Shanaya Kapoor trolled for ‘Overacting’ in Advert

Aspiring Bollywood actress Shanaya Kapoor appeared in an advert, however, she was trolled, with some netizens accusing her of overacting.

Shanaya Kapoor trolled for 'Overacting' in Advert f

"she got an ad before debut now that's privilege."

Shanaya Kapoor was accused of overacting in an advert ahead of her Bollywood debut.

The 21-year-old appeared in an advert for hair straighteners and the theme was about embracing imperfections.

In the video, Shanaya is seen in a colourful outfit along with a Miss Perfect sash.

She is given a bowl of spaghetti to eat gracefully for the camera. However, it does not go to plan.

Shanaya then throws the fork away and begins eating it with her hands, causing the spaghetti and sauce to drip down her face.

Meanwhile, her hair stays in pristine condition.

The advert was shared by Karan Johar, who is set to launch her Bollywood career under Dharma Productions.

He captioned the video:

“Oh my god, Shanaya Kapoor! Your hair looks gorgeous.

“But are you sure you have seen a bowl of spaghetti before? Thank you for this gem The Misfit Way!”

The advert gave a glimpse into Shanaya’s acting skills before she enters Bollywood.

Her father Sanjay Kapoor shared the video on his social media and wrote:

“The shoot seems real fun The Misfit Way!

“Love the way you devoured that bowl of pasta Shanaya Kapoor. Maheep Kapoor take notes.”

Other netizens enjoyed the advert, posting heart emojis and saying that she is Bollywood ready.

However, many people trolled the aspiring actress, with some questioning her decision to step into Bollywood.

Her appearance in the advert reignited the nepotism debate.

One person said: “Man she got an ad before debut now that’s privilege.”

Another commented: “Bloody nepotism starkid.”

A third wrote: “Nepotism mafia, launching a star kid. Plz promote some good talent, these girls are super bad actresses.”

Some people accused her of overacting.

One said: “She is overacting even in an ad. God save her movies.”

Others compared to Shanaya to her friend Ananya Panday.

One person commented:

“Another Ananya Panday. I believe in Karan but this is too much to handle. I hope she gets success.”

Another referenced Ananya’s voice and said:

“Why do all of them sound the same??”

A third posted: “Second Ananya Panday, why can’t you act natural without overreaction.”

Karan Johar also posted the advert on Twitter, however, he disabled the replies after seeing that Shanaya was being trolled.

Shanaya Kapoor is set to make her Bollywood debut, with filming having started in July 2021.

However, not much has been revealed about the film or her role.

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