Rang De: Celebrates Desi Culture with British Asian Talent

British Asian stars and influencers feature in a series of portraits celebrating Desi heritage and culture. Using the colourful festival of Holi as a backdrop, the exhibition called ‘Rang De’ is presented by Creative Circle.

Creative Circle Presents.. Rang De! Powered by Ria

“We are very excited to bring the collective of celebrities and influencers together"

A new series of portraits promoting Desi culture and British Asian talent have been commissioned by Creative Circle and RIA Financial Services.

Titled ‘Rang De’ (Give Colour), the exhibition celebrates popular and emerging Brit-Asian celebrities and influencers across all sectors of music, arts, entertainment and business.

Using the festival of Holi as a backdrop, the portraits are a vibrant splash of colour and positivity.

‘Rang De’ sees these extraordinary talents return to their cultural roots. From Brit-Asian singers Juggy D and H Dhami, actor Ameet Chana, artist Inkquisitive, radio presenter DJ Harpz Kaur, dancer and choreographer Nileeka Bose, to TV presenter Natasha Asghar.

Bold, fierce and beautifully creative, the pictures exude Desi glamour brilliantly. One portrait shows the successful businesswoman Am Golhar taking the driver’s seat of a traditionally painted Desi truck.

The bold-hued truck art features in a number of other portraits including the likes of Ameet Chana, H Dhami and Juggy D, who each don traditional ethnic attire and turbans that show off a Punjabi flair.

Actress, dancer and model, Nikkita Chadha also looks stunning as she stands poised in billowing clouds of red and yellow wearing navy harem pants and an embroidered blouse.

TV presenter and author Natasha Asghar swirls with perfection in a bronze-coloured gown from the Khubsoorat Collection complete with a sheer cape.

Also looking extremely dapper is model Rahi Chadda wearing Mughal-inspired attire in royal blue and gold and, of course, Peshawari chappals.

The colourful campaign is led by Creative Circle. Launched by fashion talents Saran Kohli and Anisha Vasani, the multi-platform network links talent from fashion, dance, music and the arts together.

Co-founder Anisha Vasani says: “Creative Circle is a digital collaborative platform that celebrates infinitive talent from British and Asian creatives worldwide and from all walks of life.

“Both myself and Saran have come together on numerous occasions to collaborate on various projects, through creatively directing campaign shoots for brands to styling celebrities and we have conducted and executed many events together over the past decade.

“We wanted to launch the platform with an exciting collaboration campaign to celebrate British-Asian talent and the global cultural festival of Holi through colours of beauty and fashion, with a concept that embraces our cultural roots and a twist of modern heritage.”

“We are both very excited to bring the collective of celebrities and influencers together to launch the Creative Circle platform.”

Both Anisha and Saran believe that the prominent Indian festival of Holi offers a perfect opportunity to promote the rising talents of the UK. The festival signifies good over evil, new beginnings and culture through colour, music and dance.

And the portraits themselves are exquisitely vibrant and full of light. The outfits donned by the Brit-Asian stars were chosen and styled by Anisha Vasani and Saran Kohli themselves.

The clothes are by Saran Kohli Label and Khubsoorat Collection by Mani Kohli with jewellery by Roots. Roshni Hair & Makeup and Bespoke Turbans also add to the theme of spring-inspired glamour.

The fantastic exhibition celebrating Desi heritage alongside British Asian talent will launch at Chai Thali in Camden, London on Wednesday 14th March 2018.

Take a closer look at the ‘Rang De’ portraits in our gallery below:

Aisha is an editor and a creative writer. Her passions include music, theatre, art and reading. Her motto is “Life is too short, so eat dessert first!”