House of iKons September 2018 shows Amazing Talent

The House of iKons September 2018 fashion event showcased phenomenal talent. Designers of all ages and background unveiled their collections.

house of ikons september 2018

"There is something fascinating about the way a body moves. You can never replace it."

The House of iKons fashion event was nothing short of wonderful, showcasing an array of up and coming designers.

The event now a staple in numerous cities is fast becoming a must see at fashion weeks around the world.

The House of iKons has gone to places like LA, Beijing, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Budapest. It is set to expand further in coming years.

The premier fashion event took place at the Millenium Gloucester Hotel on Saturday, September 15, 2018, as part of London Fashion Week.

DESIblitz, as a proud media partner, attended to witness this extravaganza of fashion.

Founder Savita Kaye and Franco Mabanta were the two hosts for this glamorous event.

There were many stars in attendance. These include Top 3 chart singer David Jordan, Invictus Games star Wayne Harris alongside fashion’s elite.

house of ikons september 2018 Savita Kaye

The event gave many designers a chance to unveil their collections on the catwalk.

To realise the uniqueness of this event, we highlight the different segments of this incredible cake of fashion:

Segment One

The Sky is The Limit

Kicking off the first segment of the House of iKons show was Canadian designer Antonio Chavez. 

house of ikons september 2018 segment 1

Taking influence from the galaxy, his figure-hugging black outfits were bedazzling with ornate crystals. Finishing with statement shoulder pads and feathers, the collection was fit for any diva or queen.

The phenomenal Guatemalan born designer said:

“It is all about sparkles, I look at the universe and see the combination of cosmos and the combination of colours and I get inspiration. I see an explosion of happiness and I try to put that into my designs.”

Photos of Chavez’s stunning designs:

Gone But Not Forgotten

In complete contrast, Dimple and Amrin’s collection was dedicating late Bollywood star, Sridevi who sadly past away on 24 February 2018.

house of ikons september 2018 segment 1 amira-dhillon

All her pieces were showing pictures of Sridevi woven into the long evening gowns and flowing garments. The collection was a tribute to the award-winning life and work of the popular actress, spanning four decades.

Moving music was playing in the background, creating a beautiful atmosphere in the room.

Photos of Dimple and Amrins’s gorgeous designs:

Something for Everyone

Segment one also featured a number of other designers from around the globe such as Balaz Ester, a designer from Budapest.

house of ikons september 2018 segment 1 Balazs

The Hungarian influence was very apparent in some of the long flowing designs which incorporated varying patterns. The shorter designs were much edgier and risky mixing sheer fabrics exposing the chest of the models and bold colours. The collection had an item suitable for everyone.

Photos of Balazs Ester’s intrinsic designs:

Gender Neutrality Hits the Catwalk

Streetwear with a twist was the theme of all of designer Edele’s gender neutral pieces.

house of ikons september 2018 segment Edele

The showcasing of basic t-shirts with the words ‘popular loner’ on them, tailored denim shirts as well as stylish jeans, definitely made the collection very wearable. The designer steered away from the use of colour, bar a pair of red denim jeans worn by a male model.

Photos of Edele’s neutral designs:

Eastern Delight

The Sabas Creation’s show displayed a range of loose-fitting evening wear which is perfect for the modest fashionista or the older lady who doesn’t want to flaunt too much flesh.

house of ikons september 2018 segment Sabas

A South Asian influence was very visible in all designs which featured floor-length gowns with delicate floral embroidery and black lace.

Photos of Sabas Creation’s ethnic orientated designs:

Nordic Vibes

Bjorne of Norway used photographs of stunning Nordic landscapes and animals, such as Wolves, printed on flowing materials.

house of ikons september 2018 segment Bjorne

The prints were which were used as shawls emphasised by models wearing black bodysuits in some cases, as well as being sewn into pieces. The cold harshness of the Nordic landscape was emphasised with slicked back hair and dramatic music.

Photos of Bjorne’s beautiful designs:

From the Land of The Rising Sun

MEM combined black, grey and blue floral printed fabrics with angular samurai-like designs for both men and women.

house of ikons september 2018 segment MEM

The collection made use of layering of the harsh, asymmetrical cuts, which were softened by blue flower printed material which was reminiscent of traditional patterns from the Far East.

Photos of MEM’s samurai-inspired designs:

80’s Opulence

One Off by Tatiana Pintilli showcased a range of evening wear in a range of bright colours.

house of ikons september 2018 segment Tatiana

Complete with large bows synonymous with the 80’s, the long gowns were made from numerous metres of shiny material in every colour of the rainbow. The gowns were pinched in at the waste providing shape to the pieces.

Photos of Tatiana’s lovely designs:

Africa Fantastic

Sima Brew is a huge designer in Ghana and her show-stopping, vibrant pieces did not disappoint.

house of ikons september 2018 segment Sima Brew

A mix of traditional, exciting African prints complete with their numerous, bold colours were common amongst the pieces. The cuts were faltering to all body types and the designs and were finished with beautiful accessories fit for any queen.

Photos of Sima’s African look designs:

Rising Star

Closing the segment with her powerful and superb vocals was 16-year-old Lydia Singer.

house of ikons september 2018 segment 1 lydia singer

She caught up with DESIblitz to speak of her experience:

“I love it as always, I feel like I have grown up with House of iKons and everyone is so lovely. It is like a family. My favourite designer was Sigrum. I love her designs and I’ve worn several of her pieces as well as had them in my music videos.”

Segment Two

The King of Unmatchable Leather Luxury

The second segment began with Michel Lombard’s designs.

house of ikons september 2018 segment 2 - leather

Lombard is a famous brand of high-end men’s and women’s leather garments.

Using only aluminium, the designs are bold with simple and harsh shapes. The look with helmet-like headgear gave the entire collection a futuristic element.

Photos of Michael Lombards leather-rich designs:

Feminine Florals

Guilia Bechi’s evening wear showed off feminine beauty with its soft feel and looks.

house of ikons september 2018 segment Bechi

The pieces were simple but well cut, form-fitting dresses and jumpsuits, all with beautiful and intricate embroidered flowers. The use of sheer material and soft fabrics added to the feminine charm of the show.

Photos of Guilia Bechi’s flower-rich designs:

Pick and Mix

Kajin UK’s collection showcased a mixture of styles.

house of ikons september 2018 segment Kajin

Taking influence from Thai culture, some of the elegant evening attire was given a shakeup with the addition of vertical stripes of colour, whilst other pieces remained very traditional. From figure-hugging evening dresses with blacklist stripes to cream lace wedding-like gowns the collection catered for every occasion.

Photos of Kajin UK’s elegant designs:

Elegant Evening Wear

Zarena Haute Couture collection was designed by Rawal Hasssanieh.

house of ikons september 2018 segment Zarena

The stunning, floor-length evening gowns emphasised feminine curves. The range of metallics and neutral tones, mixed sheer material and flattering cuts to make for a collection which wowed onlookers. The designer highlighted feminine elegance and beauty with his designs.

Photos of Zarena Haute Couture’s gorgeous designs:

Summer Sizzle

Australian based Czarina Kaftan’s mixed ornate prints and beautiful beading to create a beautiful and practical range.

house of ikons september 2018 segment Czarina

The outfits were perfect for the beach or casual wear in hotter climates. Whether it be swimsuits with ornate eye-catching but revealing cover-ups with hoods, kaftans with stunning middle eastern, tribal-influenced prints or colourful supports wear, this wearable collection has a piece for every lady of all ages and all sizes.

Photos of Czarina Kaftan’s colourful designs:

The Universe and Beyond

Stephane Koerwyn ‘s influence of the universe was apparent throughout the collection which showcased to a backdrop of a galaxy.

house of ikons september 2018 segment Koerwyn

He used metals printed with cosmic-like patterns and feathers in his strong modern designs. His designs included asymmetrical, A-line cuts and protruding shoulder pads which are perfect for any intergalactic traveller.

Photos of Stephane Koerwyn’s unique designs:

Nature is Beautiful

Ethical designer Sigrun from Iceland took the audience back in time with her Viking inspiring collection.

house of ikons september 2018 segment 2 - vikings

Sigrun’s collection uses organic materials.

The 48-year-old designer exclusively told DESIblitz: “I grew up in Iceland where we would hear tales of Viking sagas and mythology. I love the idea of strong women and love nature. The colours are divine, everything from the sky to the sea.

“I try to find materials that are as organic as possible. I use a lot of fish leather which is very sustainable, otherwise, it would have been thrown back in the ocean from the fishing industry.”

Wounded Warriors

The Sigrun show was very thought-provoking, with its use of materials. Wayne Harris, Invictus Games Silver medalist got to feature as part of this show.

The designer spoke of her choice of model: “I used the song wounded warriors, wanting to feature Wayne who’d lost his leg by having a tank run over it.

“I get very upset by how our veterans get treated by society. We are fearful of their mental health. They are seen as a defect and people don’t want to recruit them. It’s just not ok.”

Check out Sigrun’s Viking themed designs:

A Young Boy with An Old Soul

Designs by Josh was an elegant and a mature collection of evening wear, representing sophistication.

house of ikons september 2018 segment 2 - joshua

13-year-old Joshua Bartfeld Birchjones is a UK Fashion Designer and school pupil in Kent.

His designs prove that age is only a number. Simple lines and delicate, flattering, soft sumptuous fabrics were emphasising the curves of the female models.

Photos of Josh’s beautiful designs:

Singer/Songwriter: David Jordan

Closing the second segment was the very exciting, brilliant and fashionable David Jordan.

house of ikons september 2018 David Jordan

The fashion-conscious star got the crowd buzzing with his No 3 chart hit. Speaking on the occasion he mentions:

“Love Chavez, such an amazing designer. I like the show and am so happy to be a part of this amazing event.

“The House of iKons is doing great things for up and coming designers. It’s an honour to perform.”

The House of Honee

house of ikons september 2018 Honee

The Future is Here

The solo show AI was the third segment of the event, presenting The House of Honee. The designer from LA did create a landmark moment with the introduction of artificial intelligence to the catwalk.

In association with Ohmnilabs, the impressive robot hit the runway for the first time. Human models do not have to worry about losing any jobs quite yet. This is because the robot was simply a moving screen on wheels. But the addition made for a fun talking point amongst the audience.

The designer says: “There is something fascinating about the way a body moves. You can never replace it.”

Photos for Honee’s futuristic show:

An Ikonic Event

This fantastic fashion event gave a platform to 18 super designers on the Saturday event from all over the globe to showcase their collections.

Styles and ideas were dramatically varying, providing excellent entertainment and interesting viewing for all those who came. The individual shows were very creative.

The audience was taken on an emotional journey of highs and low. The event took place in conjunction with the Sharan Project, raising awareness for domestic violence.

On Sunday September 16, 2018, Kids shows completed the perfect weekend.

The show has shown the growth in this diverse fashion event organised by Savita Kaye over the years.

From its global launch in 2014, London has seen shows in 2015, 2016, a tribute to Prince in 2016, and then the extension to two annual shows starting in 2017 and not forgetting the young designers showcase in February 2018.

No doubt the House of iKons will continue to showcase the hottest in fresh and new talent. The organisers will continue to provoke thought and touch our hearts in the future.

Keep an eye out for the next House of iKons event in February 2019.

Anusha Nava is singer, songwriter, actor and presenter with a passion for spreading positivity, love and connecting with people. Anusha lives by one motto ‘The difference between dreams and reality is called action.’

Images courtesy of House of iKons Facebook and Frank MacDonald Photography

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