Indian Woman DJ arrested for Honey Trapping and Sex Racket

An Indian woman DJ has been arrested after blackmailing a doctor and filing a bogus rape case. She was part of a large group, extorting money from men.

Indian Woman DJ arrested for Honey Trapping and Sex Racket

She filmed him performing sexual acts and then blackmailed him for Rs 1 crore.

An Indian woman DJ became arrested for honey trapping and sex racket, after going on the run since December 2016.

Arrested on 15th May 2017, police believed the woman had connections to high-profile sex racket gang.

She had gone on the run for five months until police found her at a gig. They arrested her at a Mumbai hotel.

21-year-old Shikha Tiwari, reportedly attempted to blackmail a Vaishali Nagar doctor named Sunit Soni. He had taken her to a resort after they shortly met.

Police explained: “Shikha gained [the] sympathy of the doctor by saying that she was under depression and persuaded him to come with her to Pushkar for a picnic.”

While Shikha Tiwari booked the room, they stayed overnight together.

The Indian woman DJ filmed him performing sexual acts and then blackmailed him for Rs 1 crore (approx. £120,000). However, he refused to pay. Shikha Tiwari then registered a bogus case of rape against him and the doctor became arrested.

He served a total of 78 days in jail. In the end, the doctor’s family had to pay the money to the Indian woman DJ for her to withdraw her statement in the case.

Shikha Tiwari was part of a larger honey-trapping group, who would extort men for money. They would perform sexual acts with them and film it. They would then demand money from the men, using the footage as blackmail.

Some of their demanded money totalled up to Rs 15 crore (approx. £1.8 million). If the men would not pay up, the group would register bogus rape cases against them.

However, in December 2016, the gang was caught by the police. They initially arrested 32 people, but some remained at large. This included the Indian woman DJ.

Going on the run for the next five months, she began her job as a disc jockey. She formed a group called DJ Ada and took up gigs.

It was one of these gigs where police found her. Now, she awaits her trial, expected to take place in Jaipur.

In addition to her arrest, another woman has also been arrested by the police. On 18th May 2017, 25-year-old Aakanksha Hizkil was arrested after her involvement with the gang.

With these two arrests, the police are now closer to bringing the whole group to justice.

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Image courtesy of: PinkCityPost.

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