House of iKons February 2019 Raises the Bar

The House of iKons February 2019 event raised the bar for fashion shows. A melange of cultures and styles formed a strong showcase.

House of iKons February 2019 Raises the Bar f

"We have to look at fashion in a certain way but I don’t believe that.”

The House of iKons February 2019 fashion event exhibited exciting new talents and established names from around the globe.

It has become a prominent brand in fashion weeks around the world, particularly because of the inclusive vision of founder Savita Kaye.

The premier fashion event took place at the Millenium Gloucester Hotel on Saturday, February 16, 2019, as part of London Fashion Week.

DESIblitz, as a proud media partner, attended to observe the fancy spectacle.

Savita took on hosting responsibilities again, this time joined by Tiger Brown.

To kick things off, she made a special announcement:

“From being part music videos to feature films, it’s been an amazing journey since September. We’re proud to announce that three amazing designers have been handpicked for Shadowland.”

Shadowland (2019) is an upcoming independent feature film directed by Simon Kay, who watched this event from the VIP section.

Designers Giulia Bechi, Sabas Creation’s and Kajin UK were chosen for the film. All three designers were picked from the House of Ikons September 2018.

Throwing Down the Gauntlet

House of iKons February 2019 Raises the Bar - Lady K

The goal of House of iKons is to inspire fashionistas to be yourself, love yourself, and be your own iKon. Explaining how her brand is achieving this, Savita said:

“We are very diverse. We do not look at ethnicity, everybody is welcome on this runway. We’re bringing sexy back to curves.”

Following this, she proceeded by issuing a challenge to the fashion world via the live stream recording. Of this she said:

“To every major fashion brand around the world, we are making that change. We are going to celebrate every single body type.

“To the big brands out there – when will you start promoting positivity and making sure we actually do love ourselves?”

Her powerful speech deeply resonated with the audience who gave thunderous applause in response.

Ensuring that viewers had these thoughts to ruminate on, she went onto proceed the show.

We breakdown the complete intriguing curation of designers in both segments and how they impressed the capacity audience:

Segment One

Piloting Fresh Talent

House of iKons February 2019 Raises the Bar - Jacinta Ligon

Coming from New York City, Jacinta Ligon succeeded with a considerably traditional presentation. But nevertheless an impressive showcase.

The designer toyed with which regions of skin she wanted her smoothly sewn garments to reveal.  Glossy gleaming blacks overlaid an abundance of bare legs, backs and waists.

This sensual aesthetic was serviced by Nick Jonas & Nicki Minaj’s ‘Bom Bidi Bom’ from the Fifty Shades Darker (2017) soundtrack.

During the evening, the stock of Ligon’s work surely skyrocketed as she received ecstatic reactions for her first ever international show.

Still working as a flight attendant, it is intriguing to see her travel higher up in the world of fashion.

True Commitment to DiversityHouse of iKons February 2019 Raises the Bar 1 - Nanolola Couture

No one shared Lady K’s vision of promoting contemporary clothes for a universal audience as strongly as Nonalola Culture by Monica Jones.

A diverse cast of all sizes, genders and ethnicities modelled designs that had mass appeal for their welcomed simplicity. On top of that, these clothes are clearly comfortable.

Each model flicked their well-fitted dress as if to poke fun at designers who don’t cater to non-skinny, darker-skinned women.

A rapturous response from the audience reaffirmed the simple intentions of the designer.

Ms Jones’ message to designers is very straightforward – be inclusive.

Gowns Empowered by Embroidery

House of iKons February 2019 Raises the Bar 1 - Hilltribe house Fashion

House of iKons attendees got to witness another premiere with the launch of Hilltribe House Fashion for the first time anywhere.

The fashion house got dazzled with great value full dresses. The South East Asin styles had multi-pattern embroidery.

The effective utilisation of negative space within solid-coloured garments make them ideal for those seeking an artful twist on their gowns.

Naturally, the designer saved her masterpiece for the finale. All in attendance admired the attractively flowing red dress that recalled the best of the Met Gala.

Basic Colour Theory is Anything but Basic

House of iKons February 2019 Raises the Bar 1 - Sofia Mozley

Adding to America’s strong presence at this event was Sofia Mozley, a dressmaker with a preference for primary colours.

Here, the focus was not on cloth types but more on how colour works to affect the shape of conventional outfits.

Initially, there did appear to be a palette of red, blue and yellow. Subsequently, subtle shifts in shade showed there’s more than meets the eye – perfect for the punctilious shoppers.

It all culminated in an intensely illustrious display of a rainbow when the models walked in for the collective exit. Many will be looking forward to seeing what the Pittsburgh creative does next with the tints of her choice.

Dapper Men

House of iKons February 2019 Raises the Bar 1 - Dapper Homme

Well, we can certainly say Dapper Homme lives up to the promise of its moniker. They operate as an online shopping website in India, offering formal wear for men.

The designer presented a mightily commercial collection that sits on the threshold between formal and casual. It is an ideal fashion outlet for men.

Chinos were heavily incorporated in this display, asseverating their return this season to men everywhere.

Men will be happy to know that the patterned shirts Eastenders’ Alfie Moon made uncool are given renewed vitality.

Pizzazz in Class

House of iKons February 2019 Raises the Bar - A. Renee Fashion 1

Classy is the word for A. Renee Fashion’s showing at the House of iKons.

Founder Ashleigh Renee Holmes is highly qualified in designing ladies wear for any occasion.

From baker boy to beach hats, the Washington DC native offers clothing and accessories for customers to complement all occasions.

A. Renee opts for rich golden wheat and rose pink tunes for these neatly figure-hugging ensembles. Gloves are significant in completely attaining the designer’s chic ideals of femininity.

House of iKons was the destiny for this show – it’s all about being yourself.

This was exemplified by the leeway for the models. They added individual flourishes like toothy smiles and cheeky finger points.

Multicultural Influences

House of iKons February 2019 Raises the Bar 1 - Nadia Azumi

An Italian by way of Egypt – and an expert of Japanese culture – Nadia Azumi’s cross-border influences are vivid.

Her original designs are hand-painted on silk for scarves, shawls, shrugs and everything else related to shoulders.

Certainly, the upper body effortlessly caught attention. Her gorgeous designs of picturesque locations, animals and plants project a nonpareil level of craftsmanship that deserves the attention.

Though it must be said that the Nadia’s would be admired on the walls of galleries.

The exquisite detail in them commands longer than a few seconds to examine and appreciate. Better yet, they can be bought right now through her online store.

Nature Disrupting the Natural Order

House of iKons February 2019 Raises the Bar 1 - MEM Clothing Milano

Next was another cross-cultural commodity in the form of a Philippine aborigine operating in Milan. This is in reference to Chona Bacaoco of MEM Clothing Milano.

She aims to destroy outdated fashion standards through her use of vibrant coloured suits for both men and women.

Furthermore, she wants her fashion to have an impact on children. Speaking exclusively to DESIblitz, she told us her intentions regarding charity:

“I’m an advocate of children’s education and the money made from my sales will go to our back-to-school programme.”

Certain colours on certain costumes go beyond the unorthodox application. Sequins and stitch-work inspired by nature formed the general mien. Bacaoco elaborated on her inspirations:

“This collection is all about my life and nature. “We have to love our nature.”

“It’s why I choose colours like green and yellow and use shapes of leaves and snowflakes.”

Arabic Fashion

House of iKons February 2019 Raises the Bar 1- American Ummah

Savita prefaced American Umma’s grand finale show by promising “something completely different, completely unique”.

Umma is an Arabic word meaning ‘community’ and this was an opulent education to those unfamiliar with the term.

A kaleidoscope of Arabic clothing and aesthetics collided with experimentation for an audacious experience.

If the time-hopping Assassin’s Creed franchise ever reached Arabia, American Umma must be approached for costume direction.

This collection marries historical traditions with attractive utopian ideas of cultural Middle Eastern wear. These include thobes and tunics, along with sunglasses too.

It was a fitting finale that surpassed even the greatest expectations due to the sheer unpredictability of every next outfit.

Lady K Speaks

House of iKons February 2019 Raises the Bar 1 - Lady Speaks

Following the first half concluding on a dazzling note, DESIblitz caught up with Savita to talk about her objectives:

“What spurred me on was my frustration with the fashion industry.

“After talking with various people including friends, family and business associates, apparently we have to look at fashion in a certain way but I don’t believe that.

“Regardless of your size, gender, beliefs, sexuality, everybody has the right to high-end fashion.”

Segment Two

Straight Outta Compostela

House of iKons February 2019 Raises the Bar 1 - Aranjuez

Aranjuez advocates for refined choices for women without compromise on identity.

Filipino designer Cheri-lou Aranjuez administers a formal injection into the street style of her locale, Compostela Valley.

The designer revolves her brand around high fashion streetwear. Though her goals are not related to popularity or money. She tells Lady K:

“I just want to showcase in London. Nothing more or nothing less.”

Her deceptively simple style carefully composes fabrics across the shoulders and over the waist for an appropriately sophisticated appearance.

Their style is optimal for outstanding occasions with the “dress to impress” vibe emitted from the expensive materials.

Hats That Turn Heads

House of iKons February 2019 Raises the Bar - Natasha Mobey

Natasha Mobey arrived at the House of iKons with a millinery range that would make even Madonna envious.

Her brand’s eclectic identity was represented through a medley of quirky pieces.

Self-awareness did not go amiss for her extravagant collection. The looped use of Katy Perry’s E.T. underscored the show.

The models were clad in regular evening dresses. This was to spotlight the positively consequential impact of the millinery on familiar outfits.

East Meets West

House of iKons February 2019 Raises the Bar 1 - Aarti Mahtani

Mumbai-based designer Aarti Mahtani uses Eastern and Western fusions for their dresses.

Beige is a dominant complexion of these dresses, convenient for models with lighter skin. Desi audiences, in particular, enjoyed the beautifying blue and silver pieces.

These elegant designs looked great on the runway amd would look wonderful on the red carpet too.

The designs are also beautifully bridal-oriented. This is hugely important for the calibre of wedding ceremonies held in India.

Enticing Stripes

House of iKons February 2019 Raises the Bar 1 - Taj B Couture

American designer, Taj B Couture was all about black, white and stripes on everyday dresses.

The striped theme was expanded upon in various ways including the addition of sequins and contorting the stripe shapes.

These designs had a singular essence, which worked well to show their creator’s strengths.

The designer certainly innovates with three favourite fashion colours. Taj B Designs wins its customers over with fresh striped compositions.

Powerful Women

House of iKons February 2019 Raises the Bar 1 - Ana De Sa

The influence of Wonder Woman returned with Ana De Sa showcasing her Wonder Woman S/S19 collection.

A Hans Zimmer-esque score punctuates the authority of these shirts and dresses. They are destined to be worn for the most elegant functions.

With these garments on, one can expect to look like a boss anywhere, whether in London or Themyscira.

“Powerful women are the key” is the emblazoned motto on the pieces. A vision indubitably shared by those witness to Ana De Sá’s latest body of work.

Global Pakistani Pride

House of iKons February 2019 Raises the Bar 1 - Fitoor

British based Pakistani designer Fitoor take inspiration by Sufism in their designs of shalwar kameez, waistcoats and bridal wear.

Their clothes are perfectly apt for a diversity of occasions and customers, from masquerade balls to prom and Eid. Co-founder Sadhna Raja exclusively spoke to DESIblitz about her all-embracing collection:

“We’re aiming for all cultures and all markets.

“You can wear our waistcoats over both shalwar kameez and jeans and go out.”

Versatility is the ultimate descriptor for Fitoor. The boundless creativity in their culturally specific designs is both central to and charmingly subversive of their Pakistani heritage.

Their matrimonial centrepiece could give Deepika and Ranveer a run for their money.

Regality in Jewels

House of iKons February 2019 Raises the Bar 1 - Chavez

The international footwear and wearable art couture brand Chavez tried something different for this season.

Shimmering jewels were the key to the success of Antonio Chavez’s fanciful dresses.

His technique ensured that the varying pigmentations of these gemstones were nicely juxtaposed with the core colour of the dresses.

A sea of smartphones raised in the air to capture the final look.

It was a jaw-dropping royal design that would typically exist only in a high fantasy film.

The designer concluded by executing the Usain Bolt victory pose. If this event was a race, he may well have won it for this piece.

Tartans for a Global Clan

House of iKons February 2019 Raises the Bar 1 - Loch Dress

This wittily named Loch Dress brings traditional tartan designs for the modern-day woman.

The Scottish designer makes the case for cornering the tartan market by offering exquisitely made shirts with striking prints.

The designer ensures the configuration of the squares aligns with all types of bodies, implementing models of all body types.

With high-quality tartan designs and a generous selection appropriate for all, what more could one ask for? The amazing bonus is to say you purchased your item from a designer named Loch Dress.

Aesthetics with Ethics

House of iKons February 2019 Raises the Bar 1 - Kitu Kali

Kitu Kali is a handmade Kenyan Ankara shoe designer who prides themselves on their vegan process of production.

Co-founder Nikul Nathwani exclusively spoke to DESIblitz about their socially conscious methods:

“We promote the local communities’ work in Kenya.

“Our workshop is in one of the poorest regions and we want to promote their culture all over the world.”

“We source pure cotton from all over Africa and don’t use any leather in our shoes.”

The alignments of the lines and shapes that make up the fascinating patterns have the finesse of digital creations. Thus, making the handmade origins of Kitu Kali all the more impressive.

Raj and Pablo from the BBC Asian Network also hit the runway for this designer.

The Deep-Pocketed Look

House of iKons February 2019 Raises the Bar 1 - Get Money by Mimi H

The single most grandiose display of luxury at the House of iKons February 2019 event was from Mimi H’s showcase.

Using a bricolage of designs from high-fashion brands including Fendi and Versace, Get Money could be the first post-modern collection.

Mimi banged the proverbial gavel with the subtlety of a Cardi B lyric to declare herself the new queen of wealth-related fashion.

One dress was entirely made from images of hundred-dollar bills.

Several contemporary pop culture icons love to flaunt the Benjamins. These include the aforementioned Bronx hip-hop star, who actually follows Mimi on Instagram.

Return of the King

House of iKons February 2019 Raises the Bar 1 - Michael Lombard

Graduating remarkably quickly from September’s opener to February’s grand finale is the reigning king of leather luxury, Michael Lombard.

Lombard used his corporate sponsorship to create the biggest spectacle of the day.

For fans of the Mad Max movies, their thirst for a sequel was satiated in this heavily influenced collection.

An eccentric assortment of masks, spiked eyewear and leather jackets were supplemented with the backdrop visual of arid wilderness.

The designer met up with DESIblitz to exclusively speak on the Mad Max influence:

“Growing up with Mad Max, I liked how those clothes symbolised how tough the characters were in that post-apocalyptic world.”

“Monster is the Mad Max of energy drinks so we agreed to make something that was edgy and apocalyptic but for everybody here now.”

An Ikonic Milestone

House of iKons February 2019 Raises the Bar 1 - Neish Clothing

This terrific fashion event elevated the profile of twenty incredible designers to unprecedented heights.

Attendees went home with their smartphone’s memory considerably reduced, as the marvellous work demanded digital captures.

The audience was taken on an emotional journey of highs and low. Neish Clothing also performed a dance act during the day.

On Sunday, February 17, 2019, Kids shows completed the lovely weekend.

The House of ikons again shows the growth of this diverse fashion event organised by Savita Kaye over the years.

From its global launch in 2014, London has seen shows in 20152016, including a tribute to Prince. Then in 2017, the event expanded to two annual shows. Also not forgetting the young designers showcase in February 2018.

If House of iKons was not already on every early-career designer’s radar, ample evidence was provided for why it should be.

The organisers will continue to bolster emerging talents of all kinds, as part of Savita Kaye’s bold vision.

House of iKons will return in September 2019, stay tuned.

Musanna is a Film graduate with a nonpareil enthusiasm for cinema. His interests extend to non-fiction literature, tech, history and all things pop culture. His motto is: "You have to be odd to be number one."

Images courtesy of Surjit Pardesi.

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