Will this be Bigg Boss 11’s First Task?

The speculation continues for Bigg Boss 11, as a source reportedly reveals intriguing details on the first task, which follows the show’s theme of Padosis.

Will this be Bigg Boss 11's First Task?

"People have to spy on one another and inform Bigg Boss. If your neighbour has leaked your secret, you lose."

Bigg Boss 11 will soon return to our screens on 1st October 2017. With endless speculation surrounding the upcoming series, a source has now expanded more on the tasks.

While producers have kept tight-lipped themselves, new rumours suggest that the series will explore the idea of Padosis (neighbours).

This theme, the source explains to BollywoodLife, will serve as inspiration for Bigg Boss 11’s first task.

Reports claim that the house will become divided into blocks. The show will also reportedly feature one celebrity and one ‘common man’ as a team, where they will have to live together.

In addition, each contestant will have access to a facility; however, this won’t be a permanent luxury. They need to work to earn privileges, while facilities will become exchanged from time to time.

Bonus points will also be rewarded to contestants if they complete tasks.

The source also adds that there will be an element of spying within the tasks. Speaking to BollywoodLife, they said:

“The first task is to keep eye on neighbours. People have to spy on one another and inform Bigg Boss. If your neighbour has leaked your secret, you lose.”

Reports also suggest that contestants will have to embark on secret dating with each other! Bigg Boss 11 will supposedly select two contestants to go on a date, but they will need to avoid the attention of their neighbours. If they are caught, they will fail the task. But if they are successful, the couple will earn privileges.

However, the captain of the house will supposedly have access to all of the available privileges.

With this new speculation, many Bigg Boss 11 fans will notice a distinct difference with the new series’ tasks. Perhaps it is looking to bring fresh, reinvigorating excitement to the popular show?

While fans will have to wait a few more weeks until the new series airs, producers have released a new promo in the run-up. On 8th September 2017, this new promo depicts an amusing situation Salman Khans finds himself in.

Entertaining his neighbours, Salman finds his house packed with cricket fans watching a match on the television. However, the major highlight of the footage is the appearance of actress Mouni Roy.

Watch the Bigg Boss 11 promo here:


With Mouni Roy’s appearance, many have speculated what role she will play in the new series. Some reports have speculated whether she will serve as a co-host for Salman Khan.

However, we will know for certain once the show begins its new series. As well as finding out who will appear as contestants.

As speculation ceases to end, it certainly suggests we will be in store for an exciting, jaw-dropping series!

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Images courtesy of Bigg Boss Official Facebook and Salman Khan Official Instagram.

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