Aymen Saleem faces Backlash over Indian Outfit for Reception

Pakistani actress Aymen Saleem was subjected to trolling for wearing an Indian lehenga for her wedding reception.

Aymen Saleem faces Backlash over Indian Outfit for Reception f

"You should have tried a Pakistani outfit"

Aymen Saleem faced criticism on social media for wearing an Indian lehenga for her wedding reception.

The actress tied the knot with Kamran Malik and the pair held several festivities to mark their union.

For her wedding reception, Aymen chose a white ensemble designed by the famed Manish Malhotra.

The lehenga-choli was paired with extravagant jewellery that featured green hints, standing out among her ivory ensemble.

The Rajasthan-inspired jewellery included a maang tikka and statement earrings.

Aymen’s makeup looked glamorous, with her bold mascara and eyelashes standing out.

Although Aymen looked stunning for her wedding reception, social media users were not convinced.

Many criticised her for choosing an Indian designer to create her outfit even though there are plenty of renowned Pakistani designers.

One said: “Sorry to say, Pakistani designers could have made a better dress than this.”

Another commented: “You should have tried a Pakistani outfit… buy Pakistani be Pakistani.”

A third added: “Copying Indian brides.”

Pointing out that many Asian weddings are following the trend of white outfits, one said:

“Why almost the same colour for all wedding functions.”

Commenting on her appearance, one person said:

“She looks so fake and pretentious.”

Another agreed: “She looks so bad.”

Aymen Saleem faces Backlash over Indian Outfit for Reception

Many mocked how her hairline looked, with one saying:

“Whoever shaved her hairline did a horrible job.”

Another wrote: “Her hairline looks horrific.”

One person asked: “What’s wrong with her hairline?”

Social media users were also furious that Aymen’s outfit partially exposed her midriff. As a result, they accused her of not looking decent for her wedding reception.

One asked:

“Is it necessary to show stomach?”

Throughout Aymen Saleem’s wedding festivities, she has been subjected to trolling.

At her mehendi ceremony, she danced.

While some appreciated her lively dance moves, negative messages dominated the comments section.

One user on social media wrote: “Lizards after having their tail cut.”

Another said: “What did the doctors say? Will she be alright?”

One commented: “Nice dance attempt. Please don’t try again.”

People also expressed concerns about the appropriateness of her dance and attire, questioning whether they aligned with cultural norms.

One user commented: “I have been following Aymen for a long time now but after watching this it’s time to unfollow.”

Another said: “She can’t even express her shamelessness correctly.”

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