Shazeal Shoukat’s Sheer Outfit sparks Backlash

Shazeal Shoukat shared an Instagram Reel of her Eid look, however, her sheer gown sparked backlash among netizens.

Shazeal Shoukat's Sheer Outfit sparks Backlash f

"You must get tired of putting so much effort into wearing clothes.”

Shazeal Shoukat showcased her Eid look, however, her outfit led to her being criticised.

In an Instagram Reel, she could be seen running through her lawn and twirling around, giving viewers glimpses of angles of her outfit.

The video featured Shazeal wearing a stunning black and gold frock with a cut-out back, making her back visible.

However, the thin, sheer fabric of the dress led to her bra being visible through the dress.

Many viewers deemed it inappropriate and inelegant. The social media response was swift and largely negative.

Many users expressed their displeasure with Shazeal’s choice of attire for such a significant occasion.

One user commented: “Wearing a gorgeous dress as if you forgot to wear a slip is making it look cheap.”

Another said: “Why bother wearing the Kameez? Everything is visible anyway.”

One wrote: “Just take it all off. You must get tired of putting so much effort into wearing clothes.”

A comment noted: “She would get less criticism if her naked body that she is flaunting was at least attractive.”

The criticism was not limited to Shazeal alone.

Her video was also criticised for the broader trend of Pakistani actresses adopting Western fashion styles.

Many believe that this trend clashes with traditional cultural values.

One said: “Eid is an Islamic festival. Wearing revealing clothes goes against everything about Eid.”

A comment read: “If you are saying that it is her choice to wear whatever she wants, it is not right.

“She is an actress representing Pakistani culture and ethics to the world.

“So our dictator government should implement restrictions against such disgusting outfits.”


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Some users believed that Shazeal Shoukat was copying Uorfi Javed, who is known for her bold outfits.

Despite the backlash, some fans defended Shazeal’s bold fashion choice.

They argued that fashion is a personal expression and should not be subjected to harsh judgments.

A user said: “I think she looks cute. Let her live.”

Another suggested: “Grow up. Live and let live.”

However, supportive voices were significantly outnumbered by critics.

This incident is part of a recurring theme where Pakistani actresses face scrutiny and criticism for their wardrobe choices.

One viewer noted: “This is happening all the time now. An actress goes viral for being ‘bold’ and the rest of the celebrities thirst after the views and post such questionable content.”

Ayesha is our South Asia correspondent who adores music, arts and fashion. Being highly ambitious, her motto for life is, "Even the Impossible spells I'm Possible".

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