Gorgeous Saree Fashion Trends for 2020

Sarees are timeless and innovative beauties. DESIblitz presents the fashion saree trends that are going to be the highlight in 2020.

Gorgeous Fashion Saree Trends for 2020 f

"A saree is an emblem of femininity and epitome of grace"

With many saree trends, it may seem difficult to discover what exactly is considered to be in fashion.

Wearing a saree is a timeless art that has travelled aeons and continues to flourish. Six yards of sheer elegance, a saree is an emblem of femininity and epitome of grace.

It is an everyday garment for thousands of South Asian women. However, designers like Masaba Gupta have managed to transform this conventional garment.

There is a wide range of designer sarees available which are as modern as they are traditional. They have given this attire multiple makeovers keeping it current with the changing times.

Hence, DESIblitz has comprised a list of innovative saree trends for 2020.


Gorgeous Fashion Saree Trends for 2020 - Pant Style

Chaugoshiya is also known as the Pant-Style saree or Khada Dupatta.

It is a century-old style of saree which was traditionally worn by Muslim women on their wedding ceremonies or nikkah in Nazim’s Hyderabad.

This style of adorning this attire includes four garments:

  • Choli: fitted blouse
  • Kurti: loose tunic
  • Form-fitting trousers
  • Five-metre khada dupatta

We spotted some beautiful Chaugoshiya designs on Bollywood actresses. For example, Rekha and Sara Ali Khan donned this unique style with poise and elegance.

The importance of culture is deeply rooted in this saree trend. Thus, this evergreen attire style has been reinvented with a touch of modernity.

Hand-Painted Saree

Gorgeous Fashion Saree Trends for 2020 - hand-painted

The beauty of summer shines through this delicately hand-painted saree trend.

The charm of pastel-coloured sarees with contrasting floral patterns painted on them can make anyone feel summer-ready.

Style with delicate jewellery to coincide with the fine summer vibes. Alternatively, wear it with statement jewellery for a bolder look.

In this instance, both options would look fabulous for a formal occasion or a wedding because you would surely make heads turn.

Also, this intricate hand-painted saree has been adopted by acclaimed Indian fashion designer, Rohit Bal. His designs were spotted on two Bollywood beauties, Deepika Padukone and Malaika Arora.

This trend is becoming the latest rage in South Asian fashion.

While the nod from Bollywood will surely enrich this soft and subtle style.

You can awaken your inner artist and paint your saree, either freehand or with stencils.

Stunning Silk 

Gorgeous Fashion Saree Trends for 2020 - Silk saree

Conventional silk sarees are beyond the bounds of fashion and trends. They are always going to be wardrobe-essentials.

Wearing this silk attire with its colourful pallu left loose on the arm is never going to stop looking striking.

The most popular types of silk sarees are:

  • Kanjivaram or Kanchipuram
  • Banarasi
  • Bandhni

These luxurious pure silk attires are known for their unrivalled selection of designs and vibrant colours. Traditionally they were adorned by Indian brides, particularly Banarasi silk sarees.

Banarasi sarees were woven in Banaras with gold thread, including designs such as animals, floral, nature and so on.

While Kanjivaram sarees were woven with pure mulberry silk, dipped in rice water and sun-dried to thicken the material.

It is clear with the considerable amount of hours into making these silk attires, the magnificence of a silk saree is forever.

Also, many Desi women have a silk saree heirloom handed down to them from their mothers that they always cherish.

It is no wonder, this trend will most certainly dominate in 2020, especially for festive occasions and celebrations.

Therefore, if you have not already got your hands on a silk saree you should consider it for a sophisticated ethnic option.

Belted Beauty

Gorgeous Fashion Saree Trends for 2020 - belted saree

Kamarbands or belts are traditional adornments. They were worn over lehengas and sarees to hold them in place and enhance their beauty.

Over time the concept of Kamarbands has been reinvented. They are available in an array of designs, from intricate thin chains to quirky embellished belts.

For instance, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, a Mumbai-based celebrity designer, brought them back in fashion.

His signature Sabyasachi belts are crafted in leather and embellished with the royal Bengal tiger.

The simplicity of this statement piece cannot be overlooked.

Furthermore, the speciality of this accessory in revamping your attire is that you can indulge in a bit of DIY. Do not limit yourself to what you see in stores or online. Let your creative spark ignite.

With endless opportunities, be sure to invest in a kamarband or create your unique belt.

Ruffles and Flares

Gorgeous Fashion Saree Trends for 2020 - Ruffle saree

Another growing saree trend is the ruffled saree with elaborate frills and ruffles on the pallu or the border.

Ruffles are not only going to be in fashion, but the added volume and flare make a saree more glamorous.

Not only does the ruffle design amp up the flare of your attire, but it also allows you to portray your funky style.

We have an upcycle fashion hack for you. You can pick an old saree from your wardrobe and make it 2020 ready by adding ruffles stitched to its border in a contrasting fabric.

This inexpensive hack will not only give your old attire a new dimension, but it will also be the only saree of its kind.

Bouffant Sleeved Blouses

Gorgeous Fashion Saree Trends for 2020 - bouffant sleeve

If 2019 was the year of high necked blouses then 2020 will be the year of puffy bouffant sleeved blouses.

Made with rich fabric and embellished with cuffs and frills, these blouses can be paired with any saree from printed to silk sarees.

In fact, a bouffant blouse can bring drama and character to a saree.

In this instance, it is not what you have up your sleeve, it is the style of your sleeve that matters.

Hence, 2020 is going to witness more of this saree trend.

Fusion Attire

Gorgeous Fashion Saree Trends for 2020 - cape

We spotted beautiful saree inspired concept gowns and dresses in Cannes on Sonam Kapoor and Diana Penty.

They graced the Cannes with suave and it was their attire that got everyone in the fashion world talking.

Sonam Kapoor donned a pastel coloured saree with a pleated cape. Whilst Diana Penty wore an emerald green gown with a pallu and belt.

With the approval from Bollywood’s fashionistas, the fusion of sarees with capes, jackets and a combination of dresses, gowns with pallus are going to be in the centre of fashion trends in 2020.

These saree gowns and dresses bring together the aesthetics of the West and the East. This makes them ideal for those who relate to both identities.

Contemporary Prints

Gorgeous Fashion Saree Trends for 2020 - contemporary

Modern prints such as that of pineapples, dream catchers, and windmills instead of regular floral prints are only getting popular.

With the potential inclusion of quirky foil prints, word engravings, geometric prints and abstract art, sarees are going to be an à la mode in the summer of 2020.

Sarees with contemporary prints by Indian designers Masaba Gupta and Satya Paul have been quite a celebrity favourite.

As a result, we will surely see more of this attire, therefore be ready to spruce up your wardrobe.

Foreseeing the Future

2019 gave us an array of stunning sarees to make us feel like true fashionistas. Similarly, 2020 will not fail to impress from exquisite designs to mesmerising drapes.

While there is a saree for everyone; you just have to discover the one for you.

We hope our saree trends predictions will help you avoid any saree faux pas and adorn this iconic garment in style.

Parul is a reader and survives on books. She has always had a penchant for fiction and fantasy. However, politics, culture, art and travel intrigue her equally. A pollyanna at heart she believes in poetic justice.

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