Long Anarkali Outfits Enchantingly Beautiful

Elegantly modest and glamorously sophisticated, long Anarkali outfits flatter from every angle. Find your perfect style through our selection!

Long Anarkali outfits Enchantingly Beautiful

Giving an ideal royal feel, these styles of long Anarkali outfits, give forward your best features.

Long Anarkali outfits, the flared, full-length elegance.

In contrasting shades, with matching embroidery and embellishments, these round cut dresses, recall the golden Mughal era.

Bringing out charm and grace, with a fitted bodice, this fashionable ensemble is equally enchanting for all ages.

Particularly worn at festivals and ceremonies, it sways in style as you take each step.

Feel the gorgeousness through the DESIblitz selection of long Anarkali outfits. The queen of all traditional dresses!

Long Anarkali Outfits with a Waistcoat

Long Anarkali outfits Enchantingly Beautiful

Georgette fabric long Anarkali outfits, create a neat look.

To make it even more appealing, a matching collar style waistcoat, that has plain sleeves, yet a fully embroidered design, adds definition to the waist.

While the waistcoat jacket shapes the upper half of the body, the flowing fabric adds volume to the bottom half.

But remember, the waistcoat should be well-fitted. Otherwise, it will give you a baggy appearance.

Long Anarkali Outfits with a Slit

Long Anarkali outfits Enchantingly Beautiful

The Anarkali with a long front slit, speaks for itself, providing a very regal look.

The open long cut, from the waist till the bottom, is highlighted with the bold piping technique, or with a worked border.

Additionally, this design opens up into a fit and flair, flowing from the waist till the ankle.

Long Anarkali Outfits with Large Pleats

Long Anarkali outfits Enchantingly Beautiful

Dresses with large pleats, camouflage your bigger sections.

In particular, they give you a wide, perfect flare, when you twirl!

Additionally, the big pleats not only add structure to the dress. But, also enhance and flatter the figure.

Net-Lace Long Anarkali Outfits

Long Anarkali outfits Enchantingly Beautiful

The style with layered fabrics enhances the flow of the Anarkali.

While the lace or net material, with a suitable lining, makes it light and comfortable for the wearer.

Also, it looks rather pretty when the net is adorned with floral motifs, along the bottom half of the Anarkali.

Intricately decorated with golden embroidery, or heavy embellishments at the neckline, coming on to the bodice, adds a charm to the entire outfit.

And of course, the identical embroidery on the back provides a stunning look from all angles.

 Long Anarkali Outfits with a Belt

Long Anarkali outfits Enchantingly Beautiful

Belt up the Anarkali to add more grace!

The more studded the belt, the more stunning it will look. Gold or silver, it must match the embroidery of the Anarkali.

As a jewellery accessory, the belt can make you look rather chic!

Its detachable feature, allows you to play around, wear it below the bust, or on the waist.

Why not style the dupatta on one shoulder, balancing out both sides, and belt that within it too!

Giving an ideal royal feel, these styles of long Anarkali outfits, give forward your best features.

But, why are long Anarkali outfits so popular?

Perhaps because they manage to look stylish while being modest? Or is it the influence of Bollywood trends?

Well, they are clearly high during the wedding seasons, especially amongst the bridesmaids.

And, in comparison to Sarees, you don’t have to be so alert about the attire!

Just let it effortlessly flow!

Anam has studied English Language & Literature and Law. She has a creative eye for colour and a passion for design. She is a British-German Pakistani "Wandering Between Two Worlds."

Images courtesy of Republic Women's Wear Facebook, Pernia's Pop up Shop, Metromela, Sareeka, and Sweet Couch and Shree designer saree.

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