Shatrughan Sinha curious of Mahesh & Rhea’s Relationship

Many have questioned the nature of Mahesh Bhatt and Rhea Chakraborty’s relationship. This includes veteran actor Shatrughan Sinha.

Shatrughan Sinha curious of Mahesh & Rhea's Relationship f

"Was he a father, godfather, or what was the relationship?"

Veteran actor Shatrughan Sinha has questioned the nature of Mahesh Bhatt and Rhea Chakraborty’s relationship.

This comes after their WhatsApp messages to each other surfaced.

Questions have risen about Rhea’s apparent bond with filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt amid the tragic death of her boyfriend Sushant Singh Rajput.

Sushant’s body was found on June 14, 2020, having allegedly taken his own life. However, it is suspected that he was murdered and now the CBI is investigating the case.

Rhea has been named as one of the accused but according to Sushant’s gym partner Sunil Shukla, the actor was killed by Rhea’s father and Mahesh.

The claims are even more suspicious given the closeness between Mahesh and Rhea.

Now, Shatrughan has questioned it, saying that everyone wants to know if Mahesh is like a father figure, Godfather or something else to Rhea.

The actor said: “If we want to present these things, we should bring them to the CBI.

“We don’t even know what kind of relationship they shared. Was he a father, godfather, or what was the relationship? I have never met this girl.

“What Mahesh Bhatt said and on what basis, I have no right to comment because I do not know the whole thing.”

He went on to say that he has never met Rhea nor has he spent time with Mahesh in five years. Shatrughan stated that when the age factor is considered, Sushant was like a son.

“Sushant and these people are like our children, as in age factor. I have never even met this girl.

“I think I haven’t met Mahesh Bhatt in last five years either. CBI?must be presented with all these things.”

Shatrughan Sinha previously said that Sushant’s death was suspicious.

“Sushant’s death is not only heartbreaking, but also suspicious.”

“Earlier we thought that it was a case of suicide but as things started to unfold, it seemed that the matter is questionable.

“Then we also demanded with everyone that the matter should be delivered to the CBI. I know this and believe that the CBI is impartial and the best agency to investigate such cases.”

He also reacted to major Bollywood stars who have stayed quiet on the matter.

“I was the first person from the film industry to raise voice in this matter and I believe that in a situation where injustice prevails, everyone should raise their voice fighting for justice.”

The CBI took over the investigation of the case after a dispute between Mumbai and Bihar Police over the jurisdiction of the case.

The Mumbai Police handed over all evidence to the CBI and they have tried to recreate the crime scene.

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