House of iKons September 2019 Breaks World Record

The House of iKons 5th Anniversary Special fashion event celebrated many talented designers, showcasing the world’s most expensive dress worth £50 million.

House of ikons September 2019 Breaks World Record f

"We want to highlight that fashion is for everyone"

The House of iKons September 2019 was a show to remember, featuring the world’s most expensive dress and stunning collections from around the world.

Founded by CEO Savita Kaye, under Lady K Production, the House of iKons event provides a global platform for emerging designers.

Having previously touched down in eight cities across the world, including LA, Beijing, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam, Budapest, and Cannes, the House of iKons has already experienced global success.

In association with the World Fashion Council, the event celebrated their 5th Anniversary Special show as part of London Fashion Week on September 14, 2019. Savita explains:

“The 5th Anniversary show is not only to celebrate our success but to celebrate our designers.”

Alongside the alluring fashion, musicians were given a platform to showcase their amazing talents.

The celebratory event took place at the Hilton London Metropole Hotel where the ramp was graced with the men’s and women’s range.

Furthermore, Savita was joined on stage by the stunning Miss England finalist Samantha Bumford as co-host for the event.

DESIblitz, a key media partner, was in attendance to support this spectacular event. Thus, we bring you the two segments, highlights, and music performances that took place.

Savita’s Vision

House of iKons September 2019 Breaks World Record - vision

Before the show began, the audience was treated to a memorable short video on the history of the brand.

It gave a brilliant insight into how Savita spearheaded the brand into global fashion stardom. Therefore, allowing an array of designers to come together to showcase their unique creations.

Also, the audience was treated to the highlights of each of the previous House of iKons shows from cities around the world.

Ever since launching the event in 2014House of iKons has continued to draw in exceptional crowds. Numerous shows have followed in 201520162017 and 2018.

The House of iKons February 2019 show raised the bar for all fashion shows. It is no wonder three designers were selected for the independent feature film, Shadowland (2019).

DESIblitz caught up with Savita to get her thoughts:

“What we are trying to do is highlight diversity. Most major fashion brands around the world do not highlight or promote diversity, whether its curves, height, age etc.

“We want to highlight that fashion is for everyone regardless of where you are in the world.”

The vision of Savita is certainly empowering. Her desire for inclusivity is successfully showcased as she continues to promote emerging talent. She goes on to state:

“Our designers have achieved sales, received accolades, worked with celebrities and have been published, because of this our iKons are market leaders, so make way for the iKons as they are going to take over.”

Segment One

Expression from the East

House of ikons September 2019 Breaks World Record - expression from the east

Jiang Chipao kicked off the evening with her take on the contemporary Chinese dress. A sea of red and black dresses with embroidery and frill detail took to the stage.

The Qipao (traditional Chinese dress) was the inspiration for the collection, with red being the symbol of luck in China.

Also, having studied fashion in Italy, Jiang said her vision was to celebrate the Qipao dress globally. This collection was a gorgeous fusion of the traditional Chinese garment with a couture flavour.

Therefore, it profoundly interlinks with Savita’s target of global diversity.

Endearing Elegance

House of ikons September 2019 Breaks World Record - endearing elegance

Hailing from the USA, our next collection was from A.Renee Fashion. Headquartered in Washington DC, A Renee Fashion is owned by Ashleigh Renee Holmes, who specialises in custom-made clothing.

Tailored jackets and elegant prom dresses accessorised with statement floral headpieces adorned the catwalk.

A.Renee Fashion chose angelic white, royal blue, and peach for the colour scheme that everyone in the audience could relate to.

Hence, this was a collection with something for everyone.

Meaningful Aesthetics

House of ikons September 2019 Breaks World Record - meaningful aesthetics

Next up was a designer on a mission creating awareness for Endometriosis. This condition occurs when parts of the tissue that lines the uterus grows on other pelvic organs (ovaries and fallopian tube). Thus, causing bleeding.

The Endowallks collection created by Jaimee Rae, a British designer, was a bright and refreshing addition to the runway.

Majestic yellow with contrasting blue denim detail was the colour spectrum of this fun and playful collection. The ambience was further elevated with a lavish contemporary dance at the start and the end of the show.

Also, this reflected the strength of the designer’s determination to create more awareness for this cause.

Ethically Glamorous

House of ikons September 2019 Breaks World Record - ethically glamorous

British-born Caroline Bruce, our next emerging designer was also on a mission very close to home.

Caroline not only respects fashion but the environment around it. Hence, ethical practices are at the heart of Caroline’s collection.

A fusion of contemporary and classical pieces was featured with high shoulder padding detail and long flowing dresses.

This was a collection, which had unique pieces, catered to the modern-day discerning woman, whilst adding a touch of femininity.

Queen of the Jungle

House of ikons September 2019 Breaks World Record - queen of the jungle

The ‘Eden; collection created under the Spicy Pink brand followed. The audience was taken on a thrilling journey to a tropical jungle for this show.

Tropical printed dresses and two-pieces were strutted on the catwalk to the primal sounds of nature. The message was clear when speaking to the designer Kristine Kosta:

“This range is for all women; regardless of complexion.”

A playful acknowledgment to Savita’s vision of global inclusion, Spicy Pink is making some noise.

House of ikons September 2019 Breaks World Record - lydia singer

After an energising performance from the up-coming artist Lydia Singer, there was a short break before the second part of the segment.

That’s a Wrap

House of ikons September 2019 Breaks World Record - That's a wrap

Following suit was Rubina Kapoor’s luxury collection of velvet and fur-lined shawls, which made waves on the catwalk.

This chic accessory can be wrapped around to amp up your outfit. Rubina explains:

“Luxury fashion should not just be for the elite. All women should feel beautiful regardless of their shape. My pieces can be worn with any outfit.”

The versatile collection with intricate beading, stonework and embroidery brought Hollywood-style glamour back to the runway.

Best Foot Forward

House of iKons September 2019 Breaks World Record - best foot forward

Deniz Terli brought a sexy touch back to the catwalk at the House of iKons, with a unique range of leather knee-high boots.

She aims to break down stereotypical norms placed on women’s sexuality through her use of heels as a dangerous weapon. Therefore, women can break free from misogynistic connotations associated with them.

Furthermore, ready for the autumn/winter season, models gracefully navigated the runway in ruched leather boots with cut-out backs.

The collection oozed with femininity, seduction, and sexuality – three things Deniz feels very strongly about.

Deniz’s work has been featured in the New York Times and for the Hollywood movie, The Hunger Games (2012).

Also, in 2017 she launched her ready-to-wear collection, expanding her appeal. Her appearance during the House of iKons has surely elevated her to new heights.

Banjaara Influence

House of ikons September 2019 Breaks World Record - Banjaara influence

Archana Kochhar is a household name in the fashion industry, with nineteen years under her belt.

Having worked with the elite of Bollywood, Archana graced the House of iKons with her stunning new collection. The inspiration for the collection was the Banjara (nomadic people) communities of rural India.

The collection is created by and for the rural tribes of India, which Archana is advocating strongly with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Archana expresses her intentions behind her designs:

“Buying a piece is equal to giving back to this community which encourages social empowerment and economic growth.”

Archana’s agenda falls in line with the House of iKons mission of making everyone feel empowered through fashion.

Not to forget the eco-friendly aspect of these stunning designs – Fashion without a guilty conscience.


House of ikons September 2019 Breaks World Record - abstract

Jamaican-born designer Donovan Depass threw his abstract collection into the mix next.

Black and white pieces with cut-outs and abstract prints were the order of the day.

Also, a printed translucent dress appeared with a cut-out shoulder and ruffle detail. This stunning design created a perfect fit and flare, encapsulating his bold, edgy and contemporary outlook.

Donovan takes great care in the details of his garments, which made each piece unique.

Game of Thrones Finale

House of ikons September 2019 Breaks World Record - GOT

The grand finale for segment one was by Philipp Tampas Atelier. From the Philippines, Philipp has created a collection inspired by his love of Game of Thrones (2011-2019).

Sparkles, ruffles, stonework, layering – it was all systems go!

Each of his pieces included an exquisite blend of craftsmanship and attention to detail.  He opts for a wide colour range from dark to light, utilising the ombre dye technique.

Speaking to the man himself, Philipp made it very clear that his goal is to become a global brand.

Working with House of iKons has certainly been a step in the right direction for this promising renegade designer.

Segment Two


House of ikons September 2019 Breaks World Record - butterflies

After a short break, the second segment continued, with a grand opening from Portuguese designer, Ana De Sa.

The audience was welcomed by the beautiful sounds of a LIVE violinist, who remained a permanent feature throughout the show.

Ana’s collection was big, bold and beautiful. With vibrant prints, velvet, satin, intricate lace, beading and embroidery, there was something for everyone.

Dramatised face makeup elevated the bold looks to another level. The recurrent theme of butterfly accessories sent a powerful message – be wild and free.

Beauty in Acceptance

House of ikons September 2019 Breaks World Record - beauty in acceptance

From Jamaica, Carmichael by Byfield was the next collection on show.

The bright blues and yellows with printed chiffon injected a burst of colour onto the runway. The reaction from the audience was heightened when a Downs Syndrome model graced the catwalk.

This sent a strong message to the fashion fraternity that everyone is beautiful regardless of their physical challenges.

This was a true representation of Savita and the House of iKons. Basically, beauty should not be limited to the typical notions of size and looks.

Savita champions that beauty and fashion, interlinking with diversity.

Dress to Impress

House of ikons September 2019 Breaks World Record - dress to impress

Shortly afterwards was the collection by New Dehli fashion designer Swati Mishra. Her designs were a celebration of the prom dress with a contemporary twist.

The unlimited flow of creativity in her East meets West designs is unprecedented.

Embroidery techniques like aari (using pen needle), zardozi (sewing) and bead-work were very prominent; a penchant thumbs up to Swati’s home country, India.

Elegant yet bold was the key theme. Bright colours such as canary yellow, fuchsia pink and valentine red made an impression on the audience.

Any woman wearing one of Swati’s pieces will feel sexy, but also have the power to achieve anything that she puts her mind to. These dresses certainly impress.

Culture Appreciation

House of ikons September 2019 Breaks World Record - culture appreciation

Toronto is where the next designer creates her magic. Sahar Haji has Persian roots. However, having lived in Canada, she has combined both cultures into her latest collection.

Gold and black was the common theme –  favourite colours of Sahar. Each dress was extravagant and striking with gold, sequins, stonework, and lace.

Sahar loved to dress up her dolls from a young age and this has influenced her collection immensely.

As a result, the princess style was imminent in each piece and the wow factor was present in this collection.

Big is Beautiful

House of ikons September 2019 Breaks World Record - big is beautiful

Diva Bigg had flown from the USA to spread a powerful message to the world. Big is beautiful and it is here to stay. Asian wallflowers were the inspiration for this collection with emerald green, red, white and black being part of the colour scheme.

Speaking to the designer, Diva said:

“I want to spread positivity around the world, but more importantly I want every woman to know that she is beautiful. My fat is my beauty.”

Plus-size models were used to reflect Diva’s powerful mission and vision for her brand. This was a poignant moment in the event and for the fashion industry.

House of iKons is promoting fashion for all and this is a true example of that statement.

House of ikons September 2019 Breaks World Record - spencer chaplin

Musician Spencer Chaplin was next on stage delivering two soulful renditions before handing the reigns back to the next designer.

Fit for a Formal Occasion

House of ikons September 2019 Breaks World Record - fit for a formal occasion

Ugochi & Annette’s Couture Millinery collection was up next with statement hats and tailored jackets.

There were also a few tribal print dresses, which paid homage to Ugochi’s African roots.

Mustard yellow was the colour theme, with a mixture of white, red and black across the rest of the collection.

Elegant and classy appeared to be the evident in this collection, with tailored suits and two-piece dresses.

Free Solo

House of ikons September 2019 Breaks World Record - free solo

The inspiration for the next collection was taken from the movie Free Solo (2018).

The movie is about a man who free climbs the most famous rock in the world, the 3,000ft El Capitan in Yosemite National Park.

With no safety harness, this man has to rely on the power of his body and mind to reach his destination.

After speaking to Natacha Van, the pieces of this collection all fell into place. Emotions play a key part in the evolution of Natacha’s collection. Natacha said:

“Wherever there is darkness, there is also light.”

The stunning transition from dark to light blues and eventually white depict this message beautifully.

Additionally, she stated:

“The movie inspired me because it’s not about winning or losing, it’s about the journey that takes you there and the people around you.”

African Inspiration

House of ikons September 2019 Breaks World Record - african inspiration

The audience was treated to a dance show with the next segment by couture brand NHN. An African inspired show with models dancing to an upbeat rhythm got everyone in the party mood.

Each outfit was unique in colour, texture, and workmanship, with the party theme continuing in the collection.

Statement sleeves, fur, lace, and tassel were prominent with vibrant prints to offset the African influence.

The designer, Nkechi Harry Ngonadi, has a strong spiritual affiliation and is determined to spread the message of ‘less is more.’

The House of iKons has paved the way for NHN to advocate this message to the world.

Wedding Bliss

House of ikons September 2019 Breaks World Record - wedding bliss

The Finale Wedding Studio made everyone in the audience want to get married again with their mesmerising wedding collection.

The audience was then transported to Swan Lake. A sea of white wedding dresses gracefully floated through the runway leaving the audience in awe.

The inclusion of non-traditional colour dresses such as gold provided a beautiful different option.

With intricate embroidery and stonework, the dresses had exquisite details and were nothing short of dazzling.

King of Leather

House of ikons September 2019 Breaks World Record - king of leather

Having previously showcased his designs at the February 2019 show, gracing the ramp once again was the King of Leather, Michael Lombard.

A very strong contrast to the previous segment, his collection presented the strong and individual voices of women around the world.

Leather outfits with a military theme and stud detailing sent a powerful message – I am my own person.

Lombard took audiences on a journey outside of their comfort zones, showcasing true passion and individuality with his unique collection.

£50 Million Diamond Dress

House of ikons September 2019 Breaks World Record - £50 million dress

Finally, the moment that everyone had been waiting for had arrived. The world’s most expensive dress was to be revealed.

The venue was packed to the brim with photographers and fashion elitists to witness the world record-breaking event.

At just 14 years old, the designer of this dress Josh Birchjones was also present to showcase the rest of his collection.

A sapphire blue ball gown, encrusted with diamonds from India by KJ Jewels n More worth £50 million, all hand-sewn, touched down on the runway.

International model and actress Kiera Chaplin also gracefully navigated the runway with gasps of amazement from the audience.

It was worth the wait as was the rest of Josh’s collection. It is inspiring and motivating to see such a young designer making his mark in the fashion world.

The passion of Josh began at the tender age of four and has since grown and developed further with the help of House of iKons CEO, Savita Kaye.

Josh has good advice for other young people:

“Not wait until fashion school, start early and never give up.”

Youngsters should also take motivation from this and aspire to achieve their ambitions.

Consequently, the dress will go for auction in Abu Dhabi in December 2019. As a result, all proceeds will go to two of Josh’s favourite charities, Make a Wish Foundation, UAE and Great Ormond Street Hospital, London.

iKonic Triumph

House of iKons September 2019 Breaks World Record - iKonic triumph

The 2019 House of iKons event presented the work of twenty-two terrific designers to enhance their recognition.

In fact, this event has provided a worldwide platform for designers, attracting millions of viewers.

As the event drew to a close, spectators left the venue feeling inspired and moved by the wonderful messages delivered by each designer. The acceptance of all in fashion was commendable and relatable to everyone.

With multicultural influences, size inclusivity and a young designer, the growth of fashion is inevitable.

Furthermore, the children’s show took place at the Millennium Gloucester London Hotel on Sunday, 15 September 2019.

Moreover, this event would not have been possible without the determination and vision of the CEO, Savita Kaye. Her dedication depicts the way fashion should be portrayed as the options are endless.

Above all, this eye-catching event is growing at a rapid pace. For more information on this spectacular event visit the House of iKons website here.

Watch out for the House of iKons as they are taking over the fashion world. Be sure to mark the 2020 show in your calenders.

Uma is an engineering graduate with a passion for movies, travel, fashion and food. Her life motto is, "it is never too late to be what you might have been" by George Elliot.

Images courtesy of Surjit Pardesi Photography.