Pakistani Bride gets Trolled for her 100kg Bridal Dress

A Pakistan bride has attracted lots of social media attention for wearing a 100kg bridal dress at her wedding. Many questioned the cost and reason.

Pakistani Bride gets Trolled for her 100kg Bridal Dress f

"She should share some of it with who are wearing less."

An extremely lavish Pakistani wedding has caught the headlines for the bridal dress. A photo of the dress with possibly the longest bridal dupatta ever in history has gone viral. However, it has been trolled by many for ‘extra’ extravagance which is not necessary at weddings.

The bridal dress is said to be 100kg in weight and has been questioned for its size and associated cost on social media.

The photo and a video published on February 24, 2020, of the bride sitting with the groom, shows the dupatta of the lehenga dress to be remarkably long and wide.

One side of the dupatta is being held by a young girl and boy, while the rest of it trails down the stairs below the couple.

Covering all the stairs, the length of the dupatta is definitely unique, different and one of its kind.

Pakistani Bride gets Trolled for her 100kg Bridal Dress - dupatta

The photo of the bridal dress has garnered negative comments on the bride’s fashion sense and lifestyle. However, there have been others in support of her attire and encouraged trolls to let her be as it’s her cost and her big day.

On Twitter, the reactions came fast and thick. Here are some of the responses.

“Leave it to p***s to find ways of extra spending at the weddings. The younger generation should be fighting against Jaheez and but these things but here we are.
We should also start the trend of donating the sherwani and lehnga”

“When your father is so rich that you dont know how to spend money on #wedding so you spend all of it on your #lehenga”

“People say this is overdoing it but there’s no such thing as overdoing it at your own wedding”

“She should share some of it with who are wearing less.”

“When girl comes free with the carpet.”

“If she want to pee then…..!”

“Itne paiso mei toh teen yateem larkiou ki shaadi ho jaati. (With this kind of money you could give three orphan girls a wedding)”

“When you take austerity measures to save rent cost of tents and carpets in your wedding.”

“How stupid we are???? What kind of message they wanted to convey??? Totaly wastage of money on useless item”

“Waste And Showoff”

“This is called dikhawaaa :D”

“Only Lahoris can act this elite and get pride from it.”

“Samaj nahi arahi…! Is it the bride wearing the lehnga or the lehnga wearing the bride !!?”

“When you like your room’s curtains so much you make a whole lehnga out of them.”

A Facebook user wrote: “wastage of money not looking nice at all …all look destroyed focus goes to this bridal sheet instead of bride and groom ….”

While most made a joke of the bridal dress and mocked the waste of money, some did come in the bride’s defence on Twitter.

“It’s her money and her dress. Why the f**k are we making fun of someone else? Go and have a life.”

“I dont understand why do people care about how much they spend on their wedding. It’s their wedding it’s their money let them be .”

Either way, the bridal dress worn by this Pakistani bride has definitely attracted social media commentary.

The bride has either started a new fashion trend for weddings to get even bigger and fatter when it comes to attire; or she wore what made her happy for her big day, without any fear of negative responses.

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