Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar insults Miss Pakistan during Inequality Debate

Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar caused controversy when he interrupted Miss Pakistan Global 2022 and dismissed her views on inequality.

Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar insults Miss Pakistan during Inequality Debate f

"Look at what men go through."

Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar caused a stir after he interrupted Miss Pakistan Global 2022 and bashed her views on inequality.

The writer was a guest on a show along with Sana Hayat.

The latter highlighted the difficulties women face in order to make a name for themselves.

Sana said: “It is very difficult for women to work in Pakistan because they become double-minded with societal pressure and family pressure.

“To make a career with all of this combined is very hard for women in Pakistan because they have to face a lot of hardship.

“Work is not easy to get on a basis of talent.”

Khalil then interrupted but when Sana tried to defend her points, Khalil told her not to interrupt him.

He went on to imply that Sana was only speaking about her own personal experiences and that she should not stereotype other career-driven women.

Khalil claimed: “Poor conversation occurs when you talk based on your own personal experiences.

“I agree that women are facing exploitation, but there are certain areas where men are being exploited.

“Look at what men go through. In the private sector if a girl wants to get work based on merit then you will get work on merit.

“But then when they use other means of finding work, then men lose their rights to work.

“Do not ask for 33% quota, then you don’t remember equality in those moments.”

Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar is highly known for his outspoken personality and has on many occasions spoken openly about his feelings towards certain members of the entertainment industry.

He has previously said that if he could go back in time, he would not cast Mahira Khan as Shanno in his screenplay Sadqay Tumhare.

This caused a huge outcry and netizens argued that it was because of Mahira Khan that his drama had gained so much success.

He also said Yumna Zaidi and Imran Ashraf are overrated actors.

During an interview, Khalil was asked what the punishment should be for people who broke other people’s hearts, to which he replied it was best to leave that person with a sense of guilt that would trouble them for a long time.

He elaborated further and said that sometimes a person makes a genuine mistake and that if they recognise this then they should be given the opportunity to apologise and rectify their wrongdoing.

Sana is from a law background who's pursuing her love of writing. She likes reading, music, cooking and making her own jam. Her motto is: "Taking the second step is always less scarier than taking the first."

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