Kaavish mesmerises Fans with Studio Version of ‘Faasle’

Five years after the original, Pakistani band Kaavish have released the studio version of ‘Faasle’, mesmerising fans.

Kaavish mesmerises Fans with Studio Version of 'Faasle' f

Acclaimed Pakistani band Kaavish released the studio version of their hit track ‘Faasle’, mesmerising fans.

Originally released in 2018, the much-loved song proves to be different from its Coke Studio form.

The song holds some nostalgia and highlights the musical mastery of the band.

The studio version does not have the mesmerising vocals of Quratulain Balouch (QB), but it is a typical Kaavish-style presentation, full of melodious flavours and a simplicity which entices its audience.

The studio rendition of ‘Faasle’ engages fans from the beginning with its wistful atmosphere.

Kaavish are accomplished and competent in their musical harmony and resonate with the emotions of the audience.

‘Faasle’ illustrates a range of musical instruments and envelops the listener into the soul of the composition.

Kaavish possesses a quality in which they awaken emotions through their songs, showing love, maturity and understanding of their artistry.

The much-loved band perform the song in what is known to be their trademark style, bringing together their individual talents and musical abilities. Their confidence and commitment to their art are admirable.

The exceptional simplicity of the studio version of the hit song ‘Faasle’ is what makes the track a pleasure to listen to.

Although the song had the potential to be embellished, Kaavish carefully adopted another avenue.

Kaavish opted for a softer feel to the song, which ultimately gave both the lyrics and the music composition their rightful place at centre stage.

This resulted in something that is both enthralling and relaxing.

Listeners are taken in with the innocence and charm of the masterpiece. The melody is said to have an overall calming effect, which allows the audience to immerse themselves into a meditative state of mind.

The song has proved to be an open invitation to music lovers to drown themselves in the tranquil calmness of the composition.

Since its release, the track has received over 13,000 views on YouTube.

Fans praised the studio rendition.

One wrote: “My whole heart cries, Kaavish how could you be this good.”

Another said:

“We don’t cry because something is sad. We cry because something is more beautiful than we expected it to be.”

A third commented: “A true masterpiece.

“Beyond the visual definitions of art, there is another dimension where the art opens in our mind and we found our own interpretation to appreciate it and relate it to our lived experiences.

“This is where this song has taken a route of its own becoming the manifestation of our life, hopes and experiences.”

Others hoped for more releases from the band, with one writing:

“I wish Kaavish would release more songs! I am still stuck in the soulful Gunkali songs.”

Listen to ‘Faasle’


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