anything to go by, the House of iKons 2021 show will not be the last fashion fans see of Demir’s talent.

N8 by Nathan Vandevelde

House of iKons February 2021 A Cinematic Success - Nathan Vandevelde -

Last but by no means least came US-based designer N8 by Nathan Vandevelde. She closed the show with a finale that was the definition of grand.

Showcasing four staple pieces, Nathan also took diversity to a whole new level to fit with House of iKons’ 2021 film.


House of iKons February 2021 A Cinematic Success - model -

House of iKons has proven yet again that fashion is all-inclusive. Savita Kaye’s message of diversity has also been well and truly brought across through her 2021 fashion film.

Additionally, multiple designers, artists, models and creatives have expressed their delight at the film’s success. They have also extended their gratitude to Savita for making it happen.

Sigrun spoke of the honour of featuring in the House of iKons film.

Despite concerns over the designs being safely transported from Iceland to London mid-pandemic, the Icelandic talents were pleased with the results.

House of iKons February 2021 A Cinematic Success - headdress -

Sigrun said:

“I love working with Savita and her team because they always remember who you are as a designer and they respect that.

“The way they opened the film in a mysterious, mythological way was perfection for my creations who all were inspired by mystery, mythology and lore.

“I’m not in the least bit surprised by the applause the film has received worldwide.

“It is a wonderful example of how to turn hurdles into springboards of success – you just need to have the imagination and the drive to do so and throw bravery into the mix and you have magic!”

Another designer to praise ‘Uniting the World of Creativity’ was Rachy Roshan of Eye on Fashion UG. Roshan mentions:

“Fashion films give you a thrill of having front row at the runway.

“So to me, I felt it gave everyone an opportunity to feel like they were seated on the front row as if they are on a real runway.”

House of iKons February 2021 a Cinematic Success - little iKons -

Lady K’s own team also spoke highly of her February 2021 masterpiece.

March Josh Rosales, Savita Kaye’s Director of Photography, expressed his gratitude to have contributed to a successful show despite the pandemic. Rosales stated:

“My passion is unstoppable when creativity is calling.”

“We of course missed our massive live show of House of iKons globally due to the pandemic, where I’m first to witness the creations of international designers in the back of my camera.

“The challenging situation of the pandemic makes us even more motivated to help other people and entertain, especially to those people who are right now experiencing depression and mental illness due to restrictions.

“All of these are not possibly without the CEO of House of iKons Savita Kaye, who always gives me inspiration and encouragement.”

The experience of a pandemic-influenced show was certainly a first for the team behind it.

However, Lady K’s models adapted effortlessly to the unique shooting environment.

Model and second-in-command to Lady K, Maurisa S. Coleman, commented:

“The past year has been challenging in every way possible. It’s our job at the House of iKons to keep beauty and creativity alive.

“I think of Frida Kahlo when I think of challenges, she let nothing stop her brilliance: ‘Feet, what do I need them for, if I have wings to fly’.”

Model Kacey Coleen also felt the difference when posing for the House of iKons film.

House of iKons February 2021 A Cinematic Success - Kacey Coleen -

According to Coleen, there is nothing like the energy of a LIVE show.

However, she is also grateful to have been able to feature in the House of iKons line-up.

“It was a unique experience, but I was comfortable and safe because of the health and safety precautions that were taken.

“Filming the digital London fashion week made me miss the energy of the live audience.

“I look forward to the day when the City of London will be back to host this fashion event for all of us.”

Though, no one is more proud of the film’s success than Lady K herself.

House of iKons February 2021 A Cinematic Success - Savita Kaye -

Speaking of her delight in the film’s success, Savita says:

“The feedback on the fashion film has been amazing. It was something very different to what the other fashion weeks and designer brands did.

“We wanted to captivate the audience and get them to escape into the world of creativity.”

‘Uniting the World of Creativity’ is just one part of a widely successful brand spearheaded by Savita Kaye.

Clearly, Lady K has built her brand’s reputation to success, with House of iKons being an official Associate to the International Art Fashion Council.

According to WikiVideo, House of iKons is one of the top six Innovative Voices Disrupting the Fashion World.

House of iKons February 2021 A Cinematic Success - iKons -

House of iKons is changing the face of fashion with its diversity and inclusion.

Savita is also continuing to push the boundaries with her iKonic shows, with the constant aim to “shake the pillars of the fashion industry.”

With the House of iKons February 2021 film wrapped up, Savita is already planning for her next show:

“Our next show is planned for September this year, depending upon government guidelines.

“We have some amazing designers from around the globe and more exciting and creative surprises in store for our global audience.”

Pre-production for House of iKons Fashion Week London is already in place for later in 2021 and 2022.

Watch the House of iKons February 2021 fashion film here:


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Images courtesy of Savita Kaye, Ram Eagle, Mariana MA and House of iKons Instagram