Gorgeous Saree Blouses to Totally Love

Saree glamour is incomplete without a stylishly detailed blouse. DESIblitz presents some truly stunning blouse ideas that will have fashion lovers swooning.

Gorgeous Saree Blouses to Totally Love

All of these saree blouses are stylish and glamorous

The saree is the epitome of Desi femininity.

The elegant Indian attire is a staple clothing across South Asia, simply because it oozes glamour, glitz and insurmountable beauty.

A saree is the one stylish attire that will never go out of fashion and will suit almost any occasion.

With so many cuts and colours to pick from, it is the blouse that really makes the saree look complete.

From lace cutouts, sheer chiffon designs, and intricately embroidered nets, saree blouses can be adapted to any upcoming trend.

With that in mind, DESIblitz presents some absolutely stunning saree blouse ideas that you can team with any drape.


Long-sleeved Prints

Nothing says elegance like a full-sleeved cropped blouse covered with ornate prints. The long sleeves and bare midriff is a very slimming look without showing off too much flesh.

The mehndi teardrop details laud traditional Eastern dress, while the Western cut gives it a modern twist.

The printed blouse can be teamed with any plain saree drape, and women can mix and match different colours.


Bold Cuts

Moving away from the traditional concept of a saree, these blouses are truly seductive with their bold cuts and minimal coverage.

Sultry and sexy, they are perfect for the confidently toned woman who is not afraid to show off her creative side.

Opt for a cinched bust with v-shaped straps, or go for a bejewelled bra that wouldn’t go amiss at a Victoria’s Secret show.


Delicate Lace

When it comes to simple detailing, sheer lace blouses are a perfect choice. The delicateness of the sheer fabric with patterning work best with nudes, creams, ivory or black.

The blouse can be paired with a plain drape to add extra oomph for a fancy party or wedding occasion.

Gorgeous Saree Blouses to Totally Love

Pearls and Gold Cutwork

Manish Malhotra’s nude blouse draped in pearls and finished with sheer 3/4 sleeves is a heavenly sight to behold.

As is this Sonas Haute Couture gold cutwork blouse that has silk material embellished with gold threading and swarovski crystals.

The hanging threads in the sleeves are breathtaking, and take the glamorous ensemble to a whole new level.


Mirror Work and Cut-Outs

Harking back to the vibrant 80s, mirror work blouses are a fun fashion statement.

The cut-out backs embellished with beads, threading and diamantes work best in bold colours like orange, green and yellow.


Modern Anarkali

The classic Anarkali has been updated for the modern-day saree. The fitted blouse with ruffled details and capped sleeves are wonderfully playful.

Reds and maroons work brilliantly in this combination, and can set off any banarsi drape.


Silk Elegance

One fashion style that will never expire is royal glamour. Raw silk and banarsi style blouses with multi colour detailing and gold in-thread are a wonder to behold and are perfect for any party or wedding.

The fabrics allow you to experiment with colour contrasts any way you wish. From peacock shades of blue and green to bronze and burnt orange.

All of these saree blouses are stylish and glamorous, and will keep any Asian women ahead of the fashion game. Check out some more gorgeous saree blouses in the gallery below:

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Images courtesy of Sonas Haute Couture, Viral Bhayani and Pinterest