Mahira Khan mingles with Ranbir Kapoor at Global Teacher Prize ceremony

Mahira Khan was spotted rubbing shoulders with Bollywood heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor at the Global Teacher Prize, and naturally, took social media by storm.

Mahira Khan speaks at the Global Teacher Prize ceremony alongside Ranbir Kapoor

"Teachers have the power to make a shy little girl like me believe in her dreams"

Varkey Foundation’s Global Teacher Prize Academy attracts a host of international celebrities from across the world.

2016 saw Ali Zafar, Abhishek Bachchan, Salma Hayek and more unite in Dubai to join the Global Teacher Prize Academy as judges to choose from shortlisted teachers for an award of $1 million (£808,538).

On the weekend of 18th March 2017, Mahira Khan and Ranbir Kapoor came together, along with other celebrities from across the globe, to speak at the Global Teacher Prize ceremony, held in Dubai, and award the winner.

Mahira took the opportunity to recall moments from her childhood and pay tribute to her own teachers. She took to the stage to commence the Global Teacher Prize ceremony and said:

“A few minutes are just not enough to recount all the memories I have and all the influence that my teachers have had on my life. Teachers have the power to make a shy little girl like me believe in her dreams. So yes, teachers do matter.”

“We walk on red carpets, we get to support the causes close to our hearts,” she continued.

“People like us — I talk about sportsmen, actors — we do all kinds of things, in fact, people like you and people around the world celebrate our success.

“But the world’s teachers, the very people who shape the next generation, don’t often get thanked. I would say not enough. You are the stars, the true stars.”

As poised as always, donning a gorgeous Faraz Manan ensemble, Mahira spoke with confidence on the prestigious platform. Her speech came across as very heart-warming.

However, it was her encounter with Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor that took social media by storm and made the headlines.

While at one instance, Mahira was seen pleading in front of Ranbir Kapoor (perhaps convincing him over something), at another, the two were caught posing together on the red carpet.

It was only a matter of time when fans started discussing the possibility of the two working opposite each other. There is no doubt that they will make for a hot on-screen couple.

Ranbir Kapoor spoke on how inspiring all the finalists were in their achievements and how he, as an actor, relates to their struggle. After which he introduced Prince Harry’s video message for the attendees.

Pakistani designer Huma Adnan, the brains behind FnkAsia, also joined Mahira and Ranbir at the ceremony and presented Ranbir with a vest from her husband Amir Adnan’s label. It is rumoured that Ranbir fancies Adnan’s work quite a lot.

At the Global Teacher Prize ceremony, Pakistani teacher Salima Baig was among the top 10 finalists but the award went to Maggie MacDonell from Canada.

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Images courtesy of Zoom TV and The Express Tribune

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