Policeman Denies using Baton to Hit Driver’s Head Deliberately

PC Sunil Narr from West Midlands Police has denied hitting a driver on the head with his baton excessively after catching him in a police car chase.


"I felt a strike to the side of my head."

Police officer Sunil Narr, aged 32, from Oldbury in the West Midlands, has denied hitting a driver on the head with a baton in an “excessive” manner after a high-speed car pursuit in Coventry.

A hearing at Birmingham Crown Court is in progress related to the incident which took place on August 1, 2017.

The driver, Joshua Ward, had head injuries leaving him in a “cake of blood” after he was allegedly assaulted by PC Narr in the area of Hillfields in Coventry, after the police chase.

The court was told that PC Narr from West Midlands Police denies assault occasioning actual bodily harm and claims that he was aiming for Mr Ward’s shoulder but accidentally hit him over the head.

Mr Ward, who was aged 20 at the time and has previous convictions for theft, was not insured to be driving. He was taken to hospital by ambulance after the incident.

Prosecuting Narr, Timothy Harrington said Narr initially struck Ward across the legs in a lawful manner but then acted excessively hitting him on his head.

Mr Harrington told the jury:

“It is accepted by Sunil Narr that he did strike the man to the head, but what he is saying is it was not deliberate.

“The question for you is whether that was deliberate or whether he was aiming somewhere else.”

Mr Ward was the first witness at the trial and he gave his evidence.

He said he had visited McDonald’s and was on his way home when he drove away in his Audi A4, away from police. He said:

“I stopped and put my hands out of the window to surrender to the police.

“Then the front window got smashed in. I said I wasn’t going to run and that I was going to comply with them.

“I was pinned down to the floor. There were eight police officers on top of me, I felt really claustrophobic.

“My head got crushed to the floor. I felt a strike to the back of my legs and then obviously I was screaming. And then I felt a strike to the side of my head.

“All I could see was red, to be honest, because my head was just caked in blood. There was blood all over the floor…all over my face, blocking my vision.”

Mr Ward alleges that Narr made a call to his sergeant saying that he had fallen over and grazed his head.

Narr’s defence lawyer then cross-examined Mr Ward, reported Coventry Live.

In his response to the questioning, Mr Ward said he did not try to get away from the police and he could not remember that he was driving at more than 90mph.

He also denied that he told the ambulance staff that he was going to gather some friends and “make the police pay” after he was assaulted.

Narr has pleaded not guilty to the alleged attack and the trial continues.

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