Indian Waiter’s Dancing Video goes Viral

Indian waiter Surajit Tripura has become an online star after a video showing his dancing skills went viral on various platforms.

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"I have always believed in the power of dance"

An Indian waiter based in Guwahati, named Surajit Tripura, has become a social media star after a video showing off his dancing moves went viral online.

Surajit is a 19-year-old young talent, who works at Absolute Barbecues in Guwahati, India.

On February 3, 2021, the video was uploaded on the restaurant’s social media, leaving netizens enthralled by his robotic dance moves.

In the video, he breaks out into a dance for his customers in the popular restaurant with ‘Girl I Need You’ from Bhaagi playing in the background.

His incredible flexibility, natural popping and locking did not go unnoticed, and both customers and netizens went crazy.

The video of the waiter became sensational and was shared on various social media platforms.

As a result, it even found its way onto YouTube.

Many netizens urged he should be given an opportunity to showcase his incredible talent, rather than keeping it hidden.

Supporting and praising comments started to pop up on various platforms.

Guwahati Waiter's dancing video goes viral-comments

Surajit said he is a self-taught dancer who picked up moves and choreographies by watching many YouTube videos and tutorials.

Talking to Inside Northeast, Surajit said:

“I came to Guwahati after passing my 12th standard examinations.

“I am now working at the Absolute Barbecue.

“Sometimes, during social occasions and to fulfil customers’ request, I will perform a dance.

“Although I have never taken formal lessons, I have always believed in the power of dance.

“I have learnt a lot from watching dance tutorials on YouTube.”

With the reaction from netizens about the waiter joining a talent show, Surajit said:

“Yes, if the opportunity presents itself, I would most certainly love to take part in a dance reality show.

“Maybe that will be the next phase of my journey.”

On his latest success, Surajit revealed:

“I feel overwhelmed by the way guests and staff members at AB’s treat me.

“It is not less than a dream to see guests talking so nicely to me, asking me to dance with them and even take selfies with me.”

Even the famous dancer Raghav Juyal shared Surajit’s video on his Instagram profile, taking everyone by surprise.

Surajit expressed his joy and excitement by adding:

“I never thought I would ever get recognition from my idol, Raghav Juyal… But when he shared my video on his Instagram status, that moment made my day.

“This gesture has encouraged me to take my passion seriously.”

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