Ways to Recycle your Lehenga and Saree

There are countless options to explore before you decide to discard your old saree or lehenga. We explore numerous ways to recycle your saree and lehenga.

Ways to Recycle your Lehenga and Saree f

"It gave me that perfect grungy vibe I was after."

Recycle, reuse and revamp your lehengas and sarees to create unique items of clothing that cannot be found on the rack in stores.

The beauty of fashion is that it can be worn time and again in various styles and imaginative ways.

Desi wardrobes are full with abundant potentials waiting to be discovered. Rather than spending large sums of money on new clothes, why not recycle your old ones?

It is an inexpensive, quick and easy method of achieving new ensembles.

Everyone has old lehengas and sarees that have been stuffed away at the back of their wardrobes that have been almost forgotten about.

It is time to recycle them neglected masterpieces and restyle them into innovative chic ensembles.

Turn it into an Anarkali

Ways to Recycle your Lehenga and Saree - anarkali

Your wedding day lehenga is one of the most cherished items of clothing for many women.

It has attached to it several memories which remind you of your vows, therefore, it is difficult to discard of your lehenga.

Yet, it is taking too much space in your wardrobe so you are torn between whether to keep it or get rid of it for convenience.

However, worry no more. You can reuse your bridal lehenga and revamp it into a beautiful anarkali.

This process is a little tricky, therefore, it may be better to opt for a tailor who could make the alterations for you.

Alternatively, if you are quite the whizz with a sewing machine then certainly do it yourself.

Remove the ruffled fabric underneath the skirt. Stitch the fitted blouse to the skirt to create a one-piece.

Also, if you like the split down the centre, then carefully cut a long split down the middle and attach tiny pearls to neaten the edges.

Team a Lehenga Skirt with a Shirt

Ways to Recycle your Lehenga and Saree - shirt

Another way to recycle your old lehenga skirt is to team it with a simple blouse.

This recycling hack is easy to achieve without the hassle of a thread and needle.

Instead, pick out one of your old lehenga skirts and pair it with a matching blouse or shirt.

Alternatively, you could opt for contrast and select a solid colour blouse for a quirky touch.

You could even go one step further and transform your lehenga into wide-leg trousers and pair it was a plain shirt.

To enhance the beauty of your new ensemble, style it with statement jewellery for a regal look.

Put a Jacket on It

Ways to Recycle your Lehenga and Saree - jacket

Do you need a new outfit but are struggling with the money? Then fret not.

Your Desi wardrobe collection is full of potentially new ensembles waiting for you to create. Team a longline slit jacket with one of your lehenga skirts.

Alternatively, if you are looking to reuse a saree then this method works great. Pair a denim jacket with a plain saree for that boho chic vibe.

This will not only result in a unique outfit but will also save you some coins.

This method of recycling a lehenga is quick, easy and effective.

DESIblitz exclusively spoke to Sara about how she recycled her saree. She explained:

“I came across my old saree in my wardrobe. It was still wearable, however, I felt it needed sprucing up.

“Unfortunately, I am terrible with a needle and thread so the question of adding little bits and bobs on my saree was out of the question.

“Then I had the idea of pairing my denim jacket with my saree and it instantly elevated my entire look. It gave me that perfect grungy vibe I was after. A bit of east meets west.”

Mix and Match

Ways to Recycle your Lehenga and Saree - match

Another easy yet overlooked recycling hack for an old lehenga is mixing and matching the components of the ensemble.

Do not be afraid to wear your lehenga blouse with a salwar and a large dupatta or alternatively wear it with wide-leg trousers.

You can also drape your lehenga dupatta with a plain outfit to dress it up. There are endless options that require exploring so do not be afraid to experiment.

Saree to Scarf

Ways to Recycle your Lehenga and Saree - scarf

Your mother’s wardrobe can certainly unlock some gems. In this instance, rummage through your mother’s wardrobe for an old saree.

Undoubtedly, you will come across an old saree featuring vibrant colours and bold prints.

Before you think this saree has seen the last light of day, think again.

Transform your mother’s old saree into a beautiful scarf.

Layout the saree flat on the floor and place another scarf on top. Using chalk or a marker trace the scarf onto the saree.

Cut around the marks you have made. To neaten up the edges, add lace around the hem of the newly created scarf.

Bag it Right

Ways to Recycle your Lehenga and Saree - bags

Up next, we have this great recycling hack for an old saree. Reuse an old saree and fashion it into a casual tote handbag.

Using a cotton saree, preferably with striking prints, create a fashionable tote bag with the prints for the body of the bag.

Stitch together two sides of the fabric. Cut out two long thin strips of the fabric to your desired length and attach to the body of the bag.

If you want to further revamp the bag and are quite handy with a sewing machine then go ahead and add pockets.

There is no doubt, this bag will be one of a kind as well as helping you carry your everyday essentials.

Undeniably, there are various methods to adopt when it comes to recycling your saree and lehenga. Experiment with these options and let allow your creative juices to flow.

Ayesha is an English graduate with an aesthetic eye. Her fascination lies in sports, fashion and beauty. Also, she does not shy away from controversial subjects. Her motto is: “no two days are the same, that is what makes life worth living.”

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