US Indian Man goes Viral for Hip-Hop Dancing Showcase

Saminder Singh Dhindsa went viral on Instagram by stepping into a dance showcase and dropping some crazy hip-hop moves in Miami.

Hip Hop to the Beat: Indian Man goes Viral for Crazy Moves

"Sami teach me how to be as awesome as you please"

A US Indian man went viral across social media for stepping into a dance showcase and dropping some heavy moves to hip-hop tracks.

Saminder Singh Dhindsa, was near a beach in Miami, Florida, when he saw a group of dancers rocking out to some hip-hop music.

Saminder then approached with coolness and swagger.

He started to drop a robotic walk and then went into some mesmerising choreography.

Hitting classic hip-hop moves like the ‘dougie’, the crowd were shocked at Saminder’s groove.

As the audience jumped around in disbelief, the choreography continued. The dancer went on to show off some impressive footwork, athletic grooves and hip-hop jumps.

Whilst all the commotion was happening around him, Saminder’s smile remained and was infectious to all those watching on.

He definitely brought the Punjabi aura with his crazy, brash and high on life attitude.

The viral star captioned the video saying:

“When in Miami… Blessed Folks was throwing it down for a video and the boyz encouraged that I randomly join.”

The video circulated across social platforms and drew the attention of high profile pages and celebrities.

One was British Asian artist Inkquisitive who commented some flame emojis on Saminder’s post. He expressed what all of us thought – the dancer’s routine was on fire.

The Instagram page, sikhexpo, reposted the hip hop dance to their 570,ooo+ followers with the title:

“When in Miami, Singh is still King. This video is all love.”

Social media users were in a frenzy and rejoiced in the incredible scenes. One follower said:

“Sami teach me how to be as awesome as you please and thank you.”

A second person added:

“Bro this is your world and we are all just living in it.”

A third person chimed in and stated: “That boyyyy smooooveee wit it.”

The vibe of the video won everyone’s heart. The freestyle moves made Saminder’s routine even more impressive and showcased a different side of the Desi culture.

Of course, many know about the classical styles, including Bhangra, but this showed how more western dance forms are celebrated by South Asians worldwide.

Saminder himself is a Bhangra dancer so there’s no surprise where he got all the energy from to put on a hip hop masterclass.

Fusing the vibrancy of his heritage with modern hip hop moves formed this captivating video.

Balraj is a spirited Creative Writing MA graduate. He loves open discussions and his passions are fitness, music, fashion, and poetry. One of his favourite quotes is “One day or day one. You decide.”

Images courtesy of Instagram.

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