Shahrukh Khan employs Lady Bodyguards!

Here’s some interesting news from Bollywood courtesy of the Khan of all Khans, Shahrukh Khan. The actor has revealed that he has hired lady bodyguards!

Shahrukh Khan employs Lady Bodyguards!

"women have lovely long nails and their love hurts"

If there’s one man in Bollywood that leaves us in awe of him again and again, it has to be the star of millions, Shahrukh Khan.

He exudes unmatched charm and is at his brilliant best especially during public speaking.

So, what did he do this time to grab everyone’s attention and adore him a bit more for his witty humour? The answer is, while addressing a large gathering at India Today Conclave 2017, the Raees megastar made some candid confessions.

The Badshah of Bollywood spoke from how it is compulsory for him to smell good each time he leaves his house to how photojournalists need to be careful while photographing stars to of course the brand new entrants in his life – lady bodyguards!

Shahrukh Khan has increased his security staff by employing new lady bodyguards along with the existing male bodyguards who accompany Shah during his public appearances.

In his trademark witty style, King Khan said:

“I have [a] lot of ladies who like me and want to smell me and so I have lady bodyguards now. It was getting very rude when men were trying to push women (away from him).”

“And women have lovely long nails and their love hurts. I have lady bodyguards now to look after nail marks,” quipped the 51-year-old, leaving everybody in the audience and the journalist that was interviewing him who happened to be a lady herself, in splits.

The King of Romance didn’t stop there.

He further added that it was difficult for him to answer curious questions from his family members about who scratched him all the time? Sometimes even on his bottom. Yes! You read that right.

We definitely hope now Shahrukh Khan will no longer have to answer embarrassing questions from his wife or children about certain ‘nail marks’ on him.

The leading man will finally be ‘scratch-free’ as he will, henceforth, have some strong ladies in his company, to rescue him from..err..ladies.

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Images courtesy of Dabboo Ratnani and Shahrukh Khan Official Twitter