Snehal Rai opens up on 21-year Age Gap with Husband

Television actress Snehal Rai revealed she is married to politician Madhvendra Kumar Rai and revealed he is 21 years older than her.

Snehal Rai opens up on 21-year Age Gap with Husband f

"we are very secure about each other."

Television actress Snehal Rai has opened up on her marriage to politician Madhvendra Kumar Rai.

She hit headlines when she revealed that she has been married to Madhvendra for 10 years, despite never announcing her marital status.

Snehal is set to take part in a beauty pageant for married women.

In addition to her marriage, Snehal explained that there is a 21-year age gap between her and her husband.

She is in a long-distance relationship with him and said that she receives a lot of love and support from him and his family.

Snehal faced claims that she hid her marriage status to prevent work opportunities from drying up.

Denying the claims, she said: “He once told me, ‘You are my Queen. Go and work like a Queen.

“You succeed or not, you will always rule my heart as a Queen’. These words have inspired me so much and it is overwhelming.”

On how they met, Snehal said that they met at an event that she was hosting and he was the VIP guest.

They met again on a flight the next day. This led to Snehal hosting shows for his event management company.

The pair began dating before eventually getting married.

Speaking about their long-distance relationship, Snehal Rai said:

“There’s always a lovey-doveyness like boyfriend-girlfriend because we get excited to meet each other.

“Our relationship has seen many ups and downs and we are very secure about each other.

“We are mentally very strong.”

Insisting that she does not pay attention to their age gap, Snehal added:

“I got sure about what not to do seeing my parents’ relationship and what kind of person I don’t want to be with.”

Snehal previously opened up about being the daughter of a single mother.

She revealed that her mother walked out of the family home with her and her sister after facing domestic violence for years.

On life after her parents separated, Snehal said:

“We lived in a chawl and did not have money to buy food.

“I remember how we would ask the paani puri wala to make it so spicy that we have to drink water while eating.

“We would fill up our stomachs with water and sleep. That might sound like an old Hindi film, but it’s the story of my life.”

Snehal Rai is known for starring in TV shows like Ishq Ka Rang Safed, Janmo Ka Bandhan, Ichhapyaari Naagin, Perfect Pati and Vish.

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