KANDA on ‘He Will Reign’, New Sounds & UK Music

Emerging artist KANDA spoke exclusively with DESIblitz to discuss his track ‘He Will Reign’ and his plans to ignite the UK music scene.

KANDA on 'He Will Reign', New Sounds & UK Music

"I’d love to try my soulful voice on a rock song"

Introducing KANDA, an electrifying artist hailing from Coventry who shatters the mould of British Hip Hop as we know it.

Prepare to be captivated as he unleashes his latest single, ‘He Will Reign,’ a mind-bending fusion of British vibes interwoven with an exhilarating Asian twist.

Crafted under the expert guidance of the talented Blane Chalmers, ‘He Will Reign’ is a triumphant anthem that celebrates the rollercoaster ride of life.

Picture this: starting from rock bottom and defying all odds to conquer the summit.

KANDA cleverly draws parallels between his personal journey and the intensity of boxing, showcasing his unwavering determination to conquer obstacles and emerge victorious.

Eager to share the inspiration behind ‘He Will Reign,’ KANDA reflects:

“This song encapsulates the essence of progress in life. It paints a vivid picture of a journey that transcends humble beginnings, culminating in a resplendent finale.

“Drawing from my own personal experiences and my deep admiration for the sport of boxing, this track was born.”

Prepare for an audiovisual extravaganza like no other.

KANDA’s magnetic soundscapes and enthralling storytelling transport you on a thrilling odyssey of growth, triumph, and unyielding passion.

We caught up with the emerging musician to speak more about the track and how he plans to leave an indelible mark on the world of music.

Can you tell us about your earliest memories of music?

KANDA on 'He Will Reign', New Sounds & UK Music

The earliest memory of my music career and the moment of realisation, when I knew I wanted to be a singer, was when I was 8 years old.

In school, we were doing a musical performance of Jessie J’s infamous ‘Price Tag’ and the music teacher was searching for his lead vocalist amongst my classmates.

I remember being pushed by one of my friends into the middle of the circle, and I remember the feeling of pride when looking at the expressions on my music teacher’s face.

However, my biggest inspiration for music comes from my parents.

My mother’s ever-loving passion for music and my dad’s willingness to work as hard as possible to achieve desired goals have affected me the most.

Who are some of the artists that have impacted you?

My style is very urban, with hints of pop, R&B and rap involved.

I am starting to incorporate more of my singing within my songs, as I really feel comfortable singing high and using my very unique wide range in different songs.

Since I am maturing as a person, I have been using different inspirations to trial new styles with my tone and flow to see where I feel the most natural.

“My inspirations within music were originally the likes of Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran and James Bay.”

Nevertheless, since finding myself in a musical context, I definitely look towards artists like Rag’n’Bone Man, James Brown, and Jimi Hendrix for inspiration.

What’s your creative process when making a track?

KANDA on 'He Will Reign', New Sounds & UK Music

I have three ways I go about writing songs.

The first is looking at my past memories within a short-term period from the present moment, trying to gather inspiration from anything that has happened to me or others that I know.

The second is everything that is happening politically.

Talking about politics is always a sensitive topic but it is always key to stand up for what is right and to not be suppressed but allow my music to speak for me.

And the final method of songwriting is looking into general topics such as love, loss, anger, and pain to craft a story.

What was the inspiration behind ‘He Will Reign’?

The inspiration for ‘He Will Reign’ stems back to my passion for boxing.

I’ve always been fascinated by boxing, viewing it from an early age and being literally obsessed with video games centralised around it.

“I intertwined this passion with a story of an underdog.”

Who doesn’t love a story of an underdog becoming victorious?

The story showcases a man who had humble beginnings, being at the bottom of the barrel, but through determination and courage he battles his way to the top.

What has the reaction been like to the track and the music video?


I have been so overwhelmed by the general reaction to the music video.

The support has truly been incredible. The video has over 50,000 views which I’m so proud of!

Also, to have the fighter starring in my video walk out to my song within a genuine boxing fight just blew my mind, it was emotional for sure!

The UK music scene is fierce. What are you doing differently?

I’m very keen on my music sticking to my roots, including elements of my upbringing.

“I’m also ensuring that I’m constantly evolving and adapting to the music scene.”

My style isn’t particularly common in the current music scene.

I tend to include nostalgic elements of older music in order to bring an older style back to life.

Are there any artists on your radar that you want to work with?

KANDA on 'He Will Reign', New Sounds & UK Music

One of the musicians on my radar is definitely someone like AP Dhillon.

He’s taken the genre of Panjabi music and transformed it to appeal to even an English audience.

His performances at festivals and tours are something I hope to achieve one day. He’s definitely motivated me, for sure!

My overall dream collaboration would undoubtedly be Santan Dave, a UK artist so clever with his lyricism and flow.

As an Asian artist, has it been harder for you to establish yourself?

I would definitely say it’s more difficult to generate and maintain an English audience but also an Indian one.

They are expecting you to constantly be singing in Panjabi and maintain that ‘Desi-style’.

However, I think I am approaching it perfectly, carrying on with my English style whilst occasionally collaborating with Asian artists or using Asian elements in my songs.

“But, I’d definitely explore other genres, of course!”

I’m always looking to venture out into new genres and test myself beyond my limits.

I’d love to try my soulful voice on a rock song, or maybe a blues song, where I can bring the retro feel to life.

Do you have any albums/projects in the works?

KANDA on 'He Will Reign', New Sounds & UK Music

Understanding this industry has taught me the importance of always planning ahead.

So, I have quite a few singles lined up throughout 2023 to release.

2023 – like every year – has been about development and I am proud of what I have accomplished so far, but I’m always hungry for more.

Stay tuned, because in the future, you will hear a lot more from KANDA!

KANDA’s ‘He Will Reign’ not only breaks boundaries but also defies expectations, infusing the vibrant tapestry of British Hip Hop with an electrifying Asian twist.

With his remarkable talent, rich tones, and poetic lyricism, KANDA is proving he’s a force to be reckoned with.

With a staggering 400,000+ streams across various platforms, thanks to singles such as ‘IHGYN,’ ‘KISS,’ and ‘Latino Heat,’ it was only a matter of time before KANDA emerged as a true artist.

Now, armed with a record deal from the label HQ Familia and HQ Recording, the singer has set stages ablaze at events like the illustrious Ragley Hall and the legendary Godiva Festival.

Get ready, because KANDA is about to unleash an unstoppable whirlwind of music that will leave you breathless and craving more.

Listen to ‘He Will Reign’ and more of KANDA here.

Balraj is a spirited Creative Writing MA graduate. He loves open discussions and his passions are fitness, music, fashion, and poetry. One of his favourite quotes is “One day or day one. You decide.”

Images courtesy of KANDA.

Videos courtesy of YouTube.

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