Pakistani Man aged 80 earns PhD

A Pakistani man proved that age is just a number, earning his PhD from the University of Balochistan at the age of 80.

Pakistani Man aged 80 earns PhD f

"he persevered till the end and succeeded"

A Pakistani man has earned his PhD at the age of 80.

Haibatullah Khan Halimi, a lifelong learner, completed his studies and earned a PhD in political science at the University of Balochistan.

The achievement makes him the oldest PhD recipient at the university.

Haibatullah attended the doctoral ceremony like any other doctorate recipient.

But when his name was called out, Balochistan Governor Zahoor Ahmed Agha, who was the chief guest, could not hold back his praise.

He commended the elderly man for being committed to pursuing education whilst defying age barriers, adding that he was a “source of inspiration for all”.

The university said that Haibatullah is a role model for other students as well as the entire province.

Adil Zaman Kasi, the Dean of Balochistan University’s Political Science department, praised Haibatullah for his commitment to education.

He said that the department was surprised that Haibatullah persevered to succeed in his mission.

He added: “Haibatullah Halimi, despite being aged, remained determined to pursue his goal.

“We did not expect him to complete his PhD, but he persevered till the end and succeeded in his mission.”

Haibatullah, who walked to the stage with the assistance of a walking stick, was met with a huge applause from the audience and the university professors.

Haibatullah got on the path to a PhD after being in the police force for 40 years.

He retired as a superintendent of police in 2005. A few years later, Haibatullah enrolled at the university.

In 2011, he earned his Master of Philosophy degree.

Afterwards, Haibatullah decided that he wanted to obtain a PhD.

He revealed that his biggest motivation came from the Quran.

Haibatullah said: “The very first verse of Quran calls on to seek knowledge which tells you about the importance of pursuing knowledge.”

He added that his colleagues and family supported him on his journey.

Haibatullah completed his PhD in 2019 and the doctoral ceremony was set for 2020, however, it was delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

His thesis focused on conventional and modern policing.

Haibatullah is now teaching at the University of Balochistan as well as the provincial judicial academy.

All four of his daughters have either completed or are pursuing higher education in organic chemistry, biochemistry and MBBS.

Haibatullah added that one of his daughters is a successful athlete.

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