Ali Zafar mesmerises Fans with ‘HUSN’

Ali Zafar is mesmerising listeners with his new track ‘HUSN’, which is a ballad that features a qawwali piece.

Ali Zafar mesmerises Fans with 'HUSN' f

“HUSN is more than just a song to me"

Pakistani singer-songwriter Ali Zafar has released his new single ‘HUSN’, which blends together a ballad and qawwali.

The single features acclaimed verses belonging to the late Sufi poet, Amir Khusrau.

This release is somewhat different to Zafar’s generally upbeat and peppy numbers, such as ‘Channo’ and ‘Chal Dil Mere’, bringing together a fusion of both Eastern and Western beats in a sultry, mesmerising manner.

The sounds of the tabla and sarangi form an alliance with guitars and bass, treating listeners to a musical extravaganza.

The music video is an artistic visualisation which shows Zafar in his quest for spiritual and physical love.

‘HUSN’ is a distinct reminder of Jhoom, complete with musical spontaneity teamed with Zafar’s silky smooth vocals.

Speaking of his new release, Zafar said ‘HUSN’ was more than just a song and that it was a reflection of his spiritual odyssey in his bid to understand the true nature of love.

He revealed that he had thought of the melody almost a decade ago when he was at Jahangir’s tomb in Lahore.

Zafar explained: “HUSN is more than just a song to me; it encapsulates my spiritual journey to grasp the very essence of what we call love.

“The melody first whispered to me nearly a decade ago at Jahangir’s tomb in Lahore, just before my performance at Jahan-e-Khusrau, when the esteemed Muzaffar Ali Sahab presented me with these exquisite couplets by Hazrat Amir Khusrau.”

On YouTube, Ali Zafar revealed that he worked on the song for four years.

He said: “I faced years of struggle in conceptualising and visually portraying such a profound theme.

“Yet a few weeks ago, while en route to Turkey, I made the decision to follow my intuition and capture what unfolded as a spontaneous improvisation.

“I felt that the song, which had been brewing within me for years, had to be brought to life.”

‘HUSN’ proves to be an illustration of Zafar’s vocal genius and showcases his ability in expressing pain and love through his voice.

He hopes that the song takes listeners on a transformational journey of pain and love, from which they can interpret what love means to them.

He commented: “My utmost desire is for Husn to enable you to transcend and discover your own personal understanding of love through a profound experience of listening and viewing.

“I eagerly await your thoughts once you have immersed yourself in the song.”

Fans expressed their love for the new release.

One said: “Can’t believe Ali Zafar directed this video. This guy is blessed with so much talent and beauty.”

Another wrote: “The intensity of this song and Ali’s voice is at par.”

Another fan added: “After watching these spectacular moments which you create makes us believe that Pakistani showbiz is surviving because of you.”

Ali Zafar produced the hit with Amir Azhar on guitar and bass, brother Danyal Zafar on bass, Naveed Hussain on tabla and Murad Ali Khan on the sarangi.

Akbar Bashir, Shahbaz Khan and Saleem Khan came together for the qawwali piece.

Listen to ‘HUSN’


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