Indian Home Chefs providing Food to Covid-19 Patients

Home chefs in India are helping people affected by the Covid-19 second wave by providing them with home cooked meals.

Home Chefs in India Providing Food service to Covid-19 Homes-f

"I try my best to cater to all queries."

Home chefs are gaining popularity in India for providing food to Covid-19 patients at their homes.

Many restaurants in India are reducing food deliveries to Covid-19 positive families.

As a result, home chefs are delivering fresh meals to the patients and families who are unable to cook for themselves.

Krishna Renjith is one of those chefs who has opened her food service under the name of ‘Ruchikoot by Krishna Renjith’.

She has started giving food to Covid-19 patients after the onset of the second wave.

Krishna is providing the catering service along with her sister Reshmi Babu.

She says: “It started when my customers tested Covid positive.

“They asked if I could deliver them the food. In these times, they are the ones deeply affected as they are left with no option.

“They also have to face a lot of stigmas.

“In most cases, the whole family is affected and they get stranded at home with no supplies when they should be getting nutritious food.”

Krishna tries her best to provide food as per the demands of the customers. She says:

“I try my best to cater to all queries. And in regions that I am unable to cater to, I share the contact of home chefs there.”

At times when people avoid and cut off their connections with Covid-19 patients, these home chefs are providing food to such patients on a priority basis.

Home Chefs in India Providing Food service to Covid-19 Homes-packs

Zahiba Sameer is a 20-year-old home chef who returned to India from Australia in 2020.

She got stuck in Kerala because of the pandemic and to keep herself busy, she turned to cooking.

Zahiba launched her own food label ‘Soul Foods Trivandrum’. She said:

“It’s important that patients get fresh, nutritious and homecooked food.

“All Covid norms are followed and I ensure that patients are served quality food.”

She also sends little notes along with her packed meals, to keep patients’ spirits up, adding:

“I send handwritten notes to everyone to make their day and make them feel optimistic.”

“Covid patients feel very anxious most of the time. So we send handwritten notes with a drawing too.

“We are all simply doing our bit and helping people in a small way.”

Helen, the owner of Helen’s Kitchen, is another home chef and said:

“In the times of pandemic, all that home chefs can aspire to do is help those in need.

“This is one way of helping people.”

She explains that she became a home chef to help people affected by Covid-19 through food. She added:

“We had started it last year when a family living nearby tested positive.

“Then others started asking if we could deliver food to them too. And that’s how it all began.”

Customers are appreciating the steps taken by home chefs.

Shamamah is a journalism and political psychology graduate with a passion to play her part to make the world a peaceful place. She loves reading, cooking, and culture. She believes in: “freedom of expression with mutual respect.”

Images courtesy of reddit, and New Indian Express

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