Miss Pooja Interview

An exclusive interview with the Queen of Punjabi duets. Telling us everything from her taste in men to her views on song remixes.

Miss Pooja

Miss Pooja started with music lessons at the tender age of 5

The vibrant and pretty Punjabi singer, Miss Pooja has made her special mark in the Bhangra and Punjabi music industry. We present an exclusive in-depth interview with the Queen of Duets, whilst she was on tour and visiting the UK. In our meeting with her, she talks about her life, her career, likes/dislikes and answers some intimate questions that the guys especially will be very interested in!

Miss Pooja is known for her singing, her sweet looks and above all, for reviving the world of Punjabi duets to the masses world-wide. This musical side of Punjabi folk music was once represented by duet singers such as Mohd. Siddique and Ranjit Kaur, K Deep and Jagmohan Kaur, Diddar Sandhu and Sneha Lata, amongst many others that took this song form to the stages of Punjab and abroad.

Today, this duet style of singing, usually consisting of a male and female singer, has been hallmarked on the Bhangra music scene by Miss Pooja, who has featured with over 70 duet singers, in over 500 songs and in over 100 duet albums, if not more. Hence, being notably titled, the ‘Queen of Duets.’

Miss Pooja was born on 4th December 1979, in the village of Rajpura, district Patiala, in Punjab, India, to parents Mr. Inderpal Kainth and Mrs Saroj Devi. Her stage name is Miss Pooja and her real name is Gurinder Kaur Kainth. She has two siblings, a sister – Mandeep Kaur Kainth and a brother – Manpreet Kainth.

With interest in music and dancing from a young age, Miss Pooja started music lessons at the tender age of 5 and was encouraged by her father. As well as having professional tuition, she progressed in her studies by qualifying with a B.A. in Vocal & Instrumental skills, M.A. in Music and B.Ed in Music. As her first music related post, she taught music to young children in Rajpura for two years before embarking on her singing career.

Miss Pooja’s first opportunity to sing professionally was in January 2006 with the music director duo Lal-Kamal. When she recorded her first album with the singer Darshan Khlea, called Jaan Ton Pyari. The first song Miss Pooja recorded was ‘Bhann Churiyan Pyar Tera Vekhdi’ which was very well received, leading her to record her hit ‘Pani Hoge Dhunge Johna Launa Chad Dehna’ from her next album with Shinda Shonki, called Pind Da Shingar.

But it was her third album with Preet Brar, called Ik Tere Karke that got her most recognition developing her into a household name in the Punjabi music industry in India and abroad, subsequently. She then went on to record massive dance-floor Bhangra duet hits such as ‘Seeti Marke’ with Geeta Zaildar and ‘Petrol’ with Preet Brar. You can watch DESIblitz live UK video recordings of these hit songs in this related article – Miss Pooja UK Tour Videos.

DESIblitz met up with Miss Pooja in the West Midlands, in the UK, and you can watch this lovely singer in the video below telling us about many things including her likes/dislikes and preferences in men!


Miss Pooja has now successfully attained international recognition and has toured the USA, Canada, Australia and the UK amongst many other countries. She has a huge following by fans world-wide. Especially a strong male following, notably attracted to her beauty and her uniqueness as a Punjabi female artist.

For women, she represents a strong role model, encouraging them to enter this male dominated industry but makes it clear that entering this arena requires a passion to learn music properly and the determination to succeed.

We know after meeting Miss Pooja that an artist like her who has gone from strength to strength, definitely has the emotions and attitude to get recognised for her talents as a singer, women and a staunch female representative of the Punjabi and Bhangra music industry today.

We realise that this star will inject her passion for music and singing to produce her best, so that she can entertain audiences with her catchy songs and performances world-wide. We wish her the very best with everything she does as it was our pleasure to meet and speak to the Queen of Duets in person.

Check out the picture gallery below of Miss Pooja.

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DESIblitz photos by Pedro Kwezi.

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