Sex and the Indian Woman

Despite the huge attention of the deplorable sexual acts made against women in India, Indian women have the right to celebrate their sexuality and what they want from it.

Sex is not taboo. Women have a right to lead their lifestyles the way they want to.

Indian women have become more knowledgeable about their sexuality and liberalised in their choice. With the modernisation of India, women have become more free and open about what they want to achieve in their life and career.

Modernisation has helped women to work regardless of sex. With the rise in work places, MNC’s and shopping malls, women are receiving varied opportunities to work.

This is not only enhancing their financial situation but also making them self-dependent, experienced and free.

Indian WomanThe growth of technology has totally changed the way Indian women connect and share their ideas. The internet has helped women to connect with others, open up in views and ideas as well as to explore new things.

The regular reflection of an Indian woman has always been that of an adoring mom, a dutiful spouse, or an obedient little girl who is subservient and non-selfish.

Today females have moved on from being nobody to becoming somebody who also requires revere and respect; someone with a name and a status that is more than just a connection tag.

This liberalisation of females is not a new activity. In India, it began generations ago with respected leaders like the Rani of Jhansi, Usha Mehta, Sarojini Naidu and Indira Gandhi.

Indian females have finally woken up to a completely new world of learning and enlightenment and that is what has given them the durability to develop and become self-adequate.

While we would not go so far as to say that women in India can wish about the kind of sex-related independence that females in foreign countries have. But young females in the city no longer perceive sex as something that can be done only after wedlock.

Indian WomanWomen are now more open to living with their partners. They are now more inclined towards liking an individual. They now want to discover out how suitable they would be for married life.

On the other hand, some women want to enjoy a good sex life, share expenses and also have security at home without the restriction of marriage.

The internet and media have also influenced women to date and explore their sexual desires. Chat rooms, sexual encounter dating sites, and access to porn have all provided women pathways to explore their sexual desires.

Indian women feel that this mode of communication is uncomplicated and straightforward. A chat room provides an opportunity to pick a person from a list of millions. Sexual encounter dating sites can help a woman in finding a likeminded partner for a casual and fun experience. In this way, anonymity is secured and a woman can find local hook ups for fun.

Men have also started noticing this change in women. Some appreciate this change while others see it as a threat. In some cases, men feel that women are becoming too demanding for their sexual yearnings.

Indian women are wearing more sexy lingerieThe sex lingerie market in India has also experienced a stable development over the last years. More and more boutiques specialising in sexy undergarments and lingerie are opening. The is because the traditional Indian community is progressively becoming more inquisitive about creative sex.

More and more people are talking about sex and sex relevant problems. And they no longer think twice to research more if it increases their sexual satisfaction.

Indian women have started experimenting with the concept of sex toys. They feel that these toys are purely safe and harmless. The increasing access to the internet, higher education outside India, and the media have played major roles in the popularity and usage of sex toys.

Numerous females have had several sex-related associates before their wedding, and have not been culturally ostracised for it. More Indian females are beginning to become more oral about their sex-related wishes, and in places such as Delhi, Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore.

Even in non-urban India, females are less timid about viewing men as physical objects to satisfy their demands. Of course, the trend described above is separated to the more generous and city sides of the nation.

A lot of Indian females still live under oppressive social components, where lust is seen as an indication of maleness among men, yet is an abhorrent feeling for a lady.

Indian women want to be satisfied tooSex is not taboo. Women have a right to lead their lifestyles the way they want to, with the person of their choice, and they do not have to get married first in order to do it.

Meher Bhasin, a well-known face in modelling says: “People are definitely more open now. This is probably a backlash from the repressed sexuality of earlier times. In fact, this newfound freedom is bubbling over.

“This sexual freedom also is reflected in relationships – people are more insecure now. But the fact that they are open also means that nobody expects their spouse to be a virgin. They would probably be embarrassed by it!”

Kunwar Nishat says: “Sexuality is not about having the guts to show your cleavage. It is about respecting the other sex. It is about having a relationship with someone and not being hush-hush about it. It is an open state of mind. Children should be told about the facts of life. India is just hyping sex. The West on the other hand, is more practical about it.”

Shoma Mazumdar says:

“Yes, what else can you expect from the MTV generation? We can’t be stuck in a time warp and believe that sex is a shameful thing. In my case, it was my parents who made sexuality a topic of healthy discussion.”

Indian women are more sexually activeThe younger generation women are now stronger. Parents have also now started talking about these factors. This awareness is essential in any relationship, especially a wedding, where interface, whether actual, psychological or physical, is essential.

But sex is still considered a taboo among women in rural India. This is due to a deficiency of sex knowledge. Society and its framework for women is also a primary purpose that sex is limited here.

Every preacher of religious belief will say that sex is bad. This particular point has a very strong impact on rural people. Parents always want their daughters to be away from the male sex. Most of them choose the only women’s school or college for an education.

It is always a limited subject in this part of India and will take quite a while to adjust the attitude for which we need to remove elegance on any foundation. Rural Indian females may have a long way to go in terms of sexuality, education, and live in relationships. But for the modern Indian woman, sex and independence has opened a whole new world for them to enjoy and explore.

Smita is a Healthcare Management professional. She loves to write and is an avid reader. A big foodie at heart, she loves to discover new cuisines. Her life motto is " Like yourself first and everything else drops into the line."

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