7 Looks of Bigg Boss 11’s Benafsha Soonawalla which show who is ‘Boss’

As Bigg Boss 11 kicks off for a new series, we present 7 looks of housemate Benafsha Soonawalla which show us who is the real ‘Boss’!

7 Looks of Big Boss 11's Benafsha Soonwalla which show who is 'Boss'

Benafsha turns up the temperature with this incredible bikini look.

The eleventh series of Bigg Boss kicked off in great style on 1st October 2017. Featuring an array of contestants, including Benafsha Soonawalla, the show made a promising start.

As usual, the reality show welcomed Bollywood stars to grace the stage with host Salman Khan. The opening episode witnessed Salman get up to amusing antics with the likes of Varun Dhawan and Jacqueline Fernandez.

While Bigg Boss slowly revealed its new line-up of housemates, one name has struck a chord with fans. Benafsha Soonawalla, an MTV VJ (video jockey), who is known for her hot looks and no-nonsense attitude.

The starlet first began her career on MTV’s Roadies X4, eventually landing a role as a VJ. In the past, she hosted shows such as Campus Diaries, gaining a strong fanbase.

It’s now led to her gathering 116,000 followers on Instagram. Benafsha Soonawalla set pulses racing with sultry looks, donning bikinis and sexy outfits. But she’s not afraid to speak her mind and has spoken out on issues no other star would dare to do so.

Now she has arrived at the Bigg Boss house, ready to make a big impact. Let’s glance through 7 looks of Benafsha Soonawalla that show us she’s the true ‘Boss’!

Striking a Model Pose

7 Looks of Big Boss 11's Benafsha Soonwalla which show who is 'Boss'

Benafsha Soonawalla sizzles in this outstanding look, ready to take no nonsense from anyone! She dons a tight-fitting, black dress which contains a cut-out panel at the back.

The outfit accentuates the starlet’s gorgeous figure, along with her beautiful pins. She pairs black heels and an ankle bracelet with the look.

Benafsha sits forward on a wooden chair, leaning against a bar. With her wavy hair swept back to one side, her sultry gaze to the camera won her fans’ hearts as 5,500 liked the image!

Lucious Benafsha Soonawalla

7 Looks of Big Boss 11's Benafsha Soonwalla which show who is 'Boss'

The Bigg Boss 11 housemate can also create hot looks simply with casual attire. Take these stunning images here, for example.

On the left-hand side, Benafsha matches a jade, halter-neck top with a pair of tiny, denim shorts. With just a glimpse of her gorgeous legs, the starlet keeps the focus on her jaw-dropping looks.

Highlighting her memorising eyes with dark eyeliner, the VJ also adds nude lipstick and shimmering jewellery.

She achieves a similar style in the second image. However, she changes into a crisp, white shirt that tantalises fans with its low neckline. Benafsha also dons a black choker necklace; a trendy touch to the look.

The beauty once again sweeps her hair to the side, revealing more of her luscious, raven locks.

An Enviable Figure

7 Looks of Big Boss 11's Benafsha Soonwalla which show who is 'Boss'

Let’s just spend a moment to take in Benafsha Soonawalla’s amazing torso. Doesn’t she look utterly impressive in this look?

Taken before watching horror film Annabelle, the star wears a white crop top with denim jeans. Showing her stunning figure, she could potentially hail as one of Bigg Boss‘ hottest contestants!

Benafsha keeps her hair loose and messy, gazing into the camera. Matching warm hues in her makeup with a gothic choker necklace, the starlet shows she’s not afraid to try new fashion styles.

Glamorous Diva

7 Looks of Big Boss 11's Benafsha Soonwalla which show who is 'Boss'

Benafsha turns up the temperature with this incredible bikini look. Taking a cheeky selfie, she hides her face away so fans can focus on her summery attire.

The star wears a skimpy, brown swimsuit, with cut-out panels at the side. It reveals intricate detailing, showing the Bigg Boss contestant’s voluptuous curves. She also keeps her long tresses down and wavy.

Life lesson – Hair flips are important. Very, very important.

A post shared by Benafsha Soonawalla (@benafshasoonawalla) on

Benafsha also sizzles in this white bikini, shared on an Instagram video. Keeping her face covered with her long hair, she whips it back to show an impressive video.

The skimpy bikini tantilses fans with her stunning figure, with the video surpassing over 150,000 views!

We wonder if the social media starlet will reveal more bikini looks in the famous house?

Memorising Beauty

7 Looks of Big Boss 11's Benafsha Soonwalla which show who is 'Boss'

The Bigg Boss star once again shows us how to work seductive photoshoots. In this stunning example, Benafsha wears a superb black-and-white creation.

The dress, decorated with horizontal, monochrome strips, hugs the star’s figure beautifully. She also adorns a beautiful shawl, contaning a similar pattern.

For makeup, Benafsha adds splashes of vibrant colours. Decorating her eyes with shades of purple and yellow eyeshadow, the starlet looks quirky and magnificent.

Enjoying the Glorious Sun

7 Looks of Big Boss 11's Benafsha Soonwalla which show who is 'Boss'

When Benafsha isn’t giving us model poses for photo shoots, she’s wowing us with her incredible bikini looks. She’s strayed from conventional choice in this image, donning unmatched swimsuit pieces.

Relaxing under the warm Sun, the VJ dons this green-and-blue bikini, revealing a stunning view of her figure. With the wind breezing through her wavy locks, she appears as the ultimate beach babe.

She keeps her makeup simple, only donning a red lip. Showcasing her full natural beauty.

The Hottest Contestant on Bigg Boss 11?

7 Looks of Big Boss 11's Benafsha Soonwalla which show who is 'Boss'

In these images, we can truly appreciate the versatile style of Benafsha Soonawalla. Regardless of whether she’s in a bikini or donning a beautiful dress, she always oozes sex appeal.

On the left, the starlet wears a short, baby blue dress that complements her figure. With nude heels and a tiara of daisies, she looks totally gorgeous.

But in the right image, she shares a closer look of her brown swimsuit from above.

Pouting with full, pink lips, she appears seductive and strong. This follows her caption, which gives a blunt view on conversation filters. Mocking those who avoid topics such as periods, she said:

“What exactly does ‘no filter’ mean? Girls get periods. But if we talk about it? Eww, no filter. Girls have boobs. Some small, some big, but if we talk about it, we have no filter.”

With all these images, Benafsha Soonawalla looks set to offer glamour, sex appeal and power into the Bigg Boss house. A star not worried to speak her mind, she may offer a refreshing attitude for the show.

We can’t wait to see how the starlet will fare on the reality show. But if you’re keen to see more of her hot looks, why not check out Benafsha’s Instagram?

Make sure you don’t miss out on any of the Bigg Boss action! Tune into Bigg Boss 11 on Colours TV UK at 9pm.

Sarah is an English and Creative Writing graduate who loves video games, books and looking after her mischievous cat Prince. Her motto follows House Lannister's "Hear Me Roar".

Images courtesy of Benafsha Soonwalla's Official Instagram.

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