Pakistani diva Saba Qamar quashes Tax Evasion Rumours

Saba Qamar has responded to rumours emerging that her house had been sealed due to tax evasion. She slammed the speculation, calling it “lies”.

Pakistani diva Saba Qamar quashes Tax Evasion Rumours

"Let me take this opportunity to clear all these rumours based on nothing but lies."

Pakistani actress Saba Qamar has been at the centre of controversy on taxes. With rumours claiming her house had become “sealed” due to tax evasion spreading, the star has finally cleared up the confusion.

Deeming them as “lies”, she claims that her house has not been sealed. The starlet has also quashed rumours of any tax evasion.

Speculation began on 7th September 2017, when reports claimed that Saba Qamar, as well as Noor Bukhari, witnessed their properties becoming sealed in Lahore. The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) deemed both actresses of tax evading, therefore sealing their houses.

The FBR also allegedly claimed that Saba defaulted on tax worth Rs 3.4 million (approx. £24,500). They sent notices to the actresses about the tax, yet they did not receive a response.

However, Saba took to Facebook to address the rumours. On 9th September 2017, she stated:

“Recently, the news about my house being sealed has been circulating so let me take this opportunity to clear all these rumours based on nothing but lies. My house has not been sealed, neither has my bank account. I’m a tax filer.”

The actress also slammed media outlets for circulation and suggested they disrespected her privacy. She said:

“It is very dissapointing [sic] that channels are circulating such news without finding out the truth. These channels have no credibility as they have been spreading such rumours. Moreover, all these channels have been publicizing my home address without my permission and it is just disgusting how a person’s privacy can be disrespected like this. 

“All I can understand at this moment is that one is not even safe in their own house. So, we should object to what’s wrong and not fall for anything and everything that comes on the news without knowing the truth.”

Noor Bukhari also addressed the speculation. A previous report claimed she had also defaulted on tax worth Rs 1.5 million (approx. £10,800). On 10th September 2017, the actress told The Express Tribune:

“I am a regular tax payer and a responsible citizen of this country. It is only a rumour that FBR has sealed my house. These are just petty antics to damage my reputation.

“However, it is true that I received a notice for tax payment of around PKR1.5 million. My case in this regard is already in the court. Therefore, it rather came as a shock that the department sent me the notice since my case is already legally pending.”

The actress also revealed she plans to sue the organisation that is involved in the rumours.

Meanwhile, Saba Qamar currently stars in Pakistani drama Baaghi, inspired by the life of Qandeel Baloch. The actress stars as Fauzia, a character loosely based on Qandeel, and the drama explores how she gained fame through social media. She sadly lost her life in an honour killing.

The series also tackles many issues that Pakistani women can face, particularly in rural areas.

Baaghi premiered on 27th July 2017 and has quickly become one of the most watched serials on YouTube by Pakistanis. Saba also received great praise for her stunning performance in the biopic.

With the tax evasion rumours now cleared, fans of the starlet will look ahead to the upcoming finale of Baaghi.

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Image courtesy of Saba Qamar Official Instagram.

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