Know your Pulses and Lentils to Battle Covid-19 & Summers

Pulses and lentils are a staple in Indian cuisine, but a nutritionist says they are beneficial during the summer and for Covid-19 patients.

"They can be used in multiple ways"

Pulses and lentils, commonly known as daal, are essential elements within Indian cuisine.

However, the nutritional value of pulses and lentils are not much appreciated.

Celebrity nutritionist and author, Rujuta Diwekar has come forward to shed some light on the topic.

Diwekar has taken to social media to share the value of pulses and lentils in regards to the coronavirus.

The nutritionist shared a live video on social media to discuss the nutritional value of pulses and lentils.

In the Facebook live video, Diwekar said:

“If you don’t have full access to fresh fruits and veggies due to lockdown, don’t worry, pulses provide all the nutrients you will need.

She explains that pulses and lentils are not just for making curries but can be consumed in various ways. She added:

“They can be used in multiple ways from daals to dosa to chaat.”

Here are some of the benefits pulses and lentils have during the summer and when battling Covid-19.

Know your Pulses and Lentils to Battle Covid and Summers- dal

Benefits when battling Covid-19

Diwekar emphasised using pulses and lentils for Covid-19 patients.

She explained that they are very helpful in building the body’s immunity. Diwekar said:

“They help in building immunity and also with recovery (including recovery post-Covid).”

She also mentioned that they are rich in iron, zinc, vitamins, selenium, and essential amino acids like Lysine.

These elements, as the nutritionist explains are very helpful in calcium absorption and appetite regulation.

The best ones for Summers

The nutritionist also said that they should be eaten all year round in order to experience the benefits.

Diwekar recommends eating green lentils (moong daal), moth beans (matki) and pink lentils (masoor daal) during summers.

She explains that these are light and easy to digest.

She further mentions that these types are rich in vitamins and minerals.

Moreover, they are highly effective in building the immune system.

Apart from Covid patients and eating them during the summer,  the nutritionist also mentioned some other benefits.

She suggests that people suffering from hair fall, bloating, stress and sleep deprivation should eat them.

Moreover, they are also highly beneficial for patients with insulin resistance as they are helpful to keep it under control.

Diwekar also suggests soaking and sprout the pulses to add a variety to the meals.

She explains that the sprouts can be used with yoghurt, salads, and in curries as well.

In the desperate and uncertain times of Covid-19 and the lockdowns, pulses and lentils can be stored for a longer period and can fulfil all your nutritional needs.

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