Aymen Saleem Mesmerises fans with Engagement Pictures

After getting married, Aymen Saleem shared pictures from her romantic engagement, enchanting her legion of fans.

Aymen Saleem Mesmerises fans with Engagement Pictures f

“You look so cute together!”

Aymen Saleem shared pictures from her engagement, mesmerising fans.

The enchanting visuals left fans awe-struck, as they were captivated by the beauty, grace and charm emanating from each frame.

In the ethereal photos, Aymen Saleem was adorned in a ravishing dress, bathed in the colours of love.

Aymen accessorised with diamond jewellery while Kamran Malik was dressed in a black tuxedo.

She stood alongside her beloved partner on the picturesque seaside as they held on to each other.

The mesmerising setting and their unmistakable connection created a magical ambience, reminiscent of a fairy-tale come to life.

Aymen Saleem Mesmerises fans with Engagement Pictures

Aymen and Kamran had their Nikkah ceremony on December 22, 2023.

Glimpses from their wedding day had already taken the internet by storm, spreading like wildfire across various platforms.

However, the engagement photographs held a special place.

The caption simply read ‘14.12.23’ along with a ring emoji.

It didn’t take long for her ardent followers to connect the dots.

They realised that Aymen Saleem had chosen to share the engagement photos with them now that she had officially tied the knot.

Fans and followers quickly flooded the comments section.

Aymen Saleem Mesmerises fans with Engagement Pictures 2

They expressed their love and admiration for the couple on the start of their matrimonial journey.

One fan commented: “You look so cute together!”

Another wrote: “Match made in heaven for real!”

One said: “Mashallah, evil eyes off!”

They congratulated the couple on their union as well.

One follower commented: “My God Aymen!!! Congratulations!”

However, among the positive comments, there were also a few negative ones. They pointed out that the shoot did not suit a Pakistani couple.

One person commented: “Pakistanis are obsessed with Western.”

Another wrote: “Cheap dressing!”

Another said: “Muslims these days… May Allah give you guidance.”

These netizens also compared them to Bollywood couples, mocking them at the same time.

One user wrote: “You guys have literally become Indians!”

Another commented:

“It seems like an Indian actor’s wedding shoot.”

Some of the fans, in a light-hearted way, even commented about the short gap between the engagement and the wedding.

One such fan commented: “Jhatt mangni, patt viyah!”

The phrase refers to both engagement and wedding being conducted in a short amount of time.

Besides these comments, people are also curious about her husband’s identity.

While they know his name, it seems like he is a very private person. Very limited information about him is available to the public eye.

There are no details about their relationship’s journey either, which has left the fans extremely curious. It has added a layer of intrigue for them.

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