Exquisite Bridal Sarees for Your Wedding Day

From vibrant reds, bright greens, delicate pinks and deep purples, Desi wedding glamour is always a breathtaking spectacle. Find inspiration for your wedding day with these exquisite bridal sarees of Banarasi silk.

Exquisite Bridal Sarees for Your Wedding Day

All of these bridal sarees exude a unique elegance that befits Indian royalty

The epitome of Desi beauty and glamour exists deep within the silky folds and pleated drapes of Indian sarees.

This exquisite dress, enjoyed by women of all ages and backgrounds sarees can be worn on any occasion.

Carrying an eternal elegance, the most alluring of this attire is the bridal saree. Decorated with heavy embellishments, and adorned with decadent jewels, bridal sarees are truly divine to look upon.

This collection of bridal sarees from Virasat exude a royal magnificence. Priced on average at INR Rs 4366 on KeKee Impex (India), they are an affordable addition to your wedding celebrations.

Made with Banarasi silk, these bridal sarees enchant us with an air of the old-style glamour of royal courts and Indian princesses.

Take this peach and deep purple bridal saree as an example.

The ethereal elegance shines through the delicately golden embroidery on the blouse that also features shocking pink stitchwork to contrast the lighter hue.

The backless blouse is teamed with a deep purple drape for an unusual bridal look that steers away from traditional reds and greens. While the purple pallu features intricate floral embroidery.

For those who are looking for a more traditional take on wedding glamour, this stunning red and green saree is simply perfect!

Featuring intricate golden embroidery on the princess cut blouse and fringe sleeves, the backless saree is exceptional to behold.

In contrast, bold greens, gold and turquoise fill the multi-coloured pallu, which sees a red and gold border.

You can opt to wear the pallu in a short seedha style or a lehenga-style drape that gives a more bridal flair.

If green is a wedding favourite then this emerald and mustard coloured saree is breathtaking.

The deep-hued round neck blouse with long sleeves is covered with beautiful golden embroidery with added hints of pink.

The pink hem-line contrasts the green brilliantly and we particularly love the pink teardrops hanging off the bottom of the blouse.

Teamed with the warm mustard coloured hemline pallu featuring pink rose embroidery is spectacular.

If mustard is not your colour of choice, then opt for this dusty pink which also offers a great contrast to the emerald-coloured blouse.

We particularly love the shoulder cut-outs in the sleeves, adding an air of drama to the jewelled cowl-style blouse.

Of course, just because your blouse is beautifully bejewelled around the neckline, this doesn’t mean that you can layer with more jewels on top!

Another take on the darker blouse against a lighter pallu is this gorgeous purple and mint saree.

The plum colour will sit beautifully against the frame of a Desi woman, and the dark hue also allows much of the golden leaf embroidery with hints of green and orange to shine much stronger.

The graceful pastel coloured pallu also features a heavy purple and gold border with stunning floral embroidery.

To complete the bridal look, accessorise the saree with heaps and heaps of pearls.

If shades of pink are your favourite, then take a look at this glamorous millennial pink and magenta saree.

The round neck blouse featuring shoulder cuts in the sleeves can give the illusion of narrower shoulders, aiding to a slimmer silhouette.

Much of the detail is in the front of the blouse, while the back emphasises the unusual cut.

The blush pink fabric of the drape features pink florals and vast gold embroidery, adding a glowing shimmer, very much befitting a blushing Desi bride.

This multicoloured bridal saree features yellow gold, burnt orange, pomegranate red, and seafoam green.

The unusual shades, when mixed together in the same ensemble, are incredibly graceful to look at.

The flattering round cut and three-quarter length blouse features golden decoration on the sleeves and at the back.

This next bridal saree features a traditional bright shamrock green blouse and red terra drape. The matte red tones with golden brocade tone down the bright green beautifully.

As a full ensemble, the bridal saree sees hints of green in the midst of traditional red and gold.

For a more vibrant take on the bridal saree, opt for lime with yellow gold patchwork as your drape colours, matched with a crimson blouse.

Again the red hue of the princess cut blouse lifts the golden floral embroidery.

Dress the pallu in a dupatta-style to show off more of the bordered skirt.

The border embroidery that features on this bridal saree is truly exquisite.

The traditional bridal pink and golden threading is an unusual contrast to the yellow and green block fabric, but it is one that works well.

The sunflower yellow and bright green are best displayed in the pleats of the skirt, so you could opt for a dupatta style or short seedha style of pallu to make the most of the two-tone effect.

This sunrise orange two-toned drape is breathtaking to look upon. The warm tones sit nicely against the deep forest green.

The drape itself features splashes of bright green, purple and vermillion embroidery.

Adding to the beauty of the design is the round neck blouse with three-quarter sleeves. Featuring a scooped back, the sleeves of the blouse features heavy red and gold decoration.

Featuring a border-width pallu and boat-neck blouse, this green and dusty pink number is simply stunning.

We love the matching tones on both the blouse and the drape itself. The heavy golden and pink embroidery seamlessly blends with the intricate border of the drape.

Again the colours perfectly match, with the bold-coloured blouse and the lighter, more delicate feel of the drape.

Finally, this seafoam green blouse matched with a shimmering two-tone drape in burnt orange and red truly is a head turner.

The delicate patchwork brocade on the three-quarter sleeves is noticeable only close up. And again the boat-neck blouse seems to bleed beautifully into the matching drape border.

All of these bridal sarees exude a unique elegance that befits Indian royalty. The heavy yet aesthetically pleasing embroidery is truly enchanting.

And of course, the regal designs of Banarasi silk are fit for any bride-to-be. Paint your hands and feet with stunning mehndi designs. And accessorise your gorgeous saree with added jewels, gold earrings and layered pearls for the complete bridal look.

Make your wedding day just as special with these stunningly embroidered bridal sarees.

Nazhat is an ambitious 'Desi' woman with interests in news and lifestyle. As a writer with a determined journalistic flair, she firmly believes in the motto "an investment in knowledge pays the best interest," by Benjamin Franklin.

Images courtesy of KeKee Impex (India)

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