Highlights of House of iKons London 2015

London welcomed another fashion extravaganza courtesy of Lady K Productions. The House of iKons took place on September 20th, 2015. Official media partners, DESIblitz have all the highlights.

Highlights of House of iKons London 2015

"I am planning a major charity event in the Philippines."

The House of iKons, in aid of The Prince’s Trust, returned to London Fashion Week for another dose of new, fresh talent, bringing you the best of fashion the world has to offer.

Founded by Savita Kaye, also known as Lady K, a woman with a keen eye for talent and opportunity, the House of iKons brought in a large crowd through the doors of The Hilton, London.

Hosted by the wonderful Cinderella – UK’s top club DJ and radio presenter – along with Johny Pach, the duo introduced the best and the newest of contemporary fashion from all over the UK and the world.

Highlights of House of iKons London 2015

Oliver Kowallik, designer of WA Luxury brought a gentle hand and a softness to the catwalk. Derived from sculptural designs and a hint of German engineering, sight becomes touch:

“The texture of the leather gives it a softness which is captivating!”

It is a very human thing, wanting to be creative and finding different ways to express our innermost feelings and memories. Something that all of the outstanding designers who showcased their collections on the runway.

One such designer, Rajni K Sethi brought the golden leaf of femininity and empowerment to the catwalk. Side by side with the models, British Asian star Navin Kundra sang his new single live.

Rajni says: “I feel like his song best expresses what I really want to say with this collection. It is not just a man’s world.”

Highlights of House of iKons London 2015

Along with new emerging talent, familiar faces graced the catwalk. Filipino designer Cary Santiago unreservedly wowed the audience with his latest collection.

Using elements from his native country and adding a little zest of modern influence, Cary had his outfits laser cut and hand sewn.

He states: “This is a unique experience and I have never experienced anything like it before. I even had my first show here.”

The marvellous show stopping gowns brought an end to the first round of the evening. It pumped up the audience with fever and excitement, sending ripples of awe and astonishment as gown after gown amazed each set of eyes that draped over the models.

Kicking off the final chain of events, Rocky Gathercole who has now become a sensation in Hollywood brought his collection to the runway, bringing a quirky and circular perfume, setting our sight in monochrome.

Highlights of House of iKons London 2015

Also hitting the black and white trend was designer Hanan El Bou who brought a traditional flavour of Morocco and Spain to her garments. She graced the catwalk herself in a coal black velvet dress, matching the black and white theme of her collection.

She is an inspiration and most definitely an iKon of the event. Aisha Khan, a member of the audience said “She inspires me to want to continue studying fashion.

“I used to wear a hijab and felt like I couldn’t be fashionable in one, but looking at what and who she is, really makes me reconsider.”

Being a fashion designer is more than just making and ‘designing’ clothes. It is a unique human experience tapping into the nature of one’s soul.

Finding a memory, a scent, or even an emotion and deriving inspiration from it takes immense skill and patience.

Part of being an #iKon is being able to share in the ethos of education, encouragement and passion!

Highlights of House of iKons London 2015

Ending the wonderful event with a bit of Irish charm was milliner Suzie Mahony. Bright shades of orange, green and her favourite, pink dazzled the audience and took to the runway.

It can be easy to over-do a hat and to have it seem at odds on a model’s head, however, with Suzie Mahony’s design, it fits and adapts into a brilliant showpiece.

The colours share a unique and contrasting friendship, highlighting a sharp boldness with the solid colours. A perfect way to end the show.

The House of iKons has taken the world by storm, with their eyes set on Abu Dhabi, Los Angeles, Munich and Delhi in 2016.

The House of iKons’ success is based around a familiar but unique concept that celebrates the human condition with imagination and zeal.

It celebrates, congratulates and encourages the new generation of global fashion talent.

Highlights of House of iKons London 2015

Along with The Prince’s Trust, whom they work closely with, they share a similar ethos. To give people the opportunity they would have otherwise been denied.

The future and their vision? Savita Kaye says: “The House of iKons will become a global brand, taking the world by storm! It is all about launching emerging designers and giving them a platform.”

Lady K continues: “I am planning a major charity event in the Philippines. Some of the designs I have discovered in the Philippines are absolutely amazing. They need a platform.

“So I’m actually working with a few officials to actually have a charity event, non-profit which The House of iKons and which I will personally be supporting, December 2016.”

Having launched in London, LA and Dubai in 2014, Lady K has The House of iKons eyes firmly set on Abu Dhabi, LA, Delhi and Munich in 2016.

The future looks incredibly promising and full of more new global talent waiting to be unearthed!

Check out all the images from the House of iKons in our gallery below:

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