House of iKons: London Fashion Week February 2020

House of iKons historic collaboration with “the creativity, talent and fashion” from China will grace the ramp during London Fashion Week February 2020.

House of iKons_ London Fashion Week February 2020 f

"We will continue to push boundaries and stereotypes."

The House of iKons February 2020 London Fashion Week will be creating history as the first major fashion week to celebrate the talent and inspiration from China in association with the World Fashion Council.

Founded by CEO Savita Kaye, helmed as Lady K production, House of iKons strives to provide a global platform for budding designers and musicians in London and abroad.

Millennium Gloucester Hotel, London will proudly host the two-day event on Saturday, February 15 and Sunday, February 16, 2020.

House of iKons has drawn in incredible crowds ever since its launch in 2014 and continues to forefront its array of designers as the next big iKons. Savita Kaye said:

“We will continue each season highlighting beauty and creativity not just in design and music but for all regardless of ethnicity, size, shape and sexual orientation.”

Designers who have graced the catwalk have gone on to work with department stores, boutiques and wardrobe for music videos.

They have dressed celebrities like JLo, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Tyra Banks, Michelle Obama, Beyonce and many more.

Alongside this, House of iKons has touched down in eight countries across the globe; Los Angeles, Beijing, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Budapest, Cannes and Amsterdam.

House of iKons 5th anniversary special September 2019 broke the world record with the world’s most expensive dress worth £50 million.

DESIblitz continues to support House of iKons as a crucial media partner. We highlight the designers, music performances and segments that will occur during the two-day event.

iKonic Historic Collaboration with China

House of iKons_ London Fashion Week February 2020 - 6

The House of iKons February 2020 show celebrates the Chinese New Year in style by presenting “the creativity, talent and fashion from China.”

The prestigious House of iKons London Fashion Week Show 2019 was aired by BBC World and garnered over 300 million views worldwide.

This season will also be aired by the American reality show, Rising Fashion Show season two on Amazon Prime TV.

CEO Savita Kaye explained the purpose behind the House of iKons. She said:

“Everyone has the right to feel and look good, feel confident about who they are in the here and now.

“Everyone has that right and we will continue to push boundaries and stereotypes.

“We are still a small drop in this BIG OCEAN.”

In this instance, the House of iKons presents the best of emerging talents and top established brands from China.

This historical moment will bring together two incredible fashion nations, the United Kingdom and China, under one roof.

The upcoming season aims to present and create a bond, innovation, trends, commerce and manufacturing between the two great nations.

The high-profile event will also include officials from the UK and China to mark this upcoming iKonic historical fashion venture.

In addition, the iKonic brand ambassador, Ina Nica will also be tearing the runway, adding grace and beauty to the event.

The major sponsors include:

  • Zarya Azadi
  • Girl Meets Brush

Saturday Segment One: Bespoke Designs

House of iKons_ London Fashion Week February 2020 - 2

The first day on Saturday, September 15, 2020, will feature three segments. An array of exceptional designers will parade their unique aesthetic styles on the ramp.

Ashleigh Renee Holmes will lead the proceedings under her brand, A. Renee Fashion. Her amazing craftsmanship includes handcrafted and custom-fit ensembles and accessories.

Second is a family-run tailoring company in Birmingham, Milner’s Men & Little Gents. Discover quality in bespoke sartorial suits and shirts to complement your style.

Maz Deen from Milner Men’s & Little Gents exclusivelt told DESIblitz:

“We are excited to be showcasing our collection for the first time at House of iKons.

“Our British ethos will reflect diversity. We have some showstoppers lined up to walk the ramp.”

Next, we have MD Mohammed who will stun the catwalk with his elegant collection.

Following suit is Hilltribe House Fashion. Their amazing clothing is inspired by and crafted with vintage fabric from the hill tribes of China Vietnam and Laos.

Their designs have appeared in several magazines as well as international fashion shows since 2011.

House of iKons_ London Fashion Week February 2020 - 4

Up next, musician Lydia Singer will grace the stage with a performance that will captivate the audience.

Taking the fifth position is brand Tony Visions whose designs are empowered by the people. Following suit will be BC Munich who will ignite the ramp with its stellar chich designs.

Ana De Sa continues the line-up. The designer is back once again to showcase her powerful woman vision.

In eighth place, we have Bladimir Sigua who is ready to make an iKonic statement with her stunning creations.

Marie Belle Couture will take the place of the grand finale. The designer shared the exciting news of their website. It said:

“So excited to announce we will be back to London Fashion Week 2020. We will be the Grand Finale with a theme that hasn’t been done before LFW, ‘Mommy and Me collection.’”

Saturday Segment Two: Touch of Elegance

House of iKons_ London Fashion Week February 2020 - 3

Continuing to the second segment of the event, the brand Joan’s Bridal Couture will take its place for the grand opening with their selection of designer dresses.

Toronto-based designer Chavez is up next. His designs consist of wearable works of art.

Shaco brings thirty years of experience to the House of iKons’s ramp. CEO of Shaco, Sharon Cox-Cole, enhances a woman’s fashion profile with her acclaimed designs.

Fouzia’s Couture by Rehan Ahmad Baley is a Dubai-based brand, which will take the fourth position to display his elegant couture collection.

Shortly after, the audience will be treated to a music performance by Shola.

House of iKons_ London Fashion Week February 2020 - 5

Coming in at fifth position is Austrian-Turkish designer and artist Emre Tamer who strives on experimental designs.

In-line at number six is fashion brand Khwanta. The official House of iKons’ Facebook page explains the story of this Thai-based brand.

“The clothing designs of Khwanta brand are well-known and gain popularity for their uniqueness.”

“Khwanta has a modern design, differentiated from the norms of traditional Thai fabric that are mostly fitting to wearers and worn only for formal work.

“In terms of design, Khwanta presents a Thai fabric that can be worn every day, every occasion with a chic look and unique style.”

There is a little surprise with a special segment titled, iKons – Inspirational Women of the New Decade. This will showcase body positivity in fashion irrespective of size, highlighting and pushing the message of positive body image.

The place of the grand finale goes to Will Franco who focuses on the notion of female empowerment.

Solo Segment: UK & China

House of iKons_ London Fashion Week February 2020 - 10

This season’s show-stopping solo segment has taken a rigorous ten months to plan and prepare and is notably the largest segment to date.

This segment is in partnership with UK-CHINA FASHION ARTS & CULTURE LTD who will certainly ignite the ramp with their innovative designs.

Here is the three-segment schedule including singers Lydia Singer and Shola on Saturday, 15, 2019.

Exhibition Area: Doors Open at 12.30

Fashion Mixer at 13.30

House of iKons Segment One: 15.00

  1. Grand Opening: A. Renee Fashion
  2. Milner’s Men & Little Gents
  3. MD Mohammed
  4. Hilltribe House Fashion

Music Performance – Lydia Singer

  1. Tony Visions
  2. BC Munich
  3. Ana De Sa
  4. Bladimir Sigua
  5. Grand Finale: Marie Belle Couture

Fashion Mixer: 17.00

House of iKons Segment Two: 17.30

  1. Grand Opening: Joan’s Bridal Couture
  2. Chavez
  3. Shaco
  4. Fouzia’s Couture by Rehan Ahmad Baley

Music Performance – Shola

  1. Emre Tamer
  2. Khwanta
  3. iKons – Inspirational Women of the Decade
  4. Grand Finale: Will Franco

Fashion Mixer: 19.00

Solo Segment: 19.45

In collaboration with UK-CHINA FASHION ARTS & CULTURE LTD.

Exhibition Area:

  2. Renee Fashion
  3. Milner’s Men & Little Gents
  4. Bladimir Sigua
  5. Marie Belle Couture
  6. Shaco
  7. Diva Bigg
  8. Girl Meets Brush
  9. BC Munich
  • Wisdom Foundation – Pen Buddies

Sunday Segment One: iKonic Kids

House of iKons_ London Fashion Week February 2020 - 7

The following day on Sunday, January 16, 2020, will present various designers displaying a stunning collection for children fashion.

Be Unique Be You will kick-start segment one with the grand opening. The designer of Be Unique Be You expressed their excitement of opening the show. They said:

“(I am) honoured to be opening the amazing House of iKons A/W 2020 show!!

“The collection Uniquely United in Love will showcase my love of fabric, texture, technique and colour.

“Also, the joy I feel in sourcing pre-loved materials to support the environment.”

“Be Unique is as always proud to display a completely unique children’s collection, which may well once again influence future trends. Always Be Unique Be You.”

Second is Siblingz Fashion who is all set to stun the catwalk with their inclusive range of children’s wear.

Up next is Triple D who will exhibit their immaculate creation for young girls while KK Clothing continues the line-up at the fourth position.

Ethnicroyals will take to the ramp to present their unique collection for the grand finale.

Sunday Segment Two: iKonic Kids

House of iKons_ London Fashion Week February 2020 - 8

Starting the second segment will be Milan-based designer, Korn Taylor. His exceptional gowns for children evoke a sense of sophistication and elegance.

Adriana Ostrowska – Dance Wear continues segment two at second position with Athena Couture following next.

Up next is iKonic Kidz Fashion, which signifies diversity and personality in fashion.

Closing the second segment will be Princess Ford. This brand enhances that once in a lifetime moment making the wearer feel like a true princess.

Sunday Segment Three: iKonic Kids

House of iKons_ London Fashion Week February 2020 - 9

Starting the third segment will be couture designer, Adriana Ostrowska. Her amazing pieces include gowns perfect for formal occasions.

In the second position is Athena Couture who will be back from the previous day to grace the ramp followed by excellent brand, Dis Me Clothing.

In the fourth position is Royalty Couture who will be featured on the catwalk for the first time in the UK.

Up next, we have Models Wardrobe who highlight the beauty of floral detailing in their bespoke gowns.

Lastly, Love Collection by Emily & Anna will end the event with the grand finale. Their bewitching collection will surely amplify the talent on the ramp.

Here is the three-segment breakdown of the events schedule taking place on Sunday, February 16, 2020.

House of iKons Segment One: 12.30

  1. Grand Opening: Be Unique Be You
  2. Siblingz Fashion
  3. Triple D

Music Performance

  1. KK Clothing
  2. Grand Finale: Ethnicroyals

Segment Two: 15.00

  1. Grand Opening: Korn Taylor
  2. Adriana Ostrowska – Dance Wear
  3. Athena Couture
  4. iKonic Kidz Fashion
  5. Grand Finale: Princess Ford

Segment Three: 17.30

  1. Grand Opening: Adriana Ostrowska
  2. Athena Couture
  3. Dis is Me Clothing
  4. Royalty Couture Fashion
  5. Models Wardrobe
  6. Grand Finale: Love Collection by Emily & Anna

House of iKons is honoured to present this prolific line-up of designers who are eager to showcase their ever-evolving designs to set trends for the future.

Savita Kaye aims to continue her renowned venture of bringing the world of fashion together for years to come. She said:

“We will continue to create a storm and bring beauty and creativity to whoever you are, wherever you are from around the world.”

For further information about House of iKons London Fashion Week February 2020 and to book tickers for the two-day event, please visit here.

Ayesha is an English graduate with an aesthetic eye. Her fascination lies in sports, fashion and beauty. Also, she does not shy away from controversial subjects. Her motto is: “no two days are the same, that is what makes life worth living.”

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