Jaz Dhami & Karan Aujla join forces on Spring Anthem ‘Bas’

Jaz Dhami took to Instagram to announce his recently-released track ‘Bas’ with Karan Aujla, much to the delight of his fans.

Jaz Dhami & Karan Aujla join forces for Spring Anthem ‘Bas’ - f

"They will not be disappointed with this collab"

Punjabi singer Jaz Dhami and Karan Aujla have featured in a new song together.

The collaboration between the musical duo was confirmed, much to the delight of Jaz’s fans, when he shared a teaser on his Instagram handle.

Alongside the teaser, the title of the track was also revealed.

The collaboration between Jaz Dhami and Karan Aujla is titled ‘Bas’.

‘Bas’ is produced by Yeah Proof who has worked with the Birmingham-based Punjabi singer many times before.

Speaking about the recently-released track, Jaz Dhami said:

“I feel like I’ve done a lot of experimenting the last few years, but this time, I’m giving fans exactly what they want from me.

“They will not be disappointed with this collab between Karan and I.”

?Bas? brings an arrogant male perspective to infidelity, with a light-hearted hip-hop vibe, produced by one of the most happening producers in Punjabi music, Yeah Proof.

In the lead up to Karan Aujla’s Way Ahead EP, he has written a cheeky response to infidelity whilst maintaining his renowned reputation for swag.

Karan Aujla penned the lyrics and created the composition for the song.

To complement this, Jaz Dhami switched up his style with the punchy vibe, delivering an exemplary vocal as standard.

It is never easy to predict where Jaz Dhami will turn his attention to next as he constantly showcases his versatility and collaborates with artists he admires.

When two artists of this calibre come together, you know it has to be big.

Fans were anticipating a release from the duo in 2020 when they shot a video in Vancouver, on the brink of lockdown, for a track that was eventually scrapped.

They have finally released a new song, one that Karan and Jaz felt would do justice to the collaboration.

‘Bas’ was brought to life with a music video shot in Dubai by Hector Toro.

The music video has a multitude of sequences, including a mansion, a huge yacht, one in the desert and many more.

Karan Aujla’s collaboration with Jaz Dhami comes after the singer announced a collaboration with Delhi-based rapper KR$NA.

The collaboration between Karan Aujla and KR$NA is titled ‘YKWIM’ – an acronym for ‘You Know What I Mean’.

Speaking about the collaboration, Karan said: “Working for the first time with KR$NA was an amazing experience.”

In other news, the Punjabi singer explained his recent inactivity on social media and revealed that he was working on several projects and needed some time to focus on his health.

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