New Bhangra World Record set

New Bhangra dancing record is set in Birmingham, UK by an energetic compilation of professional, amateur and everyday public dancers all coming together.

a new world record had been set in the heart of Birmingham

DESIblitz witnessed a new Bhangra Dancing world record set in the heart of Birmingham, UK, at Millennium Point, on Sunday 9 November 2008, which was a celebration for Diwali.

On the day there was a buzz of excitement in the air with Bhangra dancers rehearsing their steps and dhol players practising their loud infectious beats, as the general public gathered and registered their names to take part in a unique event to dance their way into the record books.

UK weather took centre stage as rain started to pour out of the skies, making it impossible for the event to be held outside as originally planned. So, the crowds retreated to the largest tent they could find at the venue, where again the rehearsals continued before the actual attempt for the record.

Eventually, the time came when it was announced on the microphone that we were going to try and officially make their way into the world record books, for the ‘Biggest Bhangra Routine.’ The participants lined up and formed rows, and excitement mixed with tension was gleaming from peoples faces. The dholis began to beat their dhols and the bhangra dancers began to dance and move to the beats.

The bhangra dance routine was led by traditional dancers at the front and they were joined by people of different ages, sex and creed in the crowd. Some of the dancing participants were also dressed in traditional bhangra costume showing their enthusiasm for the event and others were in more causal wear such as jeans and tops. The dancing was energetic and loud with everyone enjoying every aspect of doing different moves as shown by the lead dancers.

Then, upon conclusion of the routine, the moment of truth came and it was announced that the dance routine had been verified and checked as a new record of 5 minutes and 5 seconds. So, a new world record had been set in the heart of Birmingham for the largest Bhangra dancing routine in the UK. Watch the video highlights of this world record brought to you exclusively by DESIblitz.


As the crowds cheered and celebrated, it was clear that the day had proved to be a huge success not just because the world record had been set, but because barriers had been broken between communities that shared cultures by dancing together. Especially, on a day when Diwali – the festival of light, was no longer seen as just a South Asian day of celebration.

As part of the senior DESIblitz team, Indi is responsible for management and advertising. He especially loves producing stories with special video and photography features. His life motto is 'no pain, no gain...'

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