Priya Kumar ~ Motivational Writer and Speaker

Priya Kumar is a literary treasure, spreading knowledge she has gained from life. Her inspirational writing takes readers on an enlightening journey.

Priya Kumar ~ Motivational Writer and Speaker

“Everything we imagine to create takes an extra little effort.”

One may undoubtedly feel privileged to be a contemporary of Priya Kumar when reading a book written by her.

As an evangelistic writer and speaker, her work shows a positive impact on her readers’ lives.

Priya was born in Chhattisgarh but developed a special bond with the city that never sleeps, after her family moved to Mumbai when she was 13-years-old.

She did her postgraduate degree in Marketing and Sales and she is India’s first instructor trained by a US-based educational centre.

Her passion for inspiring people can be understood if one looks at the record she set in 1998. It was the year in which she, at the age of 24, became the youngest motivational speaker in India.

Priya Kumar has penned eight books. Her first book, I am Another You, has bagged many international awards as well as reaching the number one position in the Crossword best sellers list.

Here are some of Priya’s best-written works:

I Am Another You

Based on real life events, Priya explains how to overcome inbuilt fears with lessons.

She has succeeded in proving that conquering the inner world makes it easy to conquer the world outside.

License to Live

A fascinating fable on how to acquire a license to live life the way readers want to.

It also encourages readers to achieve their dreams.

Priya Kumar ~ Motivational Writer and Speaker

The Perfect World

The title of this book reveals that one would get access to a perfect world once they’ve finished reading the book.

Perfect World is a journey of reclaiming power to be one’s self.

Thinking Aloud

Brimmed with inspirational quotes, it is an awakening call for the minds. It encourages them to think aloud, after being dormant for years.

Priya has created an abundant source of inspiration to encourage readers to make their dreams come true.

The Calling

Priya’s latest book released in 2016. It is another motivational story and educates readers how not to mess up the relationships they have.

The book also underlines the importance of skill to balance personal and professional lives.

Priya Kumar has also written books about inspirational figures. The Inspiring Journey of a Hero is a biography of Om Prakash Munjal, the founder of Hero cycles.

Dream Dare Deliver is a true story of an entrepreneur, a force behind the DTDC.

Priya also takes readers on journeys toward Enlightenment with her book, I Will Go with You: The Flight of a Lifetime.

The thought-provoking stories Priya tells makes readers realise that everything we imagine to create takes an extra little effort.


Talking about her upcoming book, Priya says: “It’s a story about a 75-year-old billionaire who works only 35 days in a year.

“He spends the rest of the year travelling all over the world with nothing on him except the clothes he leaves with. No money, no identity. Nothing. He just goes to places, meets people and gathers experiences. He survives on exchange …. exchange of goodness, humanity and, most of the time, wisdom.”

Priya adds: “The book is a collection of stories about his adventures across the world.”

The book is sure to be a success, just like Priya’s previous books. Priya says delightedly about her forthcoming book:

“I am in love with the adventures and consider it as my best work so far.”

With another outstanding, inspirational book, readers can be guaranteed they will be taken on an engaging journey of spirituality.

Priya Kumar is truly special as each book the writer/motivational speaker releases, she takes her readers a step ahead in their journeys.

Her upcoming book is slated to hit the stands in March 2017.

Krishna enjoys creative writing. He is a voracious reader and an avid writer. Besides writing, he loves watching movies and listening to music. His motto is "Dare to move mountains".

Images courtesy of Priya Kumar's Official Website

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