House of iKons Fashion Week London February 2021

House of iKons Digital Fashion Week London February 2021 is one not to miss. Designers creatively unite under one banner for a special film.

House of iKons Fashion Week London February 2021 - F2

"These are the innovative voices of fashion."

Quick to adapt and ever-so-fashionable in doing so, House of iKons is back with a high-end fashion film.

The team also had a digital show for their audience in 2020 due to the impact of COVID-19.

In 2021, House of iKons is “Uniting the World of Creativity” through their innovative online film.

Their audience is also in for a treat with an array of designers and models featuring in a film, releasing later in February 2021.

None of this could be possible without the forward-thinking, Savita Kaye. As the founder of House of iKons, she puts fashion at the forefront.

She believes that looking good can help people feel good, especially during the pandemic. Savita, going by the swanky pseudonym, Lady K, believes “fashion plays a big part in our mental health.”

Lady K was quick to address the COVID-19 pandemic, which affected every industry. She promptly moved to digital platforms so viewers wouldn’t be disappointed.

House of iKons is also a supporter of social justice and has used fashion to convey this for a range of issues. Domestic violence and child abuse are some examples.

House of iKons, pre-pandemic, drew in thousands of people for the House of iKons Fashion Week London live shows.

However, moving online was a bold move that proved beneficial for the brand and designers, drawing in millions of viewers globally.

Lady K and her formidable team of designers have previously worked with household names such as Beyoncé, Michelle Obama, Katy Perry and J.L.O.

Clearly, Lady K had built her brand’s reputation, with House of iKons being an official Associate to the International Art Fashion Council.

Lady K’s vision came to fruition as House of iKons is one of the top 6 Innovative Voices Disrupting the Fashion World according to WikiVideo.

As an ‘Official Media Partner’ for the House of iKons, DESIblitz uncovers who drives this event, along with a preview of the February 2021 digital show.

House of iKons Fashion Week London February 2021 - IA 1

Savvy Savita Kaye

Savita Kaye, the woman behind the magic, founded House of iKons in 2014. Her aim was to support fashion designers as well as aspiring models and musicians.

Lady K has worked diligently to expand her empire. House of iKons is part of Lady K Enterprises and Lady K Event Management.

However, Lady K is multidimensional and pursued academia before pursuing her passion for fashion.

Savita studied engineering and business management. She went on to work in the marketing industry and corporate banking.

Lady K’s creative urges were bubbling, which she then channelled through writing fashion and current affairs for DESIblitz.

Progressing quickly, Lady K decided to launch her own fashion events. Savita organised her very own event at the Hilton London Paddington in 2014.

Attracting the attention of the international press and employing global designers from Los Angeles to Egypt, Lady K’s event was a huge success.

CEO, Lady K, is a driver of diversity. Savita says she is:

“Pushing diversity in every way from ethnic backgrounds, size, shape, height and age.”

Lady K’s vision of diversity proved advantageous as Wiki Video recognised House of iKons as one of the 6 Innovative Voices Disrupting the Fashion World.

House of iKons has also changed the face of fashion with its diversity. Thus, Lady K built a brand that matches her vision. She explains:

“We will continue to showcase our iKons and shake the pillars of the fashion industry. These are the innovative voices of fashion.”

Lady K’s enthusiastic outlook is enviable. She promptly transitioned House of iKons to a digital fashion show in 2020 due to COVID-19. Savita maintains her enthusiasm for her designers and creatives:

“I truly believe that the silver lining from this pandemic is that the emerging creatives will do well.”

Lady K’s creative list of designers spans continents across the globe. Designers who showcase their work with the House of iKons come together to have a lasting impact.

House of iKons Fashion Week London February 2021 - IA 2

iKonic Digital Film

The fashion industry isn’t an exception where COVID-19 is concerned. As businesses turned to Zoom and other digital platforms, many in the fashion world fell into disarray.

Live shows were unable to continue since the audience, buyers and the press couldn’t attend.

Lady K didn’t buckle under the stress. She was sure House of iKons still had a place amongst the upended world caused by COVID-19. She says:

“But one thing I do know, people around the world still want to look good in what they wear.”

Lady K didn’t give up. Instead, she rose to the challenge, and in September 2020, she created the digital diary of her designers:

“An Intimate Insight into the World of Our iKons was born.”

Hence, Lady K transitioned her show online. She focused on the creative process and what would happen, usually, behind the camera.

The audience went on a journey into the creative world. Whether it’s diversity or turmoil caused by the pandemic, House of iKons continues to persevere. Lady K remarks:

“We will continue to showcase our iKons and shake the pillars of the fashion industry.”

With many partners, from YouTube to TV channels, House of iKons is sure to amass plenty of viewers online in 2021.

The year 2020 proved to be successful for House of iKons with millions watching on digital platforms.

House of iKons Fashion Week London February 2021 - IA 3

Designer Creativity on a United Front

House of iKons features designers from all over the globe. The theme for 2021 is “Uniting the World of Creativity” and the assortment of designers plays a crucial role.

Accordingly, House of iKons is at the forefront of diversity. Lady K says:

“Everyone has that right and we will continue to push boundaries and stereotypes.”

There are designers from various backgrounds who add something unique to House of iKons. This includes creatives from the UK, Switzerland, Canada, Iceland, and many more.

One of the featured designers, SigRun, is from Iceland and opened the show in 2020.

The name, SigRun, is from the Viking times, meaning ‘Victory Rune.’ The brand focuses on empowerment and embracing the warrior within.

SigRun featuring Hialin will appear in House of iKons in 2021. Hialin is an Icelandic silk print designer.

The collaboration will provide three outfits for the House of iKons film. They will draw on their Icelandic roots by taking inspiration from Icelandic nature, history and culture.

Their designs will be worn by two females and one male. The garments are created from the influence of Icelandic animals.

The animals influencing the design are the Icelandic horse, sheep, and raven who play pivotal roles in the settlement of the island.

Another designer set to make an impact with House of iKons is Simi Sandhu. Being launched for the first time with House of iKons, Simi Sandhu is a surprise Punjabi-Canadian package.

All eyes will be on the revelation that is Simi Sandhu with House of iKons exclusive launch. In addition, there will be several kids’ designers in the House of iKons premiere event.

Ethnicroyals brings a touch of African culture through children’s clothing to House of iKons.

The brand fits into House of iKons principles by “helping children build self-confidence and have high self-esteem.”

There are also other children’s designers from the UK such as Be Unique Be You, Post Code Fashion, and Model’s Wardrobe who will appear again.

Another brand reappearing in 2021 is Eye on Fashion. Their designs also centre on custom made African clothing.

If this diverse line-up wasn’t enough, there are also many Kurdish designers presenting their work. This includes Yade Couture, G.Seven Feat Yildizstoffe, Inci Hakbilen, Atelier by Khosh and a la Mode.

The Kurdish designers are based anywhere from Germany to Switzerland.

Furthermore, there is Love Collection by Emily and Anna. The brand was developed by two Vietnamese teenage designers.

Jugger Onate for Jil & Jug Dallas, a Filipino designer based between London and Dallas, USA completes the line-up

House of iKons Fashion Week London February 2021 - IA 4

With this diverse team, House of iKons will surely meet its theme of “Uniting the World of Creativity.” Lady K, speaking for House of iKons, reveals:

“We will continue each season highlighting beauty and creativity not just in design and music but for all regardless of colour, ethnicity, size, shape, and sexual orientation; as everyone has the right to feel and look good, feel confident about who they are in the here and now!”

Lady K continues discussing her passion for equality in fashion:

“Fashion, art, and creativity is for everyone regardless of colour, ethnic origin.”

From the innovative founder, Lady K, to the collaboration of the design team, the line-up of House of iKons in February 2021 is not one to miss.

There will be a range of designs in 2021 – from Icelandic-inspired designs to African-catering to adults and children alike.

The House of iKons exclusive film will be available on Amazon Prime, ROKU, digital platforms, and AppleTV through their media partner, Rising Fashion on February 27, 2021.

For further information, visit the House of iKons website here.

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