Indian Nurse cares for COVID-19 Patients on ‘Wedding Day’

An Indian nurse from Himachal Pradesh continued with her duties, caring for Coronavirus patients, on what was supposed to be her wedding day.

Indian Nurse cares for COVID-19 Patients on Wedding Day f

she is risking her wellbeing to help people.

On April 14, 2020, an Indian nurse carried on caring for Coronavirus patients even though it was supposed to be her wedding day.

Pooja, a resident of Mandi in Himachal Pradesh was set to get married, however, it was indefinitely postponed due to the ongoing Coronavirus.

All the wedding preparations made by her family and friends had been cancelled.

However, Pooja was unphased and carried on with her nursing duties at Chamba Medical College.

On what was supposed to be her wedding day, Pooja went to the hospital and took care of the Coronavirus patients.

Pooja’s father Prakash Chand explained that the wedding was going to take place but due to the Coronavirus crisis, everyone felt it would be best to postpone it.

He went on to say that the hospital needs her help more.

Even though there was some sadness with the marriage being postponed, Prakash was proud that his daughter was helping people during a time of crisis.

Pooja’s mother, Kiran, said she was proud of her daughter as she is risking her wellbeing to help people.

She said that the marriage can happen in the future.

Kiran said that the decision was supported by the groom’s side of the family.

According to the Indian nurse, her duties as a nurse will be the same once she gets married.

Medical staff in India are being praised by citizens for their efforts in combatting COVID-19 on the frontline, however, some people fear that their exposure to patients makes it more likely for them to be infected.

This has led some citizens to think that they would contract Coronavirus from them.

In one case, a landlord evicted his tenant, a nurse as he feared that he would get Coronavirus from her.

She had been renting a room at Pankaj Chandrakar’s house and had been living there for six months.

However, the pandemic led to the young woman working tirelessly to help patients.

Pankaj told his tenant not to go out to work, however, when she said that she had to, he told her to leave the house.

The nurse got upset and pleaded with the Indian landlord to let her stay. He refused to change his mind, citing the safety of his family.

The nurse contacted a colleague who then informed various administrations about the matter, including the district collector.

Administration workers arrived at the house and told Pankaj that it was necessary for the nurse to leave the house for work.

Despite the administrators providing a detailed explanation to the landlord, Pankaj did not change his mind.

This left the nurse no choice but to leave the house. Fortunately, she was able to move into another house.

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