Palak Tiwari causes backlash by wearing Bold Outfit to Iftar Party

Palak Tiwari angered social media users after she wore a bold lehenga-choli to Baba Siddique’s Iftar party.

Palak Tiwari causes backlash by wearing Bold Outfit to Iftar Party f

"Shameless girl wearing such a deep neckline"

Palak Tiwari has come under fire for the bold outfit she wore to Baba Siddique’s Iftar party.

The politician’s annual event was a star-studded one, with the likes of Salman Khan, Shehnaaz Gill and Shah Rukh Khan in attendance.

Palak attended the party in a shimmering grey lehenga and paired it with a plunging choli. She accessorised with a sheer dupatta.

She kept her hair in loose waves and opted for dewy makeup.

The 22-year-old posed for pictures on the red carpet and with the party host.

Palak Tiwari causes backlash by wearing Bold Outfit to Iftar Party

However, social media users were not impressed with her revealing choice of outfit, calling it inappropriate for an Iftar.

One angry user asked: “Has she come for an Iftar party or item song performance?”

Another said: “This is not appropriate dress for an Iftar party!”

A third said: “Shameless girl wearing such a deep neckline to an Iftar party. Shameless.”

A comment read: “Don’t they know how to dress accordingly for an Iftar function!”

One user was a fan of Palak’s outfit but said it was not appropriate for the party, writing:

“Looking good. But not good for this party.

“This party has been organised for so many years. Don’t these people understand the dress code?”

On numerous occasions, Palak Tiwari has faced backlash for her outfit choices and recently, she has been in the headlines.

As she gears up for the release of Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan, she recalled one rule Salman Khan had for women on the set of Antim.

Palak had said: “When I was AD-ing with Salman sir on Antim, I don’t think many people know this, Salman Sir had a rule ‘For every girl on my set, the neckline should be here, all the girls should be covered, like good proper girls’.

“So my mom saw me (going to set) in proper shirt, jogger and covered and all.”

“She was like, ‘Where are you going? How are you dressed so well?’ I said I am going to Salman sir’s set. She was like ‘Wow, very good’.”

On why such rules existed for the female crew members, Palak explained:

“He’s a traditionalist… Of course, he’s like ‘Wear what you like’, but he’s always like ‘My girls should always be protected’.

“If there are men around, whom he doesn’t personally know, it’s not his personal space where he doesn’t trust everyone, he’s like, ‘the girl should be safe, always’.”

Her comment caused controversy and she later clarified:

“It’s really been misunderstood.

“All I wanted to say is that I have put certain guidelines for myself as to how to dress around people who are way senior to me, who have I pretty much grown up idolising. Salman sir is of course one of them.”

Shehnaaz Gill refuted Palak’s claims and said:

“Nothing like that, I wore a very sexy dress during the promotion.”

“Salman sir keeps motivating me and saying that you will grow in your career,”

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