Aymen Saleem trolled for Dancing at her Mehendi

Aymen Saleem faced backlash for her outfit and her dance performance at her mehendi ceremony after the video went viral.

Aymen Saleem trolled for Dancing at her Mehendi f

“Nice dance attempt. Please don’t try again.”

Pakistani actress Aymen Saleem found herself in the limelight after a video of her dancing at her mehendi went viral.

Aymen’s fans and followers were not happy after seeing it.

It was posted by someone who attended the ceremony. It captured Aymen Saleem showcasing her dancing skills with joy and enthusiasm on her mehendi.

However, the response to her performance has been mixed.

While some netizens are praising her energy, others express their disappointment and criticism.

Many of Aymen’s loyal fans appreciated her lively dance moves but negative messages were dominating.

Trolls quickly flooded the comments section focusing on her dance performance.

Supporters of Aymen argued that it’s unfair to judge her based on a personal celebration. They emphasised that everyone has a right to enjoy themselves and express their happiness.

Fans believed that the negative comments and trolling were unwarranted and only served to spread negativity.

On the other hand, critics argued that as a public figure, Aymen should be aware of the consequences.

They are saying she should know the impact this can have on her image and public perception of her actions.

Many netizens made fun of her dance, subjecting her to heavy trolling.

One user wrote: “Lizards after having their tail cut.”

Another said: “What did the doctors say? Will she be alright?”

One commented: “Nice dance attempt. Please don’t try again.”

People are expressing concerns about the appropriateness of her dance and attire, questioning whether they align with cultural norms.

One user commented: “I have been following Aymen for a long time now but after watching this it’s time to unfollow.”

Another said: “She can’t even express her shamelessness correctly.”

One wrote:

“She knows neither shame nor dancing.”

Based on the comments, it seems as though many people have lost interest in her after watching the video.


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Some of her fans were triggered as they did not expect her to dance.

In response to the backlash, Aymen Saleem has chosen not to engage directly with the negativity.

She is focusing on her wedding festivities. After facing criticism about her engagement dress, Aymen Saleem has disabled her Instagram comments.

This is an attempt on her part to avoid any further trolling. Her dance video continues to circulate on various entertainment pages.

Ayesha is a film and drama student who adores music, arts and fashion. Being highly ambitious, her motto for life is, "Even the Impossible spells I'm Possible"

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